I.               Introductions & Formalities

A.             Meeting held via Zoom due to shelter-in-place orders / covid-19

B.              Serenity Prayer

C.              GSR Preamble

II.              Minutes

A.             Emailed prior to meeting. Motion to approve minutes as is made and carried. 

III.            Treasury, DCM, ADCM Reports

A.             Treasury Report (Marty)

1.              See treasury report above

2.              Started month with $3,189.40, contributions of $310.28 and expenses of $75 (PO box charge for 6 months) for ending balance of $3,424.77

3.              Please include emil addresses with your contributions – let your groups and treasurers know.

B.              DCM Report (Libby)

1.              Should have received multiple emails from Rick about Regional Forum. It is free and a great time, check it out.

2.              District 5B was very happy with our combined workshop, it went great.

3.              Thank you to everybody for great experience, “You guys mad it a cake walk and I love cake”. Thank you for the honor and privilege to serve.

C.              ADCM Report (Diana) 

1.              No report other than thank you to Libby for making this experience such smooth sailing; learned so much from watching Libby in action.

IV.            Intros and Group reports around the room

A.             Those in attendance:

1.              Matt, Rick, Bob, Caroline, Libby, Janey, Marty, Diana, Marita, Louis, Sheley, Jake, Kevin, Colleen, Carol, John, Claudia, Danella.

B.             Items of Note:

1.              Matt, GSR, Primary Purpose Drunk Group – new group meeting at central office Wednesday and Friday from 7-8pm. Current metings via zoom. Friday is a big book study, Wednesday will be a speaker; however, at the moment it is open discussion format.  Info can be found in the Silver Streak as well.

a)              Friday zoom 853-9182-2039 password 881311

b)              questions Matt 702-526-5987

2.              Friday Women’s Rock Solid Group 10am meting needs support.  Zoom only, id: 882-3986-2836, password: rock. 12×12 meting with speaker on the 2nd Friday.

3.              John mad a comment that he saw a post about the Triangle Club online that mentioned they had changed from district from 13 to 1 and asked about this. Libby clarified this change was only for one of the groups, not the entire club.

4.              Lou introduced Bob, the new GSR for the Sunrise Group 

V.             Committee Reports

A.             Picnic Report – Rick

1.              No report, have everything ready to hand off.

B.              Workshops – N/A

C.              Archives – Jake

1.              This month able to go down to new central office and check out archives room – great spot, very organized. New incoming archivist will be Ronnie. New central office looks awesome. Screen, speakers, chairs spread out.

2.              How To Survive a Pandemic Survival Guide – thank you to groups that submitted forms so far, please do if you haven’t.

D.             H&I – Lou

1.              Not able to attend last meeting, no report, not much going on currently at the moment with covid anyway

E.              Grapevine – Colleen

1.              Nothing new to report. Check out ePub app to get digital version of the Grapevine. $1.99 per issue or $19.99 for the year.

F.              Hotline – Janey

1.              Hotline can always use volunteers so please promote the hotline amongst your groups. If you are interested, please let Janey know or put it in the chat.

G.             PI/CPC – Janey

1.              Pursuing television stations to use AA PSA’s to carry message to suffering alcohilics. Also, lots of “think-tanking” going on to come up with more ideas and ways to be able to spread message.

H.             Intergroup – Caroline

1.              Intergroup met on Monday, December 14, 20 at 6 pm via zoom: 

2.               Zoom ID 740 683 911   Password 141612

3.              Central Office has openings for people to answer the hotline phone at Central Office on Monday and Friday from 8 – noon, and Tuesday from 8-12 and 12-4.  Central Office is back to using the 702-598-1888 number exclusively.

4.              As you can see from the attached Treasurer’s Report, Central Office had a net gain of over $8,000 in November.  Thank you!

5.              The Board of Directors postponed the December forum and open house at Central Office due to covid.  Leslie is retiring at the end of December and the Board hopes to have a new Office Manager in place soon.  Two new members were elected to the Board:  Claudia B and Ralph W.  The new zoom / hybrid AV system is installed and should be up and running by the end of this week.

6.              The Hotline reported that all shifts are filled – at the moment – but hotline and 12 step volunteers are always needed.  You can sign up on the Central Office website:  www.LVCentralOffice.org

7.              H&I had its elections and most positions were filled.  They are conducting 2 zoom and 3 in-person panels.

8.              Public Information would like to know if you see any empty AA literature racks so it can fill them.

9.              Robin is the new Cooperation with the Professional Community Chair.

10.           The Unity Committee is looking for a Chair.

11.           The Silver Streak Editor would love to have Traditions articles.  Or any articles.  You can submit them to LVSilverStreak@gmail.com

12.           Meetings to Go needs a Chair.  They hosted a panel at the Roundup and are making calls to sober AA members in nursing homes and other places where they can’t get out or zoom to meetings.  

13.           The first Founders’ Day meeting is scheduled for January 4th @ 6pm.  Watch for zoom information in the Silver Streak.

14.           LVYPAA is alive and well.  They have a website and email address.  www.LVYPAA.org        LVYPAA.NV@gmail.com

15.           There was much discussion about creating a 1 page, double sided, meeting schedule – not to replace the current schedule, but to create a simple one that H&I can hand out at their panels.  They will prepare a draft and bring it to the January Intergroup meeting.

16.           The End of the Month Speaker Meeting is re-starting at Central Office on January 31st.

17.           Choices is hosting Christmas and New Years Alcathons at 4343 North Rancho, Suite 240.

VI.            Traditions & Concepts

A.             Diana gave Concept 12 Summary.

B.              Colleen gave Tradition 12 Summary.

VII.          Old Business

A.             N/A

VIII.         New Business

1.              Panel 70 Elections (graciously lead by Marita)

a)              DCM – Marty B.

b)              Alternate DCM – Matt M. (via volunteer post meeting)

c)              Secretary – Colleen D.

d)              Alternate Secretary – Carol H.

e)              Treasurer – Louis

f)               Alternate Treasurer – Janey

g)              Picnic Chair – Claudia

h)              Picnic Co-chair – Danella

i)               Workshop Chair – TBD

j)               Archivist – Diana M

k)              Intergroup Liaison – Danella

l)               H&I Liaison – Kevin L

m)            PI/CPC Liaison – TBD

n)              Accessibilities Liaison – TBD

o)              Grapevine Liaison – Janey

p)              Holtine Liaison – TBD

IX.            Motion to Close

A.             Closed meeting at 11:46am