I.                 Introductions & Formalities

A.               Meeting held in person at the Lost and Found Meeting Room, 944 Avenue H, Boulder City, NV.

B.               Intro given by Marty

C.               Serenity Prayer

D.               GSR Preamble

II.               Minutes (Colleen)

A.               Emailed prior to meeting. Motion to approve minutes as is made and carried.  Colleen noted again that she will be correcting outdated information on the website.

III.              Treasury, DCM, ADCM Reports  (Louis)

A.               Lou reported a balance in the checking account on 5/1/2021 of $2,624.47.  There were contributions of $268.80. There were no expenses this month.  The balance on 5/31/21 was $2,893.27.  The savings account has a  balance of $504.43.  No interest was earned this month so end of the month balance was of $504.43.

B.               DCM Report (Marty)  Not much to report.  Things have been quiet.  Many groups are opening back up for in-person meetings.

C.               ADCM Report (Matt) No report. Marty mentioned that Matt is working on Sunday mornings so he is unable to come to the meetings.

IV.             Intros and Group reports around the room

Those in attendance:  Marty B, Colleen D,  Danella K,  Lou P, Diana M, Janey,  Bob H, Carol H, John M,  Hew B, John L, Ralph W, Claudia B, Kimberly W, Libby G, Peggy L, Paul H, Steffen S, Bobby F, Ruthie B, Will E, Kevin L, Craig

V.               Committee Reports


A.               Picnic Report –(Claudia) Claudia presented a draft of the flyer giving details of the picnic.  It will be held October 9, 2021, 11 am-4 pm at Broadbent Park.  A map will be included on the flyer.  Discussions regarding 7th Tradition contributions, a 50/50 raffle, and inviting LYVPAA to participate followed.  Diana asked that the flyer be sent to her so that she could translate it  into Spanish.  She also stated that she would attend District 21 (the Spanish Linguistic District) meetings to invite the Spanish Community to participate.  DaNella K is co-chair.


B.               Workshops – (Bob V & Lou P) Lou reported that they are now looking at August for the next workshop. The theme is Back to Basics.  More details later.

C.                Archives-(Diana M) Ronnie D., our Area 42 Archivist, presented an AA Area 42 Archives display at yesterday’s Founders Day event. He continues – along with the Alternate Archivist up north – Debbie S. – to learn about archival conservation skills and organization of documents and artifacts through workshops and sharing with other Area Archivists from the Pacific Region and beyond.  She personally viewed the Archives vault at Central Office and said it is in great shape.


D.               H&I – (Kevin L). Kevin reported that he attended the last meeting as a hybrid meeting and he was unable to hear any of the information.  He will attend the next meeting in person.  It was noted that the treatment centers are now open including detox centers but the corrections facilities are not open yet.  A discussion followed concerning H & I funds. There was a large amount of money in their treasury prior to Covid restrictions but now H & I has purchased a large supply of literature.  This has depleted their funds substantially.  Donations have also slowed down since members felt the need was not there.

E.               Grapevine (Janey) Janey mentioned that there was a table at Founders Day manned by the Grapevine Committee.  She noted that they are happy to bring their display to any event being held by the districts.


F.                Hotline – (Paul H.) Paul is now the Hotline Chair.  He is taking over for Kristy.  Marty told Paul to contact Kristy for the information about the shifts that have been filled to the end of the year.


G.              PI/CPC – (Bob V.) No report.

Intergroup – (Danella) Intergroup met on June 14th.


Central Office:  Judy P. reporting.  There is one in-office hotline shift: Tuesday 8-12.  Medallions have been ordered and are available at Central Office.  The Meeting Guide app is active.  Please help keep the Meeting Schedule up to date.  Send corrections and contact info for meeting reps to Judy.  JudyAA710@gmail.com


Treasurer: Bob F. reporting.  Year-to-date (May 30):

Income                        $91,300.54

Expenses                     $77,469.88

Net Income     $13,830.66

$55,019.18 Prudent Reserve


Hotline & 12 Step List:  Nothing new with the Hotline or 12 Step List – new recruits are always welcome, of course!  GreenBeaned@yahoo.com or 702-493-9694.


General Service Liaison: Caroline reporting.  Report attached in email. For more info contact your GSR or Caroline CarolineTJ@cox.net


Accessibilities: Cynthia reporting.  No report. Contact Cynthia for more info 404-788-8089 or cynthhuey@yahoo.com.


PI: John reporting.  No report.  See New Business.


CPC: Robin reporting.  Professional outreach continuing.  Exploring conventions and waiting to hear from Metro re:  the Giving Project.  702-688-0777.


Meetings to Go:  Cynthia reporting.  Committee is restarting meetings in retirement homes, hospitals or institutions.  No home visits, just phone calls. If you know of someone that needs a meeting or wants to volunteer, contact Cynthia: 404-788-8089


Board of Directors:  No report.


Men’s Night Out:  Date set for Aug. 28th at Palace Station at 6pm.  Tom B. from Simi Valley, CA is the speaker.  Flyers are forthcoming.


Archives:  No report.


Silver StreakDave reporting.  Silver Streak now monthly.  Please write articles about Steps, Traditions 8-12 (one page), Meeting-In-Spotlight (100-125 words), Old-Timer (20+ years) Interviews, anecdotes and home-group histories. Keep sending in fliers and announcements, meetings, etc.  Contact Dave: 804-267-0492 or lvsilverstreak@gmail.com


LVYPAA:   No report.


Grapevine:  No report.


Founders Day:  No report.


Intergroup Outreach:  Michael reporting. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Michael: 702-742-3668, michael.harriman@rocketmail.com


H&I: As of June, there are over 100 panels each month and activity is increasing.


Gratitude Ball:  October 2nd @ Palace Station.  Purchase tickets at www.GratitudeBall.com .  Looking for donations for baskets and monetary donations for 2 tables for sober living volunteers.


New Business:

  • John – PI – has reserved the domain name AAVegas.org if Intergroup would like to change its domain name from LVCentralOffice.org. After much discussion, the matter was tabled while the Board collects financial data.
  • Check out AA Presents a Solution for Alcoholism, July 24th. TraingleFellowship.com/july-24/
  • August 15th – Mt Charleston Picnic is on! Live!




VI.             Traditions & Concepts

1.               Tradition 6 was presented by Peggy L.

2.               Concept 6 was presented by Janey.

3.               Tradition 7 will be presented by Ralph W.

4.               Concept 7 will be presented by Craig C.

VII.            Old Business:  The Google Business Listings were discussed by the group.  John M again explained  what the project is and asked everyone to read the information included in the email link that the secretary sent out.  These listings are equivalent to the Yellow Pages ads that were contained in phone books of old. John asked that GSRs take this back to their home groups to educate everyone about the project.


VIII.          New Business: