I. Introductions & Formaities
A. Before start Libby passed out flyers for various upcoming events
B. Serenity Prayer
C. GSR Pledge
II. Minutes
A. Minutes approved & accepted
III. Treasury, DCM, ADCM & Group Reports
A. Treasury Report

  1. Marty ran thru his printed report line by line
    a) discussion about picnic breakdown ensued
  2. Marty asked if he needed to snail mail receipts, or if email and in person were fine
    a) consensus of the room was email, and in person were fine
    B. DCM Report
  3. Everyone did a great dob at the picnic
  4. Pacific Reginal 8/21/20-8/23/20, volunteers will be needed
  5. volunteers needed for round up tables (grapevine/picpc)
  6. Our Great Responsibility book is out, and we all should have one-passed out the flyer
  7. Prasa is in Tucsan-Passed out postcard reminders
    C. ADCM Report
  8. Nothing to report that Libby didn’t cover
    D. Intros and Group reports around the room
  9. Marty – good
  10. Lou – good, contributions strong
  11. Kevin – New meeting in searchlight
  12. Chirs – Good, attendance down, but not worried
  13. Diana – Good
  14. Christine – Good
  15. Kristy – Good
  16. Janie – Light attendance but good
  17. Caroline – Nothing to report as non group representative
  18. Ralph – “Nothing to add here”
  19. Doug – they have mismatch with new/old Living Sober books, and hard to follow along
  20. Gary – meeting is great
    IV. Committee Reports
    A. Picnic Report – Libby read Rick’s report
  21. Libby said picnic was not meant to be financially successful
    a) Tabled money discussion until next year
    b) Caroline suggested booking the same weekend as Art in Park
    c) Christine suggested not to be same weekend as Wecare Spaghetti Dinner
    d) We book the park a year in advance, couldn’t be helped
    B. Workshops – Kristy
  22. Do we want to participate in the LVYPAA NYE dance?
  23. We will front them the $125 for DJ that we will recoup at the event
    a) Unanimously approved-1 abstention-details to follow
  24. Libby wants to possibly do a 7th Tradition workshop to discuss where the money goes
    a) sometime in the future
    b) someone asked when do we normally do them.
    (1) 3x year whenever we want
  25. Archives – No report
    C. H&I – Lou
  26. Robert said almost everything in his Sagsc report
  27. Need Bilingual people for all facilities
  28. VA has started new 28 day treatment program-want a panel to come in
    a) Kristy asked if anyone would be on a panel
    (1) Doug indicated VA has previously said only Vets may be on panel
    (2) Lou-No stipulations for treatment panel
  29. Kristy asked who we call for corrections correspondence?
    a) call Robert
  30. Caroline indicated H&I balance is over $10K, and should we advise groups to pause contriubutions temporarily?
    a) Marty brought up separate cans/baskets
    (1) Basket splits 5 ways, H&I all goes to H&I
    (a) Educate people about the difference-maybe pass cans separately
    (b) Christine said her group does one basket, and they divide it up with H&I in the pie
    (c) consensus was to be careful, but advise groups so they can decide with knowledge
    (d) Ralph reiterated what everyone else already said
    D. Hotline – Janie
  31. Still need volunteers on the 2020 commitments
  32. Christine said her and Marty signed up for the same month on 2 different lists
    a) Janie will get with them and work it out
    E. PICPC – Janie
  33. Need more volunteers for events
  34. The committee meets 2nd Monday at central office
    F. Intergroup – Caroline
  35. New lvcentraloffice.org website-Old one was “broken”
  36. New Hotline flooring at CO was donated by individual
  37. Board has committees they need people to volunteer for
  38. Accessibility – Ad hoc to discuss sign language committee-no sign meetings in the valley
  39. Gratitude ball will be palace station next year
  40. Rescue Mission meetings have been removed from schedules
    a) No outsiders are allowed so they were removed
    V. Traditions & Concepts
    A. Diana read Tradition 10 long form and summarized
    B. Tradition 11 & 12 to be done in December
    C. Concept 11-Summarized by Doug
    D. Concept 10 & 12 to be done in December
    VI. Old Business
    A. Dist Finance guidelines – Please review by next meeting
    B. Secretary notes hardcopy S/B held and saved for review later if needed
    C. 1728 is still just in discussion phase (12x12x12)
    D. Libby rented a large van to transport people to Mesquite for workshop on 11/16/19
  41. Everyone meet at Fiesta Henderson marquee at 2pm to ride in the van
    VII. New Business
    A. Voting on Finance guidelines in December
  42. again, please review them prior to next meeting
    B. Need new topics for assembly
  43. Please email suggestions to Libby
    VIII. Motion to Close
    A. Closed with Responsibility Pledg