I.         Introductions & Formalities

A.              While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Libby handed out contributions receipts.

B.              Meeting officially called to order with citation of the “Serenity Prayer”.

C.              Libby read the GSR Preamble.

D.              In Attendance: Jake, Paul, Sherri, Janey, Kristy, Diana, Kevin, Marty, Joan, Caroline, Libby, Greg, Chris, Louis, Christine, Dean, Rick.

II.       Minutes

A.              Rick noted that it the January minutes, based on wise input from a much more experienced member, the use of the word “donation” in Section IV(c) of the minutes previously distributed via email, has been amended to “contribution”. Rick thanked the group for their support and patience as he continues to learn about service and to please be sure to point out these types of things where appropriate.  

B.              It was also noted that the January minutes were missing two items that are usually included: (1) meeting attendee names, and (2) District one PO Box missing from footer block.

C.              Motion to approve the minutes as amended in A & B above, made, seconded, and carried.

III.      Treasurer & DCM Report

A.              Treasurer’s Report (Marty)

·      Marty wasn’t able to check the box in January, so there is no ledger report for January. His apologies. Beginning balance of $1,755.05. No contributions to report. Expenses of $80.00 (PRAASA). Ending balance of $1,675.05


B.              DCM Report

·      Libby gave her report.

·      She received her DCM packet and during the 1stweekend in March she will be going to PRAASA in Irvine, CA. At PRAASA, she looks forward to a solid weekend of different workshops about different service positions, ways to improve, how different areas to things differently, etc. and coming back to us with lots of inspiration and ideas for us and our district. FYI, DCM PRAASA attendance is sponsored by the district.

·      She also signed up to help with the Conference Agenda Items for the Area 42 Assembly. She was assigned: Reports & Charters committee. There will be a meeting to present and go over round-tables about the different committees. This meeting will be at 1:30pm on Saturday, March 16that the TIE Club. Anyone can attend this meeting.

a)            Dean asked about roundtables and how the meeting will work. Libby reiterated it is open to all.  There will be handouts from the different committees and each committee will speak on their topic. Six (6) topics will be addresses at the March 16thTIE Club meeting.

C.              Alternate DCM

·      Diana gave her report for Alternate DCM.

·      Diana noted that she will be attending PRAASA as well. She has new literature. Some AA pamphlets including, “AA For Alcoholics with Mental Issues and their Sponsors” and “The God Word”. Please check them out and spread the word. Diana also had copies of the Chili Cook-off Flyer hand out. Please take and distribute to your groups.

a)             Lou mentioned that as part of his work, he designs flyers, so he would be happy to assist with that going forward.

b)            Libby mentioned that we do have district guidelines, which are posted and give full descriptions of our job responsibilities.

D.              Introductions & Group Reports

·      A quick round-robin to check in with each person in attendance, including their group, service position, and how everything is going with their group.

a)            Paul, GSR for Lost & Found Group, all good

b)            Sherri, GSR for the Rock Solid Group, all good

c)             Janey, GSR for the Friday Night Stepping Out Step Study Group, group could use some support, group meets Friday nights at 7pm at the Community Church of Henderson at 360 E Horizon

d)            Kristy, GSR Monday Night Smell the Roses Group, everything is A-OK.

e)             Diana, GSR for the Steps to Freedom Thursday night 7pm meeting, all is ok.

f)              Kevin, GSR for Searchlight, all good with group. He is on committee for 2ndAnnual Men’s Night Out event. It is a stag banquet & central office fundraiser. Last year they raised $1300. This year Charlie Hill will be speaking, please pass out flyers!!

g)            Jake, Archives Liaison for District One, all good

h)            Caroline, Intergroup Liaison for District One, all good

i)              Joan, Workshop Chair, all good

j)              Marty, GSR for the Boulder Basic Group and District One Treasurer, all good.

k)             Greg, GSR for the Sunday Night Closed Meeting at the 51 club at 7:30pm, all good 

l)              Chris, GSR for the Tuesday Night GVG Robindale and District One Alt Secretary, all good

m)           Lou, GSR for the Sunrise Group at GVG which meets every day at 7am.

n)            Christine, GSR for the Wednesday Women’s Big Book Study Group, District One Alt Picnic Chair

o)            Dean, GSR for the Hugs at 51 Club, all ok

p)            Rick, GSR for the Daily Reflections Group at GVG which meets every day except for Saturday at 10am. District One Secretary and Picnic Chair, all good.

