I. Introductions & Formalities

A.               Meeting held via Zoom due to shelter-in-place orders / covid-19

B.               Intro given by Marty

C.               Serenity Prayer

D.               GSR Preamble

II. Minutes (Colleen)

A.               Emailed prior to meeting. Motion to approve minutes as is made and carried.

III. Treasury, DCM, ADCM Reports

A.               Treasury Report (Louis)  Checking Account balance as of 1/1/2021 was $3,687.17. Contributions for the month totaled $351.05 which brought the total in the checking account to $4,038.22.  Savings account totals $504.41. There was no interest this month so the total remains the same.

B.               DCM Report (Marty)  Nothing new to report.

C.               ADCM Report ( Matt) Matt mentioned the speaker meeting held at the end of the month at Central Office may now be able to have more people at the in person portion due to the Governor’s lessening of restrictions for large group meetings.  It is a hybrid meeting so zoom is available. The next one is February 28 at 7:00 p.m.

IV.             Intros and Group reports around the room.

Those in attendance:  Marty B, Colleen D, Matt M, Danella, Kristy M, Louis P, Diana M, Claudia B, Libby, Janey, Peggy L, Bob H, Robert V, Jake S, Kevin G, Carol H, Will E, Dee H, John M, Shelley C.

B. Items of Note:

1.               Will E mentioned that the Lost and Found Group in Boulder City is trying to add room in their facility so more people can attend.  The governor has increased the size of group gatherings from 25% to 35%.  The facility does not have much room for social distancing. 

2.                Carol H again asked for support for the Rock Solid 12&12 Women’s Meeting that is held on Friday Mornings at 10:AM.  She put the zoom information in the chat.

V. Committee Reports

A.               Picnic Report –(Claudia) No plans currently.  She is still waiting to see what the situation is regarding covid-19.  The building has been reserved for the same weekend as last year.

B.               Workshops – (Bob V & Lou P) They have discussed the items that need to be decided: 1)Theme-considering Back to Basics; 2) Zoom or in person; 3) Date-usually in the summer.

C.               Archives-(Diana M.) Nothing new to report.  Ron D, the Archives chair, has been going through materials, setting up shelves, etc.  There is a lot of material to go through.

D.               H&I – (Kevin L) He attended his first meeting which was rather chaotic.  The next one will be February 16.  It is a hybrid meeting. There are four facilities allowing meetings, two are hybrid.  No jail meetings allowed at this time. 

E.               Grapevine (Janey) She mentioned that members can subscribe to the Grapevine or give it as a gift.  She will have more next month.

F.                Hotline –(Kristy) The District One shift is the first Monday of the month, 8 pm-8 am.  Usually there are not many calls.  She has shifts filled until July. 

G.              PI/CPC – Bob V mentioned that the minutes of the last meeting stated that Bob H. was the PI/CPC liaison.  That was incorrect.  He has this position.

H.              Intergroup – (Danella) She was not able to attend because she was in the hospital.  Carolyn prepared the report.

44 people attended Intergroup on February 8, 2021.

Judy, the Central Office Manager, thanked everyone for their patience and kindness.  All in-office hotline shifts have been filled, but fill-ins are always needed.  Please use the new Central Office street address to mail contributions.  1515 East Tropicana Avenue, Suite 710, Las Vegas NV  89119.  The Post Office Box will be closed soon. 

Bob, the Board Treasurer, presented the 2020 year-end financials in an Excel format.  They were attached with the Minutes of the January meeting.  Note, there are 4 tabs in the bottom left of the Excel file.  Central Office had a net gain of $7100 in 2020.  Next month, he hopes to have the January and February financials.

Bryce, President of the Board of Directors, presented a 2020 overview, including the forum, move, and new Office Manager.

Billy, reported on behalf of both the Hotline and 12-Step List.  Both are doing well,  but volunteers are always needed.  One hotline shift is open.  They especially need people to transfer the phones.  Volunteers can register on the Central Office website.  www.LVCentralOffice.org

Alan reported for H&I.  They have 2 zoom panels and 3 face-to-face panels.  All panels need help.  They are having a hybrid business meeting (live at Central Office) next Tuesday at 6 pm.  They are planning a workshop.

