I. Introductions & Formalities
A. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Libby handed out contribution receipts.
B. Meeting officially called to order with citation of the “Serenity Prayer”.
C. Libby read the GSR Preamble.
D. In Attendance: Gary, Sherri, Janey, Kristy, Diana, Doug, Caroline, Greg, Kevin, Lou, Bob, Christine, Libby, Rick.
II. Minutes
A. Motion to approve the minutes from May 9, 2019 made and carried.
III. Treasurer & DCM Report
A. Treasurer’s Report (Marty)
Lou reporting for Marty (not here). The only contributions this month were in cash from Weds Women’s BB study and our 7th tradition collection at the TIE club. There were no checks in the PO box. The cash was not deposited as of this report, but will be reflected in next months. Expenses were left over from the Assembly and the workshop. I will reconcile everything in the June report.

B. DCM Report
• Libby gave report.
a) There was an email sent Friday about Julian passing. Julian was a past Nevada delegate and trustee, he was big part of AA service over the years, he will be missed, found out yesterday that there will be a celebration of life 6/23/19 2-4pm at the Triangle Club. Please mention at your meetings
b) PRAASA will be in Tucson, AZ in March 2020. At PRAASA you learn everything you could possibly learn about AA. Absolutely go if you can.
c) In August next year Las Vegas will be hosting the Pacific Regional Forum. This is where General Service from NY comes out. It is super educational.
d) Passed around the Meetings to Go flyer. This is for people stuck at home that can’t make it out for meetings. This is a great service for them. Please spread the word.
e) Grapevine stories – the Grapevine is asking for stories
(1) Submit stories about your spiritual awakening by July 20th
(2) Submit stories about tough times in sobriety by 8/20
f) That’s pretty much it other than if you need me to come to your group to discuss anything, I would love to come for whatever you need. Always open to suggestions.
C. Alternate DCM
• Diana gave report
a) Just want to add to info about Julian’s celebration of life. Have a flyer if anyone needs it. Flyer says please bring a dish to share. She can text flyer if anyone needs it.
D. Introductions & Group Reports
• A quick round-robin to check in with each person in attendance, including their group, service position, and how everything is going with their group.
a) Rick, gsr, daily refelctions group at gvg, meets at 10am every day except for Saturday, all good.
b) Gary, alt gsr for first brew group at meeting place, all good.
c) Sheri, gsr, rock solid at 10am women’s meeting, they have an open intergoup position but other than that meeting is strong.
d) Janey, gsr for the Friday night stepping out study group, district one hotline liaison, our group could use support. Meet Friday night at community church on horizon and greenway, meeting is potluck 7-8pm, step study.
e) Kristy, gsr for Monday night smell the roses 7pm at community church on greenway/horizon, all as usual.
f) Diana, gsr for steps to freedom, also on intergroup board of directors, and becoming translator for area 42, group all good.
g) Doug, gsr for first brew group, they are losing a couple of members in business meeting, Gary will be new biz meeting chair, also some complaints about one of their homeless/dirty members, they confronted him on this, as a result, he has cleaned up a little bit. There is another guy that is in a similar situation, but because he splits his time between Vegas and Seattle and is getting ready to head back to Seattle, group decided not to confront himOther than that could use support, but doing ok in general.
h) Caroline, member in good standing and intergroup liaison, life good.
i) Greg, gsr for 7:30pm sunday night closed meeting at 51 club, 16-18 people in group, need support especially at business meetings, only 3-4 people at business meeting, not sure how much longer they can support gsr position.
j) Kevin, gsr for searchlight meeting, meeting in good shape.
k) Lou, alt treasurer for the district, and gsr for the sunrise group at gvg, meets 7am every day, 60 people every day, great group but not much interest in service.
l) Bob, gsr for Thursday night sickos at community church, also H&I rep for district one. Has been absent from H&I and home group lately because of other commitments, but looking forward to getting back on track and also getting an alt gsr for his homegroup,
m) Christine, gsr, closed women’s big book study meeting, also picnic co-chair, meeting is growing, they do need an H&I rep, this month voting to decide whether or not to contribute to H&I, made a non-aa announcement about Women in Recovery in October, she has flyers and will leave for the group and wanted to see if she can get on central office website.
IV. Committee Reports:
A. Picnic
• Rick gave report
a) Christine and I met last week and here is what we have proposed for the picnic.
(1) Same spot as always, 12-4pm for the picnic, October 12th, the 2nd Saturday
(2) Speaker meeting at 2pm
(3) Going with District One Fellowship Carnival as the name of the event this year
(4) Food as usual – hot dogs, hamburgers, potluck
(5) Photo booth, bouncy house, face painting, football toss, bean bag toss, set up around and throughout the day.
(6) Dunk the Drunk tank with sponsors, DCM’s, people from different districts around the area to help get more attendance from the entire area.
(7) Caroline suggested I talk to SWACYPAA to get them involved especially since they just cancelled their Olympics.
(8) Once we have flyer done, get it Diana so she can translate for our Spanish speaking members
(9) Timed Events
(a) 12pm – Donut on a string
(b) 12:30pm – Balloon Stomp (or relay race)
(c) 1pm – Sobriety Bingo (inside)
(d) 1:30pm – Water balloon dodge ball
(e) 2pm – Speaker meeting
(f) 3pm – YPAA sobriety countdown
(g) 3:30pm – Human pinata.
