I.                 Introductions & Formalities

A.               Meeting held in person at the Lost and Found Meeting Room, 544 Avenue H, Boulder City, NV.

B.               Intro given by Libby (standing in for Marty)

C.               Serenity Prayer

D.               GSR Preamble

II.               Minutes (Colleen)

A.               Emailed prior to meeting. Page 6 of the minutes was a duplicate of page 5.  This has been corrected.  A motion to approve minutes as amended was made and carried.

III.              Treasury, DCM, ADCM Reports  (Lou)

A.               Treasury Report: Lou reported a balance in the checking account on 6/1/21 of $2,893.27.  There were contributions of $436.94.  There was a $10.00 expense this month for the District Meeting rent.  The balance on 6/30/21 was $3,320.21.  The savings account has a balance of $504.43 on 6/1/21.  Interest earned this month was $0.01.  The end of the month balance was $504.44.  Lou also mentioned that by the end of July the treasury will again have a surplus of funds and asked for suggestions about distribution.  The primary suggestion offered was funding for GSRs or possible Alternate GSRs to the Assembly in Tonapah.  Funding to PRAASA was also suggested.

B.               DCM Report (Libby)  Libby mentioned the $7.34 project that is going on during the month of July.  Each member of Alcoholics Anonymous is encouraged to  donate $7.34 to the General Service Office.  This would give them enough funds to operate for the year.  (Donations were down during the pandemic as well as literature sales.) Donations can be made at aa.org.

Libby also explained what is meant when we talk about Tonopah.  The area has assemblies twice a year to discuss the business of AA.  These are traditionally held in Tonapah, NV because it is centrally located between Reno and Las Vegas.  Registration for the Fall Assembly to be held September 10-12 is now open on-line.  It is a hybrid meeting so it is important to register early so that plans can be made for the amount of food needed for those attending in person.  Registration is $15.00 per person.

IV.             Intros and Group reports around the room

A.               Those in attendance:  Libby G, Colleen D, Danella K,, Louis P, Janey, Peggy L, Bob H, Kevin L, Carol H, Will E, Kim W, Hew B, Steffen, Bobby F, Mark C.

V.               Committee Reports

A.               Picnic Report –(Claudia) DaNella , the Co-Chair, presented the flyer that has been created with the details as follows: Saturday, October 9 from 11 am- 4 pm, Broadbent Park, Boulder City.  There will be children’s games, face painting, live music and a 50/50 raffle.    Hamburgers, hot dogs and beverages will be provided.  Everyone is asked to bring a side dish to share and their own chair.  Volunteers will be needed for grilling, set-up, clean-up and general help.

B.               Workshops – (Bob V & Lou P) Lou presented the flyer for the workshop to be held August 29, 2021, from 1:00-4:00 pm at Central Office, 1515 E. Tropicana Avenue, Suite 710.  The theme is Back to Basics: Trust God, Clean House, Help Others.  There also will be a talent show and pizza for all.  The district will provide funds for the refreshments. Libby told Lou to make sure that all the areas get the flyer plus the Silver Streak.

C.               Archives-(Diana M) Diana reported that everything is fine at Archives.

D.               H&I – (Kevin L.) Kevin reported that he attended the last H & I meeting.  Their primary focus was on finances.  Money is needed to replenish inventory.  Cost cutting was discussed.  One option:  going to pocket Big Books to save money.  Most of the facilities are now open again for panels to come in.  The VA needs additional panels for their veterans.  Hew W reported some additional information about H & I finances.  He asked people wo are interested in the subject to attend the next H & I meeting which will be held this Tuesday, July 20, at Central Office.  It is a hybrid meeting.  The zoom number is 244-426-2488, password: 121212.  Janaey suggested that the book “Living Sober” be considered as a purchase to give instead of Big Books.

E.               Grapevine (Janey) Janey reported that the Grapevine Committee is getting active again.  They are being asked to have tables at various live events.  She reminded everyone that a subscription to the Grapevine makes an excellent gift.

F.                Hotline – (Paul H) No report.

G.              PI/CPC – Bob V No report.

H.               Intergroup – (Danella) Danella mentioned that she attended the hybrid meeting and that there were issues with the sound.


Intergroup Notes

July 12, 2021 6pm

Central Office: Judy

Judy is looking for a part time bookkeeper. Contact Judyap@vcentraloffice.org

This is a paid position.

General Service Liaison: Carolyn

Mt. Charleston picnic is sold out.

Dist 19 is having a campout July 23-25, 2021. No registration fees, no camping fees.

For more info contact ElyAA.org

Hot Line: Billy

Hotline is always looking for volunteers. Claudia and Billy are stepping down as chairs. Thank you for your service. Positions will be opening in September 2021. If interested 702.493.8529.

Accessibilities: Cynthia

Meetings2go is providing meetings. They are looking for individuals to provide meetings to those who cannot make meetings.  They are in need of a co-chair. Please contact Cynthia H.


panels are increasing activity 105 panels currently.

  • NEW: 1st responders panel
  • Logs are being created to tally books and pamphlets being distributed
  • Panels are increasing activity, we have 105 panels currently.

Founders day event raised $775 for Central Office. Founders day committee will be meeting next January. If you would like to be on the committee contact Leslie.


VI.             Traditions & Concepts:  Peggy L spoke about Tradition 7 and  Libby presented Concept 7.     Next month Tradiation 8 will be presented by Bobby F. and Concept 8 by Hew B.

VII.            Old Business: There was no old business to discuss.

VIII.          New Business:

A.               Lou mentioned in his report that there will again be excess funds to disburse at the end of the month.  Libby asked that this be discussed at the next business meeting after members have had a chance to consider options.


B.               Someone asked when the decision to have the meeting on a Sunday in Boulder City was made and if that could be changed.  Libby asked that this be included in new business at the next meeting when Marty has returned.

IX.              Motion to Close:  Closed meeting at 11:20.


Both Colleen, the secretary, and Carol, the alternate secretary, will be out of town for the next business meeting in August.  Libby agreed to fill in as the secretary.


There will be a going away party for Charlie Hill and Irene Parker on August 15 from 2-4 at their home.  They are relocating to Florida.