Meeting held at the Lost and Found Meeting Place in Boulder City, NV.

Meeting chaired by Libby G. and Ruthie B.

GSR Preamble read by Jake S.

II          Minutes (Colleen)

Revised minutes were emailed prior to meeting. Motion to approve minutes as revised was made and carried.

III         Treasurer (Louis)

Lou reported a balance in the checking account on 11/1/2021 of $4246.53.  There were contributions of $640.23. There were no expenses this month..  The balance on 11/31/21 was $4886.76.  The savings account has a balance of $504.45.  $.01 interest was earned for a total of $504.45.

IV         No DCM report

V          No ADCM report..

VI         Intros and Group reports around the room

Those in attendance: Ruthie B, Libby G, Colleen D, Louis P, Diana M, Bob H, Kevin L, Craig C, Ralph W, Kimberly W, Bobby F, Chuck T, Jake S, Will E, Marty B, (on zoom) Tina, Bev A.

VII.       Committee Reports

A.         Picnic Report –(No report).


B.         Workshops – (Bob V & Lou P) The workshop, “The Home Group”, was held on Sunday, December 12 at Las Vegas Central Office. Lou stated there were 32 in attendance.  The speaker was excellent.  He thanked Bobby F. for bringing the snacks. They are looking forward to planning another workshop.  Bob H. will be stepping down from this position. 

C.     Archives-(Diana M) Diana reported that Ronnie brought the Archives to the Las Vegas Roundup that was held on Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. H & I (Kevin L) Kevin reported that the prisons are not open yet to panels. He also stated that those going into the prisons will now have to be cleared again, get a TB test, vaccination, etc. even if they have been cleared in the past.


  1. Grapevine (Janey) Libby gave Janey’s report: October brought Covid to our committee chair, Jason, and our monthly meeting was cancelled. He did make a full recovery,  A Graevine table was set up at the Las vegas roundup which was held on Thanksgiving weekend.  Our November meeting was cancelled as well because of the Roundup.  She is looking forward to a committee meeting in

The AA Grapevine Newsletter is promoting the 2022 Carry the Message Project.  It is suggesting that members contribute a subscription to someone in need as well as gifts for a friend, a newcomer or a group.    Also gifts can be chosen from the Grapevine literature for a member or a sponsee as a gift.  There are new releases this year and a range of topics.  Go to the AA


F.      Hotline (Paul)   No report.


G.    PI/CPC –No report.


H.     Intergroup – (Danella) (Craig C)  Danella had surgery so Craig is filling in for her.


District One Intergroup Liaison Report


Central Office: Judy reporting. We now have two part-time Special Workers at Central Office. Sandy D. started in October and Ed M. started this past week.

  • Come in and say hello to Sandy D. and Ed M. if you haven’t met them yet.
  • Please continue to update Central Office of any meeting changes for the Schedule.
  • If you’d like to be on a back0up list for the in-office Hotline shifts when people call off or go on vacation give us a call & I will add your name.
  • There are several open days and tines to hold your Meetings here at Central Office.


District One Workshop @ Central office on 12-12-21 was very informative and well done by all.


H&I: Gretta reporting. Las Vegas AA H&I has made progress building a website, which will include H&I information, up and coming events, donation instructions with a link and much more to come once this is finished.

  • Next AA H&I workshop will be help February 2022 (date not yet set) will report once plans are finalized.


CPC: Robin reporting. During 2021, we have seen more events postponed or cancelled, hopefully that will change in the future.


Board of Directors: Bryce Alcoholic. Just a few items to report from the Board of Directors meeting on the 8th of Dec.

  • We had our elections and Dave B. was elected new Chair of the Board of Directors.
  • Lisa G. was chosen as our recording secretary.
  • Bob F. reported that our finances are good.
  • We welcomed the new members of the Board: Dave B., Lisa G., and Michael L.
  • Intergroup body to approve our decision to reduce the number of board members from 12 to 9.


Men’s Night Out: Dave reporting. 4th Annual Men’s Night Out is scheduled for Saturday, June 25th at the Tuscany.


Silver Streak: Dave reporting. Thanks to all those who reached out about the “Meeting in the Spotlight.” It will stay, and I want to encourage people to keep submitting meetings.


Founder’s Day: Jasmine reporting. Jasmin needs to step down as Chair of Founder’s Day. Due to her dad’s health. She may be spending a lot of time in Mexico and cannot fulfill her commitment. Her number is (702) 319-1267 if you want to contact her to find out what the duties are for this commitment.

VIII       Tradition Summary

Tina  presented Tradition 11 and Colleen summarized Tradition 12.

IX         Concept Summary

Bobby F. presented Concept 11 and Libby summarized Concept 12.

Next month’s presentations will be Chuck T on Tradition 1 and Marty B on concept 1.

X          Old Business:

A.     At the October meeting, a motion to contribute $25 to the Lost and Found Group to help pay for the  internet was passed.  Some members questioned this amount.  After a discussion regarding the number of times we use the building as well as who else used the internet, a motion was made to amend the amount to $20.  Motion passed.

B.     It was noted that in January there is another SAGSC meeting.  Traditionally our district one business meeting was held directly after that meeting.  The group has now changed our regular meeting to the 3rd Sunday of the month.  It was moved and seconded that we continue to meet on a regular basis on the 3rd Sunday of the month.


  1. Diana reminded the new GSRS that there is an orientation meeting held prior to the SAGSC meeting. It starts at noon.

D.     Meeting closed at 11:30.


SAGSC (Southern Area General Service Conference) will be held on January 9, 2022, at the Las Vegas Central Office, 1515 S Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, starting at 1:15 pm.


The next meeting is scheduled for January 16th, the 3rd Sunday of January at the Lost and Found Meeting Room. 544 Avenue H, Boulder City, NV.