Meeting chaired by Ruthie B. until 10:20, then chaired by Marty B.

Opened with the serenity prayer and the mask mandate order for this facility.


II        Minutes (Carol H.)

Motion to approve final minutes by Lou and was carried out.


III       Treasurer (Louis P.)

Lou reported a balance in the checking account on 12/1/2021 of 4,886.76.  There were contributions of 221.55 and expenses were 149.00.  The balance on 12/31/2021 was 4,959.31.  The savings account had a total ending balance of 504.46.


IV       DCM report (Marty B.)

We held our hybrid SAGSC at Central Office 01/09/2022.


V        No ADCM report (Ruthie B.)


VI       Intros and Group reports around the room

Those in attendance Beverly A., Karinda R., Ardena (translator here to observe)   Ruthie B., Kim W., Chuck T., Don M., Diana M., Lou P., Marty B., Carol H., Bob H., Paul H., Will E., Janey, Ralph W., Craig C., John M.


VII      Committee reports

  1. Picnic report – no report


  1. Workshops – (Bob V. & Lou P.) No report


  1. Archives Liaison – (Diana M.)  Diana reported that Area 42 Archivist Ronnie was invited by the translation committee to attend the Hispanic Linguistic District 21 meeting to speak briefly about archives.  He also participated in Pacific Region 26th Anniversary of LaVina, the event planning meeting.   Every year the Area 42 Conference Chairs receive agenda items in February and these agenda items will be presented at this year’s General Service Conference (GSC) which is attended by our Area 42 Delegate, Julie.  Ronnie will be chairing one of these committees along with other Area 42 officers and a past Trustee in preparation for the SAGSC Roundtable held on March 13th, as well as the Area Assembly held at Tonopah on April 1st through the 3rd.  The Area Conference Committees with summarize this year’s agenda items and make a presentation to the body thereby preparing our Area Delegate to represent a collective voice of Area 42.  Volunteers are needed.  Please talk to Diana after the meeting.  Carol H. requested to be added to the volunteer list for Archives or any other committee needed.


  1. H & I (Kevin L.) – no report


  1. Grapevine (Janey) “Carry the Message” Project. Several ways to participate. Go to: (choose an option and follow instructions), gift subscriptions, LaVina is also available. Grapevine Podcast with Don and Sam. The AA Grapevine Half-Hour Variety Hour is available on your favorite platform every Monday @ 9:00 a.m. EST. Email to submit stories.  To record old timer questions or recovery related jokes call 212/870-3418.  Share your stories, arts, events at  Scroll up until “Who We Are”, click on ‘share with us’, choose option, then follow instructions.  Janey stated that she now has less than 30 days of sobriety and puts it out to the District One group whether we would like her to stay on or get someone new for the District One Grapevine Liaison position.  We will discuss this further on in the meeting under new business.


  1. Hotline (Paul H.) – Paul is filled up through June with monthly commitments for our District One Hotline duty, which occurs on the first Monday, 8:00 p.m. to Tuesday 8:00 a.m.  Needs July through November though.


  1. PI/CPC – (Bob V. & Lou P.) – no report


  1. Intergroup – (DaNella & Alt Craig C.) Craig reported that the Intergroup Liaison position (Caroline J.) is no longer funded by SAGSC, but by Intergroup itself.  It’s an approximate cost of up to 900.00 for her to attend the Spring and Fall Area Assembly and the yearly PRAASA event.  (Complete report attached at the end of these minutes.)


VIII     Tradition Summary

Chuck T. presented Tradition 1 and next month’s presentation on Tradition 2 will be Craig C.


IX       Concept Summary

Marty B. presented Concept 1 and next month’s presentation on Concept 2 will be Ruthie B.


X        Old Business – none


XI       New Business –


  1. We will review the AA District One guidelines regarding the minimum sobriety requirement for the District One Grapevine Liaison position. This item was tabled until next month’s meeting. Meanwhile, Janey will continue holding the position.


  1. Workshop committee needs a new chairperson. Ruthie B. & Chuck T. were nominated and accepted the positions.


  1. PI/CPC/Accessibilities needs a new chairperson. Kim W. volunteered and was nominated to the position.


  1. PRAASA will be on Zoom only this March 4th – 6th and needs volunteers for various positions. GSR’s are to report this to their home groups.


  1. Diana questioned why H&I isn’t more transparent in submitting P & L statements to the districts. Some groups are discontinuing H&I contributions until receipt of a financial report.  It was suggested that GSRs report this to their home groups and since all groups are autonomous, continuing to donate to H&I would be up to the individual groups. Marty will contact Kevin L. regarding this H&I issue.


  1. Marty suggested that Colleen add the heading of ‘Passing the Basket for the 7th Tradition’ to the Agenda.

Meeting closed at 11:25


The Southern Area roundtables will be held on March 13th at the Las Vegas Central Office, 1515 E. Tropicana Avenue, #710. Las Vegas, NV 89119 starting at 1 p.m.


The next District One meeting is scheduled for February 20th, the 3rd Sunday of February, 10:15, at the Lost and Found Meeting Room, 544 Avenue H., Boulder City, NV. It will be a hybrid meeting.

District One Intergroup Liaison Report

January 16, 2022

The Southern Area General Service Committee (SAGSC) met Sunday afternoon via hybrid. Highlights include:

  • Many new GSRs
  • There is a new address for contributions to GSO. It is PO Box 2407, Janes A Farley Station, New York, NY 10116-2407
  • In 2021, SAGSC netted $4,607.56
  • District 3 is slowly rebuilding its District.
  • District 7 will host a workshop in March. Stay tuned for details!
  • District 9 is hosting an Autonomy workshop on April 9th.
  • Next meetings;
  • March 4-6 – Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (PRAASA) – Zoom – register
  • March 13 Roundtables – 1-4 pm – hybrid – Central Office & Zoom
  • April 1-4 – Area 42 Spring Assembly in Tonopah & on Zoom
  • May 15 – SAGSC 1-4 pm


H&I Gretta reporting. Las Vegas AA H&I website, still under construction.

  • LV H&I ORENTATION held at Central office in main room prior to H&I monthly business meeting from 5:30 pm to conclude 5:50 pm (20 Min) for all new members for all new members and panel leaders led by Alan V.
  • If anyone would like to get involved or more information come to our business meeting 3rd Tuesday of every month.


Board of Directors: Dave B. reporting. I am excited to be the new Board Chair! I want to thank our outgoing chair, Bryce B., for all his hard work!


Men’s Night Out: Dave B. reporting. Our next committee meeting is Saturday, January 15 at 9:00 AM at Las Vegas Central Office.


Archives:  Ronnie reporting. Area 42/SAGSC Archivist Report January 9, 2022 @ 1 PM @ Las Vegas Central Office.

  • At the Round Up Archives loaned out several group banners and material to the District 21 Spanish speaking La Vina table.


NACYPAA: Mike L. reporting for the first NACYPAA Host committee.

  • Our next event is our Valentine’s Day Dance and Date Auction on. February 12th, 7 pm at the new Keepin’ It Real Club. See flier for details. Come buy somebody!
  • NACPAA I Host Committee meets 1st and 3rd Sundays at 1:30 at Central Office. All are welcome.


Founders Day: Jasmin reporting. Jasmine needs to step down as Chair of Founder’s Day. Due to her dad’s health, she may be spending a lot of time in Mexico and cannot fulfill her commitment. Her number is 702-319-1267 if you want to contact her to find out what the duties are for this commitment.