I.   Introductions & Formalities

A.               Meeting held via Zoom due to shelter-in-place orders / covid-19

B.               Intro given by Marty

C.               Serenity Prayer

D.               GSR Preamble

II.  Minutes (Colleen)

A.               Emailed prior to meeting. Motion to approve minutes as is made and carried.

III.  Treasury, DCM, ADCM Reports

A.               Treasury Report (Louis)  Checking Account balance as of 2/1/2021 was $4038.22. Contributions for the month totaled $323.76 which brought the total in the checking account to $4,126.86.  Savings account totals $504.41. There was $.01 interest this month so the total is now $541.02.  An expense of $323.76 was paid for the website which is now paid up until 2025.  Marty is not sure that the timeframe is correct.  He will check on it. Peggy L asked that Louis include the name of her group rather than the number in the Treasurer’s report.  Louis agreed to do that.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the treasurer’s report.

B.               DCM Report (Marty)  Marty reported that things have been quiet this month.  He attended PRAASA and participated in the Conference Agenda Committees.  .

C.               ADCM Report ( Matt) Matt suggested that perhaps the next District One meeting could be an in person meeting.  Marty suggested that it be discussed in new business.

IV.  Intros and Group reports around the room

A.               Those in attendance:  Marty B, Colleen D, Matt M, Danella, Kristy M, Louis P, Diana M, Claudia B, Peggy L, Bob H, Carol H, Derek S.

B.               Items of Note:

1.               Carol H again asked for support for the Rock Solid 12&12 Women’s Meeting that is held on Friday Mornings at 10:AM.  She put the zoom information in the chat.

V.               Committee Reports

A.               Picnic Report –(Claudia) Claudia reported nothing new on the picnic.

B.               Workshops – (Bob V & Lou P) Lou stated there was nothing new to report.

C.               Archives-(Diana M).  Diana reported that Ron D, the Archives chair, is still sorting  materials, setting up shelves, etc. He has also been working on the Conference Committee on Agenda Item B which has to do with Archives.  In addition, she mentioned that there is a wonderful timeline of the highlights of AA history on the aa.org website.

D.               H&I – (Kevin L) No report.

E.               Grapevine (Janey) No report.

F.                Hotline –(Kristy) Kristy reported that she has all the shifts for District One filled until January, 2022.  She will contact the volunteers prior to their shift to remind them.

G.              PI/CPC –(Bob V) No report.

H.              Intergroup – (Danella) March 8, 2021

Central Office: Judy attended PRAASA and said it was a wonderful event. There are 2 hotline positions open.

Treasurer: Bob said the month was favorable. $15,000 in group contributions, which is extra high. Contributions are normally at $7,000, we had no rent. We are in the black. Rent next month will be $4,009.

Hot Line: Billy said all shifts are filled, but always looking for volunteers. If interested contact LVcentraloffice.org or 702.493.8529. Billy attended the Chicago hotline and compared notes on how we ,ight do anything better.

12 Steps: Claudia updated orientation packet, a handout given to hotline volunteers: it contains do’s and don’ts, resources, etc. Sent to all committee members and wants volunteers to request the updated packet.  There are 45 women and 65 men on 12 step list, always looking for more, if interested contact LVcentraloffice.org.

General Service: No report

H&I: Greta reported that Institutions still closed due to covid. Slowly opening. Desert Parkway, Crossroads and Desert Hope. Inquired if H&I can be featured on website.

Board of Directors: No Report

Mens Night Out: Richard, August 28, 2021 event still in progress.

Archives: No Report

Silver Streak: Dave is looking for articles and stories on 12 steps, recovery, anything. Silver streak can spotlight a great meeting you know of. Its published twice a month. Contact LVsilverstreak@gmail.com

Unity: No Report

Hispanic: No Report

Gratitude Ball: No Report

LVPAA: Ann said they are hosting Young peoples group Wed 6:30 speakers zoom 687.118.144 p/w service, Dist 5b event 4/10/21, meets 1st sunday of every month 1:30 zoom 622 757 0888 password LVPAA

LV Round up: No Report

Founders Day: Jasmine reported that the event will be held June 12 @ central office from 10-2, hybrid event, 50 people only. $5 to register, zoom is free, they will be having a silent auction, looking for items for the auction.

Bridge the Gap: No Report

Accessibilities: Cynthia worked with North chair, discussed items to discuss with delegate. Interested in a Pod cast for people in the military.  AA is accepting articles/stories from people who got sober in their later years (age 50+), to make a pamphlet with these stories. Accessibilities is in need of a co-chair.

PI: John said the Las Vegas review journal had an article last week about AA, it is also on google.search AA news to find it.

CPC: Robin is working on info for national conference in New York. . Attended PRASAA, found it very informative.

Meetings 2 Go: Cynthia reported no meetings to people in facilities at this time, she is reaching out by phone to members in facilities.


Round up will be held over Thanksgiving at the Tropicana.

LV Intergroup end of the month speaker is last Sunday of the month @ 7pm. In person and zoom 6768360940 password AA.

.VII.      Traditions & Concepts

  1. Krist  gave Tradition 3 Summary.
  2. Marty gave Concept 3 Summary.
  3. Louis will give Tradition 4 Summary in April.
  4. Kevin will give Concept 4 Summary in April.

VIII.      Old Business:

At the last business meeting, the GSRs had been asked to take back to their groups the following:  How should District One distribute an excess of funds in the treasury in the amount of $1500.  The GSRs reported what their groups decided.  The majority consensus was that 50% should go to GSO amd 50% to Central Office.  A motion was made and seconded to distribute the funds as such.  Louis will take care of it. 

VIX.       New Business: 

Peggy L announced that she would like to send a correction she feels needs to be made in the Big Book.  She asked to whom should she send this suggestion.  It was decided that the most appropriate person would be the Literature Committee Chair at the General Service Office.   

X.     Financial Report – Intergroup  

Diana mentioned that the financial report for Intergroup reported a substantial amount of money was donated in the month of January.  This was just a one time thing since groups had excess money in their treasuries.  The money had been saved to fund travel expenses for the GSRs to the assemblies. She cautioned groups not to feel that large donations will continue each month.

VI.             Motion to Close

A.               Closed meeting at 11:10