I.                 Introductions & Formalities

A.               Meeting held in person at the Tonopah Convention Center, Tonopah, NV and with a zoom meeting

B.               Intro given by Marty

C.               Serenity Prayer

D.               GSR Preamble

II.               Minutes (Libby)

A.               Emailed prior to meeting. Motion to approve minutes as is made and carried.

III.              Treasury, DCM, ADCM Reports  (Louis)

A.               Lou reported a balance in the checking account on 8/1/2021 of $4,334.00.  There were contributions of $1,112.45. There were no expenses.  The balance on 8/31/21 was $5,446.45.  The savings account has a  balance of $504.44.  No interest was earned this month so end of the month balance was of $504.44. Lou asked that if possible to include an email with the checks to save money on stamps.

B.               DCM Report (Marty)  Grateful for the turnout at the Fall Assembly. Made amends for missing the district workshop. He heard it had a great turnout but not many from District 1 showed up. Not much else is going on. Reminder district meetings are now on the 3rd Sunday on months at Boulder City (6 times a year), will be having a meeting in October, the weekend after the picnic

C.               ADCM Report – Not present.

IV.             Intros and Group reports around the room

Those in attendance:  Marty B, Colleen D (zoom),  Lou P, Diana M, John L, Ralph W, Kimberly W, Libby G, Steffen S, Bobby F, Derek S, Paul (zoom), Claudia B, Kevin L, Jake S, Peggy L, Bob H, DaNella K, Gary S

V.               Committee Reports


A.               Picnic Report –(Claudia & DaNella) It will be held October 9, 2021, 11 am-4 pm at Broadbent Park.  Actual event starts at noon, anyone showing up at 11 will be put to work. Will be sending a volunteer sheet via email. Event will have bouncy house, bean bag toss, live music, speaker, popcorn, dunk tank, asking people to bring a dish to share and a chair. Vendor wlll include insurance in costs so we don’t have to have separate insurance


B.               Workshops – (Bob V & Lou P) It was a great turnout, the entertainment was really good, about 32 people showed up, $176.73 for pizza, collected $64, rent was 40% – only $138.73 net cost


C.                Archives-(Diana M) – Lots of great stuff going on – there will be an archives display at Tonopah


D.               H&I – (Kevin L). meeting was 3 weeks ago, They are planning on setting up their own webpage to provide up to date info, financially doing well, looking for women to volunteer to go to the Rescue Mission and Shade Tree, H&I has an orientation for new members 30 minutes before every meeting

E.               Grapevine (Janey) –  No report


F.                Hotline – (Paul H.) – Doing well, will be starting the 2022 district hotline sign-ups next month. Covered for 2021


G.              PI/CPC – (Bob V.) No report.


H.              Intergroup (DaNella) – meeting will be this Monday. Provided copies of last month’s minutes

VI.             Traditions & Concepts

1.               Tradition 8 was presented by Kimberly. (She wrote hers out and it got published in the Silverstreak – way to go Kimberly)

2.               Concept 8 was presented by Ralph.

3.               Tradition 9 will be presented by DaNella.

4.               Concept 9 will be presented by Bob.


VII.            Old Business:

1.               None


VIII.          New Business:

1.               Confirmed we will have a District meeting the 3rd Sunday in October at 10:15 in Boulder City

IX.              Motion to Close

A.               Closed meeting at 12:30


Next meeting: Sunday October 17th in Boulder City