I           The meeting was held at Las Vegas Central Office, 1515 E. Tropicana Ave, #710, Las Vegas, NV  89119.  Chaired by Lou. He opened with the serenity prayer and the GSR Preamble.

II          Minutes (Carol H.)
Carol emailed the minutes from the last meeting that were prepared by Colleen.   She received one small correction regarding the date for next month’s meeting date.  Should be February 19th, not the 15th. Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes.  Motion passed.

III         Treasurer (Louis P.)
Lou reviewed his final report as outgoing Treasurer: December’s beginning balance: checking, $3,309.68, plus contributions/deposits, $198.13, less expenses of (397.43) & (600.00) transferred to prudent reserve = (2,510.38).  The ending balance 12/31/22 is $3309.68. Savings account is $854.57. plus $600.00 (prudent reserve transfer) plus 0.12 was earned in interest.  Ending balance was $1,454.69.

IV        DCM report (Louis P.)
Lou has no report but is very grateful to be our newly elected DCM.

V         ADCM report (DaNella K.)
DaNella stated that she is planning on attending meetings in the district which have no active GSRs.

VI        Intros and Group reports.
Present were Carol H., Lou P., Diana M., Mike D., Mike S., Jake S., Bobby F., Ralph W., DaNella K., Kevin L., John B., Christine P., Randy G., Greg M., Paul H., Danielle T., Libby G., Karinda R., Sherri N., Tommy O., (Online) Peggy L., Robert (Bob) V., Diane O.

VII       Committee reports

  1. Picnic report – (Bobby F.) No report.
  2. Workshops – (vacant position) see new business
  3. Archives Liaison – (Diana M) Diana reported that Ronny works every Saturday in the Archives room at Central Office from 9-11 am. All are welcome to help.  Ronnie will be presenting his Archives today at the SAGSC meeting.  Diana also needs volunteers to
  4. H & I (Kimberly W.) – Libby reported for Kim, that the H & I Committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month at Central Office. There is a 20-minute orientation class held at 5:30. Volunteers are needed for panels, institutions and jails. For more information, please contact Kim 702/401-2488.
  5. Grapevine (Ruthie B.) – No report.
  6. Hotline (Paul H.) – D1 now has the 2nd Sunday, monthly, 8 p.m. through 8 a.m. Monday for the hotline. Anyone interested should add their name to the list the Paul has passed around.
  7. PI/CPC – (Bob V) – Bob has not been able to attend the meetings in person because of a prior commitment.  He reviews the minutes every month.  New chairs for the new year are Robin for PI and Chris for CPC.
  8. Intergroup – (Mike S.) The Intergroup monthly meeting will be held tomorrow. He will present a report next month. Men’s night out is Saturday, March 25th at the Tuscany Hotel 6 p.m. with Dr. Jeff W. from Mission Viejo CA. Mike attended last year and enjoyed it.

VIII      Tradition Summary
Carol H. presented Tradition 1. Bob V. will present Tradition 2 next month.

IX        Concept Summary
Mike D. presented Concept 1. DaNella K. will present Concept 2 next month.

Discussion on whether DaNella could present all the concepts throughout the year was noted and in lieu of the spirit of rotation, the group conscious determined that we should continue to have different volunteers present.

X         Passed the basket for the 7th Tradition.

XI        Old Business – Kevin L. was elected as Workshop chair.  Typically we hold 3- 4 workshops yearly so that’s what were aiming for.  Budget will cover $300.00 total.

XII        New Business –GSR’s were told to go to their home groups and get ideas for workshop topics of interest.

Ralph W. announced that there is a need for a part-time staff worker at Central Office and they should have bookkeeping experience.

DaNella K. announced volunteers were needed for the committee on the 26th annual Women’s Day event, usually held around September or October.  Monthly meetings are held, with their next meeting on February 11th.

Diana M. announced that the Spanish Interpretation committee is in need of volunteers to help transcribe documents from English to Spanish using a Google program.  They have a 30 minute monthly zoom meeting, the 3rd Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Zoom Id 994 364 1326 pw: Rule62.  Her phone number is 914-364-1326.

Lou mentioned that DaNella would like to attend PRASSA this year in Los Angeles, and wanted to know if D1 would finance her.  Motion to approve D1 financing for ADCM DaNella to attend PRASSA this one time.

XIII       Meeting closed at 10:55 a.m.

Next meeting: February 19, 10:15 a.m. at The Lost and Found Meeting Room, 544 Avenue H, Boulder City