The meeting was held at the Lost and Found Meeting Room, 544 H Street, Boulder City, NV.  It was chaired by Libby G. She opened with the serenity prayer and the GSR Preamble.

II        Minutes (Carol H.) Colleen emailed the minutes from the last meeting that were prepared by Carol H.  She received no corrections or additions.  Motion to approve minutes by Libby G. Motion approved.

III       Treasurer (Louis P.)

Lou reported May’s beginning balance in the checking account at $5,131.69 plus contributions/deposits of $119.44, less expenses $14.00, making May’s ending balance, May 31, $5237.13.

May’s ending balance in the savings account is 854.48. The savings account earned $.01 in interest. Final balance in savings was $854.49. There was a question regarding the amount in savings.  Lou said that he added an amount to be in compliance with the updated guidelines.  Peggy L asked where to send contributions.  Lou told her to send them to the District PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009. There was a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

IV       DCM report (Marty B.) Marty reported that there has not been much going on.  It was a quiet month.

V        No ADCM report (Ruthie B.)

VI       Intros and Group reports around the room.  Present were: Bob H, Paul H, Bobby F, Will E, Craig C ,Ralph W, Libby G, Diana M, Colleen D. On zoom were: Karinda, Kimberly W, Lou P, Marty B, Claudia B, Carol H, Peggy L, John M.

VII      Committee reports

  1. Picnic report – (Claudia) (DaNella-co-Chair) The Picnic is scheduled for October 8th. The keynote speaker is Eric J.  DaNella is working on a flyer which she will send to Claudia for approval.  The supplies are in DaNella’s garage.
  2. Workshops – (Chuck T. & Ruthie B.) No report.
  3. Archives Liaison – (Diana M) The Archives committee has been meeting weekly at Central Office on Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m.  They are currently sorting the audio cassette bins for Area 42 Las Vegas so that they may begin to have them digitized for easier access and to be able present them in a more durable format. Ronnie, our A42 Archives chair, completed the binders for the year 2021 for Area 42, Area 42 Linguistic Spanish, GSO, SAGSC, NAGSC, and their Spanish versions. Caroline J. did research on the local AA history for the Founders’ Day event at Central Office. She did a great presentation. Kathy M. and Diana M. did some research on the history of the Gratitude Ball and assisted Ronnie in collating the years 1975 to the present day for that annual event for Archives. Archives had a display at Founders Day and placed photos of days gone by of AA members from the Las Vegas area. Volunteers are always welcome and can show up on Saturdays at Central Office between 9 and 11a.m. to help out.
  4. H & I (Kevin L.) No report.
  5. Grapevine (Janey) Libby mentioned that the Grapevine Committee meeting is held at Central Office, the last Friday of each month at 6 pm., zoom only.

Diana; La  Vin?a  Anniversary Committee Liaison for the Area 42 AA English-speaking community:

The Pacific Region 26th Anniversary of La Vin?a will be celebrated in Las Vegas, July 22nd through the 24th at the Palace Station Casino and Hotel. You can register for this amazing event on the website: Although the event is presented in Spanish, English interpretation will be provided.  Registration is $23.00, which includes a year’s subscription to La Vin?a.  There will be a Saturday night buffet for $60.00.  Also, contributions from AA members are easy to make on the website for those of you wishing to attend the event and/or just contribute.  For contributions, hit the “DONAR” button on the website. Special speakers include the Area 42 Delegate, Julie C.; the Trustee-at-Large for the US, Marita R., the Editor of La Vin?a, Carina C., the Area 42 Grapevine Chair, Jason M., and GSO Trustee, Paz P. The Banquet on Saturday, July 23rd, includes a buffet dinner, music and dancing until midnight.

Libby asked that the agenda be revised to include LaVin?a with the Grapevine Report.

6. Hotline (Paul H.) –Paul stated that the hotline is doing well for D1. He has an opening for November.  Claudia switched December 5th commitment date with Carol for August 1st.  He asked for Carol’s contact informati

7. PI/CPC – (Bob V) No report.

8. Intergroup – (Craig C.) Just to highlight a few items: September 15 is the deadline to submit items for the agenda at the General Service Conference.  October 31 is the deadline to submit stories for the 5th edition of the Big Book.  Men’s night out will take place on June 25th at the Tuscany. Tickets are $50.00.

VIII     Tradition Summary

Bobby F presented Tradition 6 and he will present Tradition 7 next month.

IX       Concept Summary

Ralph W presented Concept 6 and Lou will present Concept 7 next month.

X        Old Business –Lou reported that the Ad Hoc Committee presented their final report of the revised Guidelines to the secretary for distribution prior to the meeting.  A motion was made to approve the revised Guidelines as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.

XI       New Business – Libby presented a topic for discussion:  Would the District be willing to reimburse GSRs the cost of gas to attend the District Meeting since gas has become so expensive.  Several viewpoints were presented: primarily should it be amount per mile versus a set amount.  Both ideas were discussed. After consideration of all opinions, the following motion was presented:

District One wishes to contribute to travel expenses incurred by GSRs or District One officers when attending a business meeting in Boulder City.  In order to be reimbursed for gas expense, a GSR or District Officer must first request funds from their homegroup.  If the group is unable to contribute to those expenses or if the amount is less than needed for the travel to the business meeting, District One will reimburse the GSR or District One Officer the amount needed for gas or the difference between the homegroup’s contribution and the amount needed.  The reimbursement will be at $.50 per mile as long as funds are available.  This motion will be reviewed in three months.

Marty presented for discussion the idea of finding a new place to meet that is more centrally located in the district.  Libby asked that he bring some possible location sites to the next meeting.

Meeting closed at 11:20. a.m.