Meeting held at the Lost and Found Meeting Place in Boulder City, NV

Meeting chaired by Ruthie B., and opened with the serenity prayer. Marty led us on the GSR Preamble.

II        Minutes (Carol H.)

Changes to the minutes were to replace the highlighted name from Ardena to Dina. Motion to approve by Diana and was carried out.

III       Treasurer (Louis P.)

Lou reported a balance in the checking account at the beginning of the month of $5,442.31.  Contributions to GSO and Central office were $750.00 each.  There was also a $100.00 contribution to aid GSR’s whose groups needed funding for the Area Assembly.  Contributions in February totaled $352.53 and expenses were $30.00.  The balance in the checking account on February 28, 2022, was $5764.84.  The savings account balance was $504.46. Interest earned was $.01.

IV       DCM report (Marty B.)

He is on the Conference Committee for Corrections and they have a lot of agenda items this year so they will be spreading them out among literature, etc.

V        No ADCM report (Ruthie B.)

VI       Intros and Group reports around the room

Those in attendance: Beverly A., Ruthie B., Kim W., Diana M., Lou P., Carol H., Bob H., Paul H., Will E., Janey, Ralph W., Libby G., Heather S., Dustin S., DaNella K., Kevin L., Bobby F., John M.

(Zoom) Marty B., Colleen D., Claudia.

VII      Committee reports

  1. Picnic report – little to report, all items are in her garage, park has been reserved, a discussion will need to take place regarding a new alternative to grilling hot dogs and hamburgers as the bbq is not safe to use.
  2. Workshops – (Chuck T. & Ruthie B.) No report as of yet
  3. Archives Liaison – (Diana M.) (per Ronnie D.) As part of the Archives Committee they have  been busy with the task of reviewing, summarizing and offering suggestions for changes and possible improvements for the archives workbook, which is due to be turned in to the area alternate delegate  this Friday the 25th.
  4. H & I (Kevin L.) – no report
  5. Grapevine (Janey) (per Libby G.) La Vin?a held a writing workshop last Saturday in January.  Story writing workshop date tbd with La Vin?a as a possible co-host. Grapevine meetings are held via zoom at 6 pm on the last Friday of the month (ID # 973-0573-6838, pw-424242. These meetings are open to all. offers daily quotes, the ‘carry the message’ project for subscriptions, stories can be submitted, and podcasts are available on your favorite platform.  Lots of great fun on the website. Check it out.

Diana for La Vin?a (this report was sent to all DCM’s in Area 42)

The Pacific Region Area 26 La Vin?a Anniversary will be celebrating their event in Las Vegas, July 22nd through the 24th at the Palace Station Casino and Hotel. Their website ( is up and working and while the event will be in Spanish, there will be an English interpreter at the event. Registration is $23.00, which includes a year’s subscription to La Vin?a.  There will be a buffet for $60.00.  Contributions are easy to make on the website, whether you wish to attend the event or just contribute.  Area 42 Delegate and the La Vin?a editor, Karina, was extended an invitation to speak at the event.  Diana will send out an email with a flyer attached to the secretary for distribution to all GSR’s to extend to their groups.

6.Hotline (Paul H.) – Hotline is doing well but there are a few openings if anyone is interested. District One Hotline duty commitment occurs on the first Monday of the month, 8:00 p.m. to Tuesday 8:00 a.m.  Paul will pass around a signup sheet and he’ll call you prior to your scheduled time.  You just have to make sure you have all the guidelines needed.

7. PI/CPC – (Kim W.) – PI is working on a digital pamphlet. Motion was passed for using $300.00 of their budget. CPC (Deborah) is reaching out to Henderson Veteran’s Court, hospitals, clergy, churches, schools, attorneys, health care professionals and Laundromats with a digitalized pamphlet.  Also PSA in Vegas regarding the new alcoholism pamphlet to target dentists and anesthesiologists. Cynthia from Accessibilities will be moving so there will be a new position open for that position.  An article will be placed in the Silver Streak and Jake will be notified.  Meetings to Go Chair person and Accessibilities position are available.  John H. (PI) is working on a digitalized PDF workbook.  This is not a conference approved pamphlet. Kim will contact John H. to get more information regarding this.

8. Intergroup – (DaNella & Alt Craig C.) DaNella received a detailed report from Craig C. To highlight a couple of items:  no masks required at Central Office, C.O. is open for contributions, literature sales, coin sales on Saturdays 9:00 to 1:00.  Saturday and Sundays are blackout days, held for AA Workshops and Committee Meetings. Hotline has openings, H & I is hosting a workshop March 12th at 1:30, C.O. Men’s night out event at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino for $50.00 on June 25th.  John H, has volunteered to take over as Chair of the Founders Day event.

VIII     Tradition Summary

Craig C. asked Ralph to presented Tradition 2.

IX       Concept Summary

Ruthie B. presented Concept 2.

X        Old Business –

  1. District One Guidelines were passed out for review. It was noted that there were no minimum sobriety requirements for the District One Grapevine Liaison.  There were also various items that need corrections or changes.  It was suggested that an Ad Hoc Committee review the guidelines and bring back the necessary changes to next month’s meeting.  Motion by Marty for the Ad Hoc Committee and motion was carried out.  Claudia, Marty, Lou, Kevin and Ralph volunteered and are now on the committee.
  2. H & I Finances – Ralph and Diana received a financial report that indicated they had a fund of 24k, expenses of 8k for literature leaving a balance of 16k. This report was less then detailed and lacked much of the transparency a financial report should provide. After much discussion, Kevin suggested that if anyone had any questions for H & I he would gather them up and present them at the next H & I meeting.  Some of the questions were as follows:

Article of Incorporation and Bylaws, Inventory list, financial details, more clarity and transparency, cost of incorporating the 501 (c3) and the website.

XI       New Business – none

Meeting closed at 11:35

SAGSC Roundtables will be held on March 13th at the Las Vegas Central Office, 1515 E. Tropicana Avenue, #710. Las Vegas, NV 89119 starting at 1:15.

The next business meeting will be held on March 20, 2022, 10:15 am, at the Lost and Found Meeting Room, 544 Avenue H, Boulder City, NV.