I         The meeting was held at The Lost and Found, 544 Avenue H, Boulder City, NV 89005.  It was chaired by Marty. He opened with the serenity prayer and the GSR Preamble.

II        Minutes (Colleen D.) Colleen emailed the minutes from the last meeting and received no corrections or additions.  Motion was made and seconded.  Motion approved.

III       Treasurer (Louis P.)

Lou reported: September’s beginning balance: checking, $6,859.27 plus contributions/deposits, $516.87, less expense $1,606.97, ending balance, $5769.71.  Savings account $854.51, plus interest earned $.01, ending balance, $854.52.

IV       DCM report (Marty B.) Marty will attend the SAGSC & D1 meeting in November, however, due to his relocating, Jake will conduct the December meeting of D1 elections.

V        No ADCM report (Ruthie B.)

VI       Intros and Group reports. Present were:  Carol H. Marty B. Craig C, Tom H. Lou P. Diane O. Claudia B. Diana M. Lora J. Kimberly W. John B. Mike L. Bob H. Will E. Bobby F. Don M. Paul H. Karinda R. Kevin L. Ralph W., Online: Gloria W. Peggy L. Bob V. John M.

VII      Committee reports

  1. Picnic report – (Claudia) (DaNella-co-Chair) DaNella will give a report next month.
  2. Workshops – (Chuck T. & Ruthie B.) Marty spoke to Chuck and he will report under New Business.
  3. Archives Liaison – (Diana M) No report.
  4. H & I (Kevin L.) – November Board Elections are next month, By Laws will be presented at the next month’s meeting. New volunteers need to attend orientation at 5:30 prior to the monthly meeting.
  5. Grapevine (Janey) – No report
  6. Hotline (Paul H.) – Still no word from Central Office on filling in for the hotline.
  7. PI/CPC – (Bob V) – Monthly meetings at Central Office, 2nd Monday, 4 p.m. Robin is leaving and elections are coming up. Volunteers needed:  October 19th 9-4, Clark County Health Fair, Clark County Government Center.  November 22nd, 9-4, Nevada Homeless Alliance, The Silver Nugget Casino & Events Center.
  8. Intergroup – (Craig C.) – Gratitude Ball was a success with over 350 people in attendance.

VIII     Tradition Summary

Ralph W. presented Tradition 10. Lou P. will present Tradition 11 next month.

There was mention that the upcoming Area 42 newsletter will be publishing a very interesting and informative article on Tradition Ten.

IX       Concept Summary

Karinda R. presented Concept 10. Tom H. will present Concept 11 next month.

X        Old Business – No old business.

XI       New Business –

District Budget for 2023 – Budget was reviewed, and discussion was held on whether to allocate funding for the ADMC to attend Area Assemblies.

Ruthie, ADCM, requested reimbursement of her recent fall Assembly expenses, motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to reimburse her $300.00.

Regarding the Proposed D1 Budget for 2023, line 3 should read:

$1,700.00 – DCM/ADCM Expenses – Two Assemblies each, plus DCM only to PRASSA.

D1 Guidelines need to be amended and the Guidelines Committee: Lou, Libby, Marty, will do so and bring back the amended Guidelines to November’s meeting for a first reading.  Upon approval, the second reading will be at the December meeting.

Motion made to approve Proposed D1 Budget for 2023 as amended, seconded and unanimously approved.

Distribution of excess District funds – Discussion held and unanimously approved to send GSO $1,500.00, C. O. $500.00.

Workshop possibilities for this year – Craig was approved to hold a workshop at Central Office, December 11th, 2-4 p.m. with bbq and Billy as the Speaker.

Workshop Chair – Craig volunteered and was unanimously approved as temporary chair until the end of this year.

Meeting closed at 11:25. a.m.

November 13 meeting:  10:15 a.m. prior to SAGSC, at Las Vegas Central Office, 1515 E. Tropicana, #710, LV NV 89119