I. Introductions & Formalities
A. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Libby handed out contribution receipts.
B. Meeting officially called to order with citation of the “Serenity Prayer”.
C. Libby skipped the normal reading of the GSR Pledge because Jake just read it in the preceding SAGSC meeting.
D. In Attendance: Janey, Kristy, Caroline, Lou, Diana, Greg, Dean, Libby, Marty, Kevin, Gary, Christine, Libby, Rick.
II. Minutes
A. Motion to approve the minutes from April 6, 2019 made and carried.
III. Treasurer & DCM Report
A. Treasurer’s Report (Marty)
• Started with $1423.17 had $482.33 in contributions and deposits, less expenses of $356.59. There was one more expense for the month not shown here. That check was written at the end of the month and didn’t clear the bank for this month’s reconciliation. This was for Libby’s Tonopah expenses. Ended with balance of $1,557.91 Also, Marty will reimburse himself next month for PO box charge that was charged to his CC. If any questions, let him know.

B. DCM Report
• Libby gave report.
a) Libby picked up copies of where to mail contributions. Will pass around, if you need one take it.
b) Nothing really listed on events sheet until Founders day.
c) Advance Warning PRAASA will be March 6-8, 2020 in Tucson.
d) AA Meetings To Go – flyer passed around. If you need meeting brought to you or someone you know, reach out to them and they will make arrangements, also makes a good volunteer commitment.
e) SWACCYPA is 8/15 – 8/18 at Plaza hotel, pre-registration is open now.
f) Northern Nevada does a newsletter. Libby has copies, she will pass around.
g) Also, does every get quarterly GSO report? Libby will pass copy around.
h) General Service Forum will be in Las Vegas next year – 8/21 – 8/23 This is where GSO from NY comes out to explain everything they do. At the Assembly in September we will probably get a lot more information about the GSF.
i) Libby has GSR survival guide if you need it.
j) Libby made a point to discuss the last workshop we had the first weekend in May. Counting two people who came out to do presentation, we had only 10 people show up. Bad turn out but amazing workshop. We really need help in figuring out how to get people to show up to workshops. Please go back to your groups and try to find out what we can do to get people out and beef up attendance. We need suggestions on how to get more people in attendance.
(1) Caroline suggested that maybe getting other districts involved would help improve attendance. General discussion ensued about announcing workshops, putting out flyers, etc. Most GSR’s in attendance said they do this in all of their meetings. Left subject that we should all go to groups and ask them if they have feedback as a district on sharing information and getting more attendance at workshops.
k) Plan on being here for SAGSC for a while in July because we will be discussing money and will have Rhonda’s delegate report.

C. Alternate DCM
• Diana gave report
a) Not much to report, however, there was a question as the meeting was getting started about the District 21 Picnic – that is going on until 4pm today.
D. Introductions & Group Reports
• A quick round-robin to check in with each person in attendance, including their group, service position, and how everything is going with their group.
a) Marty, district one treasurer and GSR for boulder basic group, healthy attendance last month, meets Monday and Thursday nights at 8pm.
b) Kevin GSR searchlight, all ok.
c) Gary alt GSR for first brew group, group doing well
d) Rick, GSR for daily reflections group at GVG, meetings strong, all good.
e) Greg, GSR for 51 group, meets Sunday evening at 7:30pm, closed meeting, about 12-18 members, group doing ok, but business meetings have very low attendance.
f) Lou, 7am sunrise group every day at GVG, about 60 people in general attendance, all good.
g) Caroline, intergroup liaison, all good
h) Kristy, GSR Monday night smell the roses and greenway church meets at 7pm, attendance is down because lots of snowbirds in group.
i) Christine, picnic co-chair, GSR for women’s group 12:15 on wednesday women’s big book study, group is growing.
j) Janey GSR Friday night stepping out step study group, really needs support, 7pm Friday night church at greenway/horizon, potluck meeting.
k) Daryl, here to plug Meetings to Go, will be at our meeting in June, been a lot of confusion about what they do, they take meetings to people who are homebound, have almost 100 volunteers, service greater las vegas area, averages 2 calls per month, two people who are permanently in facilities that they take meetings to in addition to calls they get, they can always use volunteers and visitors, brought to his attention from bring backs at PRAASA to assist elderly (CEC – cooperation or the elderly community) similar that they do to meetings on the go, maybe something the area should consider adopting. Can contact Daryl thru central office and on lvcentraloffice.org.
l) Diana, GSR for steps to freedom group, everything going well, groups and business meetings well attended.
m) Dean GSR for hugs meets at 51 club, 22 meetings there, 7 people at business meeting, trying to get more people involved in business meetings and service, but in general everything ok.
IV. Committee Reports:
A. Picnic
• Rick gave report
a) Found 3-in-1 bouncy house for $190; Insurance should be $250 – $275. We are at point where we should make decision and reserve them if we are going to do it. Asked for group to approve/vote on spending the money – up to $465 total for bouncy houses and insurance.
b) Motion made and approved to spend up to $465 (275 + 190).
c) Thinking of doing carnival theme with games, going with DJ over band so DJ can announce/organize games/events, face painting, catch the pinata, recovery bingo, etc.…. Christine and I will be having meeting this coming Saturday to finalize thoughts for this, confirm to group, and get flyer made.
B. Workshops
• Irene gave report.
a) At Tonopah Joan stepped down and Irene agreed to take position. She did talk to district 3 about doing joint workshop possibly in mesquite, something for us to consider, no time or date set yet. Jason (district 3 DCM) will get back to Libby and we will schedule.
C. Archives
• Jake – not in attendance, no report.
D. H&I
• Bob – not in attendance, no report.
E. Grapevine
• Dean gave report.
a) Grapevine is willing to go to any event – contact him or April to make arrangements. He has grapevines if we want them, let him or April know if you need us, April is very anxious to help.