Cynthia, the Accessibilities Chair, stated that Meetings to Go is in need of a Chair.  Right now, they are not doing any in-person visits, just telephone and zoom.

Ronnie, our Archivist, drove to Reno to meet the past Archivist and pick up banners, notebooks, and archives.  The Archives budget is $1,000.  Ronnie wants to build more shelves, replace the black ceiling tiles, and start digitizing the oldest records which are starting to deteriorate.  He’s still figuring out his schedule and plans to start having live meetings in the Archives.

Silver Streak – Dave is still publishing the Silver Streak twice per month.  He needs people to write on the steps, traditions, meeting in the spotlight, interviews with old-timers, etc.  He needs content – flyers, info about committee meetings, etc.  The Silver Streak is raising the price of the print subscription from $10 to $12/year.  It costs about $1.20 to mail the Silver Streak.  The price to purchase a hard copy at Central Office will rise from $1 to $1.50.  The online subscription remains free.  There are 33 paper subscribers and 500 online / free subscribers.  Hardships will be taken into consideration.  Dave can be reached at LVSilverStreak@gmail.com

Founders’ Day – Jasmin reported this year’s Hybrid event is scheduled for Saturday, June 12th.   50 people are allowed to gather at Central Office.  The rest will be on zoom.  Because of the pandemic, this year’s event is way scaled down.  There will be a morning speaker, old-timers panel, and afternoon speaker.  No meals, but there will be a snack bar.  She is looking for items for an online silent auction and live raffle.  The committee meets on the first Monday of the month at 6pm via zoom.  829 3716 6969  pw: 529570.

Anna reported for LVYPAA –  their first event of the year is an online Cupid Connection on February 13th.  The speaker starts at 5 pm, followed by a virtual Dating Game.  The hybrid committee meets on the first Sunday at 1:30pm at Central Office and zoom. 

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) – Robin reported the committee is working on a presentation for the Nevada State College Nursing Division.  They continue to reach out to professionals.  The committee needs a Co-Chair and Secretary.

John reported that Public Information is updating Google maps – there are 3 wrong listings when someone locally googles Alcoholics Anonymous in our valley.

New Business:

Judy (Central Office) inquired about the possibility of making the Intergroup meetings hybrid at Central Office.  There is a 50 person limit, social distancing and masks are required, temperatures are checked, and everything is disinfected after every meeting.  There was much discussion.  The minority opinion was concerned about large group meetings and one person thought the idea was premature.  A final decision wasn’t really made.


The End of the Month Speaker meeting is February 28th

VI.             Conference Committees

(Jake) He stated that District One is well represented on Conference Committees.  Each committee will review the agenda items for their committee.  They will read and summarize the background information to be presented at the Round Tables on March 14.  There are 6 or 7 people on each committee.  There is a 10 day window in which the summarizations must be completed.  Things are looking good!

VII.      Traditions & Concepts

  1.      Libby gave Tradition 2 Summary
  2.     Claudia gave Concept 2 Summary.
  3.     Kristy will give Tradition 3 Summary in March.
  4.     Kevin will give Concept 3 Summary in March.


VIII.      Old Business 

The GSRs were requested to ask their groups at their next business meeting for suggestions for how the excess funds in the District One treasury should be dispersed.  One meeting represented by John M suggested that the funds be used for a post-pandemic party. Other groups said that they had revised the pie chart they used for donations to distribute their funds differently.  Those groups were confused between distributing their own funds and those of District One.  It was decided to table the item until the next meeting so that GSRs could ask their groups their opinion on distributing funds of District One.

VIX.       New Business  There was no new business. 

X.    Intergroup Meeting  

Diana announced that the next intergroup meeting would be a hybrid meeting at Central Office.  She also announced that the Translation and Interpretation Committee would meet this Thursday on zoom at 5:30.  The zoom ID is 571 0631 7547, password: service. 

VII.           Motion to Close

A.               Closed meeting at 11:36