I.               Introductions & Formaities

A.             Meeting held via Zoom to due shelter-in-place orders / covid-19

B.              Serenity Prayer

C.              GSR Pledge 

II.              Minutes

A.             Emailed prior to meeting. Motion to approve minutes as is made and carried. 

III.            Treasury, DCM, ADCM Reports

A.             Treasury Report (Marty)

1.              See treasury report above

2.              Visited the PO box twice in March. One check received from Beer Thirty. Started month with $2,051.76, received $427.46 in contributions, had expenses of $356.56, and ended with a balance of $2,122.66.

3.              As always, we had donuts commitment for the roundtables. We received contributions from Sunsrise Group and Hugs Group, 12 AA Principles, and Wednesday Women’s Big Book Study. PRAASA DCM expenses listed in report detail, we have a very frugal DCM.

4.              Some discussion about how groups can submit contrinutions during lockdown. Several different ways to do it.

B.              DCM Report (Libby)

1.              The Regional Forum has been cancelled for this year. GSO officially announced that they will not be holding any of the regional forums this year.

2.              As far as meetings go, the LV central office. (www.lvcentraloffice.org) has a list of meetings and zoom meetings posted on the website. The list Libby saw has mostly the meetings that are daily. Libby will send a list of zoom meetings we have for the district She will send to Rick for distribution to the district and GSR can distribute to groups if needed.

C.              ADCM Report (Diana) 

1.              Just translated letter from Rhonda concerning the forum, this will be sent out to the DCM’s soon for distribution to the GSR’s and district.

2.              Reminder to everyone that you can go to www.lvcentraloffice.org they can sign up for the Silver Streak which is publishing once per week.

IV.            Intros and Group reports around the room

A.             John, nothing to report

B.              Tony, Sickos Group, holding zoom meeting on Thursdays, all good, nothing else to report.

C.              Amy & Chyna, GSR and Alt GSR for Newcomer’s Rock, still doing home groups meeting via Zoom every Sunday night at 8:15pm, group all good.

D.             Bruce, nothing to report, other than waiting to be free again.

E.              Carol, GSR for Friday Women’s Rock Solid meeting, meeting doing great, doing Zoom meetings, nothing else to report.

F.              Caroline, Intergroup Rep, nothing to report other than Intergroup report.

G.             Christine, GSR for Wedenesday Women’s Big Book Study, currently doing zoom meeting, everything going well with group, FYI, Meeting Space on Rainbow is currently still operating and practicing social distancing measures.

H.             Colleen, Grapevine Liaison, othern that that nothing to report.

I.               Jake, Alt Area Chair & Archive Liaison, if you were at PRASSA you saw me in a suit and tie and today you see me in a district meeting in my pajamas, just wants to thank everybody for being here today, great to have this attendance when things have changed so fast in these times and with this quarantine. Thank you all for participating in my sobriety and having all of these zoom meeting and resources available during the lockdown is amazing.

J.               Jennifer GSR, beer 30 at gvg in Henderson which meets every day at 5:30 except for Wednesday, currently meeting via Zoom and los in person via small groups, currently not collecting 7thtradition but will bring up in next business meeting.

K.              Lou, GSR, 7am sunrise group at gvg, like Jennifernoted, there is a small group of people still meeting in person and they also have a zoom meeting set up which is what Lou has been attending. This morning’s zoom group had 40 people in attendance, Also the H&I rep.

L.              Paul, GSR for Lost & Found, group is currently running via Zoom Mon-Fri, weekend meetings cancelled fo now, other than that, all good.

M.            Janey, meeting currently on Zoom for Friday night 12 & 12 study, hasn’t been taking in contrinutions, but since she did not attend Tonopah, group has additional funds that may be distributed and help cover rent.

N.             Kevin, GSR for searchlight, normal Wdnesday night meeting now meeting via Zoom at noon and the Friday meeting is now being held via Zoom at 7pm, other than that, all ok.

O.             Greg, GSR for 7:30pm at 51 Club. Last meeting attended on 15th of February but as he understands it they are not meeting Sunday night but that 51 club is open for some small meetings, currently no zoom meetings for 51 club.

P.              Marty, GSR for Boulder City Group, still allowed to meet in church following certain protocols, but with attendance down, and repsect to being responsible, face to face meetings have been suspended.

Q.             Diana, GSR for Steps to Freedom, homegroup does have zoom meeting on Thursdays at 7pm, attended PRASSA and had a great time, also attended virtual area assembly and it was handled very well, called special business meeting with homegroup prior to lockdown and during that able to get group conscience and submit the survey to Rhinda, noted that contributions can still be sent to contral office.