F. Hotline
• Janey gave report.
a) All shifts currently filled, volunteers always needed, if you are interested please let Janey know. Brought signup sheet for monthly hotline commitment – we need August and October filled. Also, if anyone wants to put name down on 12 step call list, let Janey know
• Diana gave report.
a) We heard reports during SAGSC meeting, PICPC has something special coming up in June. GSO coordinator contacted us about, we need volunteers to staff an event. 6/23 – 6/25. Passed out flyer.
H. Intergroup
• Caroline gave report.
a) Passed out copy of report.
b) Intergroup is no longer supporting standing committees, due to current financial status of Central Office.
c) Meeting schedules will now cost $1 starting on June 1st.
d) Central Office financial situation is still very serious. Contributions are needed.
e) Founder’s Day will be held on June 8th from 7-7 at Christ Episcopal on Maryland Parkway. Rhonda W is the morning speaker and Keith G is the afternoon speaker. Breakfast and lunch will be served.
f) H&I is holding a workshop on July 27th at the Stairway Club featuring a treatment center administrator.
g) SWACYPAA Olympics are coming May 25th from 11-3. Conference to be held August 15-18th at the Plaza. Contact Becca 702-688-0269.
h) Spanish AA Convention June 28th – 30th in Reno
i) Men’s Night Out event – 120 attended and $1600 donated to Central Office
j) Service Festival at TIE Club on Feb 24th from 1-3pm.
k) Ann, our area registrar, is happy to publish your group flyers, send them her way, JPG is the preferred format.
I. Accessibilities (Diana):
• Diana gave report.
a) Pretty much covered already.

J. Finance (Marty)
• Marty gave report.
a) Had first meeting recently for the finance committee with Marty, Libby & Lou. It was a great meeting and started working on rough draft of guidelines and budget. Will continue to meet to get it all done. If all goes according to plan, will be presenting draft at June meeting in boulder city.
V. Traditions & Concepts
• Diana gave tradition 5 summary.
• Marty gave concept 5 summary
• Caroline will do concept 6 at our next district meeting.
VI. Old Business:
A. None

VII. New Business:
A. Steve is currently out alt treasurer. He has life stuff happening and hasn’t been able to be involved in that commitment. As a result of our finance guidelines, we should have someone else if Steve cannot fill his position and wants to give it up, so new business is that Steve (after conversation with Marty) is stepping down and Lou will volunteer to be alt treasurer
• Motion made carried and passed to vote in Lou as our alt treasurer.
B. Collected $24 in 7th tradition
C. Our next meeting will be June 9th in Boulder City.
VIII. Motion to close made, seconded, and carried
A. Closed with responsibility pledge & meeting ended at 4:20 pm