(10) Had some discussion about whether or not we should have a raffle. Previous issues because of outside addictions and people running for public office where it was decided against doing a “paid” raffle. It was decided that the group would think about it and make decision later. Maybe we can do a 50/50 raffle.
(11) Discussion about whether we should have Human Pinata after speaker meeting. Libby made great point that usually after speaker meeting is when everyone disappears, so we should consider doing human pinata before speaker meeting or maybe during bingo.
(12) Will need plenty of volunteers.
(13) When we put out flyer, don’t list times, just list all the different events.
B. Workshops
• Irene not in attendance, no report.
C. Archives
• Jake – not in attendance, gave Libby report
a) Archives is going good, more construction and organizing has been done, but intergroup issues will not affect them. They pay rent so their space is safe. Meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9-11am. District 1 archives is underway and hope to have ready to bring to D1 August meeting.
b) Jason DCM from district three (Mesquite, Oatman, Caliente) – they would love to do workshop with us in October or November (probably Nov best). This would help bring support to them but if we do this, very important that we have people actually show up. Maybe we can throw our creative picnic team to help on this as well. Talk to Irene to see if she has good ideas as well.
D. H&I
• Bob – pretty much covered report in the round-robin.
E. Grapevine
• Dean not in attendance, no report, but Libby did mention previously in her report about the Grapevine looking for story submissions.
F. Hotline
• Janey gave report.
a) Have not had hotline meeting since last district meeting, as of last meeting all hotline shifts filled but can always use more support and help, especially back-up/sub volunteer. Let Janey know and she will forward info. Our district/group needs our August commitment covered.
• Diana gave report.
a) Tomorrow is committee meeting, heard all the old info from last meeting after SAGSC, some new – still looking for volunteers to help with human resource conference, this particular conference will be held 6/23 – 6/25 and looking for volunteers to do 2-3 hour shifts, for more info call Stacia at 702-504-4498 or Holly 702-771-6515. This is really great opportunity and will not take a lot of time.
b) Diana is currently our liaison for pi/cpc and accessibilities, but she can’t do these anymore because of her other commitments with translation. Group will need to cover pi/cpc and accessibilities liaison positions.
H. Accessibilities (Diana):
• Diana gave report.
a) Included in her earlier statement.
I. Intergroup
• Caroline gave report.
a) Passed out report from Cynthia with Caroline’s comments added.
b) Intergroup is in financial trouble, any help from the group level is appreciated.
c) Meeting schedules now $1 to help cover some costs.
d) Grapevine has a new book coming out – “Take Me to Your Sponsor.” Supposed to be very good.
e) Founders day was yesterday, pretty good turnout in general, but considering all of us, should have been more there, just don’t know how to get more people involved.
f) This human resource conference is really important, Central Office paid for this booth space.
• Lou asked a question – what committees is intergroup no longer supporting: archives, accessibilities, grapevine, H&I, PI, CPC, accessibilities.
J. Finance (Marty)
• Marty not here, Libby gave report.
a) Met, Marty sent out first draft, the committee will be meeting again to review committee comments after first draft, and hopefully have something to present to the group next month.
V. Traditions & Concepts
• Diana gave tradition 6 summary.
• Caroline gave concept 6 summary
• Lou will do concept 7 at our next district meeting (Libby will do concept 12).
VI. Old Business:
A. Have we been able to identify if we have young people meetings?
• Lost & Found is having one at 7:30pm on Thursdays
• Libby suggested that when Rick speaks to Becca, invite her to stay for next meeting.
• We want to get our young people involved.
• Bob said on central office website, there is “young people” designation. Maybe we can make one sheet listing (not just for our district) to promote young people’s meetings for everyone to hand out. Libby will check Central Office website.
B. Workshop ideas and How we can get people to show up.
• Christine – says she announces.
• Kevin – in California used to have workshops on different steps, feels like workshops we’ve had here have been mostly service based. Kristy thought in past we did series of step workshops.
• Janey – when she first came to program, people would talk about workshops and she would think it was too much, and when she finally did show up it was so much different than what she thought. Thinks the word “workshop” turns people off
• Bob – last year did Christmas pageant and that was fun but did have AA message.
• Keri – in previous district used to have workshops done by different groups
• Diana – loves workshops, has a suggestion – knows some people that put successful workshops together but they are from out of state. Thinks having out of state person might be more attractive to people. Another presenter she has seen summarized the traditions for 20 minutes, then opened up for ask it basket. Also has notes from presenters on different topics we can review to get ideas. Focusing on group participation can help to increase long term attendance.
• Kristy – las year at river round up at Laughlin, had speaker that came for free, that gave presentation as “Bill W’s last speech”. She can contact them to get details. It was amazing.
• Please take this back to your groups again – what do they want? What would they show up for? Get some workshop ideas from them. Do they even want workshops?
VII. New Business:
A. Need PI/CPC & Accessibilities liaisons.
• We will continue that search…
B. Our next meeting will be July 14th at the TIE Club following SAGSC Meeting.
VIII. Motion to close made, seconded, and carried
A. Closed with responsibility pledge & meeting ended at 4:01 pm