Meeting held at the Lost and Found Meeting Place in Boulder City, NV

Meeting chaired by Marty B. and opened with the serenity prayer and the GSR Preamble.

II        Minutes (Carol H.)

Motion to approve amended Minutes by Claudia B., and was carried out.

III       Treasurer (Louis P.)

Lou reported February’s beginning balance in the checking account as 5,442.31 with contributions/deposits of 352.53 ending with a balance of 5.764.84 at the end of the month.  February savings account balance was 504.46 with 0.01 interest and an ending balancing of 504.47.  Basket was passed and noted that we pay 10.00 for rent and 20.00 for Wi-Fi monthly.

IV       DCM report (Marty B.)

Marty reported on the success of PRAASA and he attended the DCM roundtables which provided information on creating a committee to visit various groups in the district and provide information to members about being of service.  This idea of creating a committee was tabled to next month’s meeting. The roundtables were held at central office and the 5 agenda items were presented and discussed. The following is a consensus of the room:

  • Item B. Corrections: reconsider the term “person in custody”, this term is replacing “inmate” yet was not well received by some groups. 26 for/21 against.
  • Finance item: add historical disclaimer to the front of the 12 and 12 book explaining why some words were changed. 36 for/18 against.
  • Literature L: workbook for the 12 steps, discussion indicated that there are already so many workbooks available. 24 for/48 against.
  • Policy & Admissions: Equitable Distribution of Workload (EDW) most agenda items come up under literature and under EDW the workload would be more evenly distributed among various committees.  46 for/5 against
  • PI: consider suggestion to revise the pamphlet “AA at a Glance” such as the font, color, and wording. 10 for/47 against.

The Area Assembly in Tonopah is coming up April 1-3, 2022.  Funding is available to GSRs whose group is unable to contribute to this event.  Zoom is also available.  GSRs should not pay for this event themselves, due to the 7th tradition.

V        No ADCM report (Ruthie B.)

VI       Intros and Group reports around the room and on Zoom

Those in attendance: Beverly A., Ruthie B., Kim W., Diana M., Lou P., Carol H., Paul, Will E., Ralph W., DaNella K., Kevin L., Marty B., Claudia B., Steve B., Jake S., Chris P., Karinda R., Chuck T., Craig C.,

(Zoom)  David W., Peggy L., Tina W., John M., Bobby F.

VII      Committee reports

  1. Picnic report – (Claudia) all items are in her garage and the park has been reserved for the second Sunday in October. The idea of bringing our own grills was discussed and several people offered up theirs for use.
  2. Workshops – (Chuck T. & Ruthie B.) Chuck reported that they are still in the planning process for topics on workshops. There’s an annual budget of 300.00 which allows for 3 workshops.  These are likely to occur in May, August, and November and he’ll try to keep it within District One.
  3. Archives Liaison – (Diana M.) (per Ronnie D.)  Ronnie has been busy working in the archives room at Central Office on Wednesday afternoons. He will be setting up an archives room at this year’s assembly.
  4. H & I (Kevin L.) – Kevin reported that the meeting is hybrid on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (84483440601/pw: 480603). They are still working on creating their website. The guidelines have been printed but they need to amend 6 amendments by an ad hoc committee. They have 4,154.00 in book orders from facilities. They also purchased 15,000.00 of literature from GSO.  They are trying their best to get organized.
  5. Grapevine (Janey) No report

Diana M. – La Vina Report

The Pacific Region Area 26 La Vin?a Anniversary will be celebrating their event in Las Vegas, July 22nd through the 24th at the Palace Station Casino and Hotel. Their website ( is up and working and while the event will be in Spanish, there will be an English interpreter at the event. Registration is $23.00, which includes a year’s subscription to La Vin?a.  There will be a buffet for $60.00.  Contributions are easy to make on the website, whether you wish to attend the event or just contribute.  This event will also be translated into English.

  1. Hotline (Paul H.) – Hotline is doing well but there are openings in August, October, and November if anyone is interested. Contact Paul if you want further details.
  2. PI/CPC – (Kim W.) – PI is working on a digital pamphlet. Not AA approved as of yet. She has submitted a first draft for everyone’s view.  There were questions about the legality of quoting from the Big Book and Kim will look into this. CPC has made contacts but nothing is definite yet. There is a 2022 Senior Health Fair at Centennial Hills, Wednesday, April 27th.  No time available at this point.
  3. Intergroup – (DaNella & Alt Craig C.) Craig just to highlight a few items: Hotline has openings, The 900.00 budget has been approved for the Intergroup Liaison to attend PRAASA and both Area Assemblies, and Intergroup meetings are now only live in-person at Central Office, 6 pm, the 2nd Monday of the month.

VIII     Tradition Summary

Chuck T. presented Tradition 3.  Craig C. will present Tradition 4 next month.

IX       Concept Summary

Ralph W. presented Concept 3.  Bobby F. will present Concept 4 next month.

X        Old Business –

  1. District One Guidelines were passed out for review. There were also various items that need corrections or changes.  It was suggested that an Ad Hoc Committee review the guidelines and bring back the necessary changes to next month’s meeting.  Motion by Marty for the Ad Hoc Committee and motion was carried out.  Claudia, Marty, Lou, Kevin and Ralph volunteered and are now on the committee. Committee will meet on zoom for further discussions.
  2. H & I Finances – David W. 702/498-4458.

Financial report for February 14th to March 15th is as follows:  Beginning balance 17,575.71, plus contributions 4,957.28, Subtotal 22,530.99 less literature 13,472.53 and operating expenses 217.49.  Ending balance is 8,840.97.  David has been providing oral and written reports for the last 24 months as Treasurer.  Everything they do is 100% above board.

Once the switchover from Central Office into their own entity, plus Covid for 2 years, H & I has been doing the best they can to get established and running with transparency.  They received a check for 15,069.29 which closed out the account with Central Office and then received a 3,000.00 invoice due, which they paid out of the money they received. The point was that they should never have received that invoice bill once the previous account was closed.  They have an administrative website with some bandwidth for 100.00 to start.  He is going to move everything from Excel to QuickBooks for better reports, and will file an extension for the taxes of the 501(c3).

XI       New Business – Lou submitted the Proposed District One Budget for 2022

Actual Total Income 2021 5,151.52 less Expenses 2,609.38;

Proposed Total Income 2022 5,000.00 less Expenses 4,276.00 (including zoom) (See attached for further details)

Motion made by Ralph, and was carried out, to accept payment of 150.00 annually for zoom account for District One.  Lou will set this up.

Meeting closed at noon

Area Assembly, April 1-3, Tonopah

District One business meeting April 2nd, lunchtime at the Assembly