V.             Committee Reports

A.             Picnic Report – Rick

1.              No report, will reach out to Christine before next meeting and start to put something together.

B.              Workshops – Kristy

a)              Not in attendance, Libby noted that April workshop has been cancelled.

C.              Archives – Jake

1.              No report, other than had a great time at PRASSA and got some great info; also working on getting a digital District One Archives section set up on our website. FYI, SAGSC meeting may be held via Zoom, also the Round Up has been cancelled.

D.             H&I – Lou

1.              Only thing to report is that all panels are on hold until further notice and there is a business meeting on April 24th that he will be attending and report on that at next business meeting.

E.              Grapevine – (Colleen)

1.              I had contacted the District 42 Grapevine Chair to invite her to the workshop that was to be held April 18 and to the picnic to be held in the fall.  She said she would be delighted to attend.  I registered as a Grapevine Representative on the Grapevine website and received a variety of materials about the magazine.  Some interesting facts about the Grapevine:

a)              It is entirely self-supporting through the sale of the magazine and related items.  

b)              It is conference approved.

c)              Each issue contains 18-20 stories written by members of AA who come from all walks of life and every generation and geographic area.

2.              At this time the Grapevine is allowing FREE access to its 2020 issues. Go to aagrapevine.org. The magazines are on that page.  

3.              The following items regarding the Grapevine are Conference agenda items:

a)              Members are asked to consider the list of suggested AA Grapevine book topics for 2021 and later. (They were to choose 3 out of 10 suggestions).

b)              Members are asked to consider the list of suggested AA Grapevine book topics for 2021 for LaVina (There were to choose 3 out of 5 suggestions).

c)              Members are asked to consider a request to develop an AA Grapevine pamphlet on how the AA Grapevine can be utilized to carry the AA message.

d)              Members are asked to cconsider a request to change name of the General Service Conference Committee on Grapevine to the General Service Conference Committee on Grapevine and LaVina.

4.              Background material was presented at the Assembly and members were able to comment.  A survey was also sent to the members.  Rhonda will compile the responses and take the Area vote to the General Service Conference which will be held virtually.

5.              .

F.              Hotline – Janie

1.              Volunteers are desperately needed, it’s a very easy way to do service.

G.             PI/CPC – Janie

1.              A virtual meeting was held on strategizing on how to keep public information going and keeping the professional cimmunity informed.

H.             Intergroup – Caroline

1.              Intergroup met in person on March 9th 2020. Because of the virus, a lot of what transpired at that meeting is no longer relevant. All events have been cancelled.

2.              As of April 1st, central office is no longer accepting donations for h&i or CPC and PI. Since all of the CPC and PI events have been cancelled due to the virus, those committees request that donations be sent to central office, the southern area, and GSO. H&I donations can be mailed to 3870 East Flamingo Road box A2-405 Las Vegas Nevada 89121.  H&i panels have also been cancelled because of the virus.

3.              The board president announced that central office is looking for a new location that is centrally located. They have 6 months left on their lease at the current address. It was announced during today’s District 1 meeting that the board has signed an additional six month lease to stay in the current location.

4.              As far as I know, Founders’ Day is still scheduled for June 13th.

5.              The hotline desperately needs volunteers. With the closing of central office, the hotline has picked up all of the daytime shifts. These shifts are very easy. They are from 8 to 12 and from 12 to 4. You do not have to take a permanent shift, you can volunteer to fill in as needed or take a temporary shift. The hotline is a wonderful way to be of service. The other day I took a shift and my first call was a woman who was realizing she had a problem with alcohol and wanted help. I was able to connect her with several of my AA girlfriends.

6.              We also learned in the meeting that the Las Vegas Round Up And The Forum have both been cancelled.

7.              The best source for information about local AA is the Silver Streak. You can get a FREE subscription on our website at LVcentraloffice.Org. The subscription form is on the homepage. Scroll down. It is on the right. Dave, our editor, is now doing a weekly silverstreak update that contains all of the zoom, telephone, and other internet meetings that central office is aware of. Please let central office know of any meetings you are aware of, regardless of the format.

a)              Another good source of information on zoom meetings, remote meetings, and other topics related to AA during lockdown is: www.aasfmarin.org.

8.              The next Intergroup meeting is on April 13th at 6 p.m. It is a zoom meeting. The code is 740 683 911

VI.            Traditions & Concepts

A.             Diana gave Concept 3 Summary

B.              Christine Gave Tradition 3 Summary

C.              Janey will give Tradition 4 Summary .

VII.          Old Business

A.             None.

VIII.         New Business

A.             None. 

IX.            Motion to Close

A.             Closed meeting at 11:54 pm