IV.      Committee Reports:

A.              Picnic

·      Rick gave report

·      Rick confirmed with April, Grapevine chair, that we will have the Grapevine represented at the picnic. We need to provide table, they will bring set up Jake mentioned he already spoke with Archives chair and we are set to have Archives represented as well. 

·      Rick had lots of questions for group regarding budget, activities, theme, DJ vs band…  Libby and group noted that there is a “book” that has all of the standard picnic information. Rick needs to get that book (and supplies from Kerri) and get back to the group with suggestions on themes, activities to discuss options and potential conflicts. One of Rick’s suggestions/questions was whether or not we would be breaking tradition if we could get activities “contributed” to leave money in budget to address insurance issue – this will need to be researched and discussed further.

·      Caroline brought up the event date and how it used to coincide with Art In The Park. Libby noted that the date has already been confirmed with the park for 2019 but we could discuss that later in the year if we want to consider moving the date for 2020.

·      Caroline expressed interest in helping with the Picnic. Get with her and Christine to really get the planning going. Lou again mentioned he could help with flyers.

B.              Workshops

·      Joan gave report

·      Our first workshop will be May 4that the GVG Club from 2-4pm. Workshop topic will be: “When Anyone Anywhere Reaches Out for Help – A 12thStep Call Workshop. Please spread the word to your groups that we are looking for ideas and scenarios for “12thstep call role play.”  If anyone has any suggestions, please funnel them to Joan thru GSR’s. Flyer to follow.

·      Libby made a request that this year we try to have one workshop of the year on a Sunday, instead of the traditional Saturday, to try and accommodate people who work Saturdays.

C.              Archives

·      Jake gave report

·      Archives is doing very well. Technically the chair of the Archives Committee is Lyle. Gabe is Alternate Chair, but the work Gabe has contributed to the Archives has been amazing. The Archives has received contributions lately which has helped complete some needed work.  The Archives is currently working on moving tape storage to digital media. There is lots of really cool stuff on the tapes – working thru all that.

·      The Archives is still looking for contributions of more grapevines for the years 2016 – 2018.

·      Jake is also going to PRAASA, he will be doing working with two different roundtables – Chair and Archives.

·      Libby has passed on the District One group’s archive history to Jake and also gave the suggested form from last meeting – “Group History” to Jake so we can start distributing and using that. 

·      Jake mentioned that if you are going to have an event for your group, please send a flyer to the Archives – just be sure to include date and year with your flyer submission.

·      Jake had a handout for the group as part of his mission to share something cool with us from the Archives.  The handout was a reprinting of the first page of the timeline from the history of aa that can be found on aa.org. It has a clickable history of AA.

a)            Diana asked the District One history was kept. Jake answered that one copy is kept with us at the District and one is kept with the Archives.

D.              H&I

·      Greg gave report for Bob (not in attendance)

·      Grapevine recently found its bylaws which need to be updated. They are  forming a committee to review and update the bylaws. They will keep us advised on the progress of this. 

·      It was noted that anyone can volunteer for H&I. Be sure to share H&I info at the group level so both groups and individuals can participate if they want to.

E.               Grapevine

·      Dean gave report

·      April is new grapevine chair. She is excited about her new position and wants to give everyone support for their events. If you need anything, feel free to contact her.  The next Grapevine meeting is February 22ndat 6pm at Central Office. There have been no workshops scheduled yet that he knows of.

F.               Hotline

·      Janey gave report.

·      Attended first meeting last month. Janey has 12 step packets for anyone that is taking a shift on the hotline. Take a packet if you’re signed up – it has all information needed to cover your hotline shift. 

·      She also brought the sign-up sheet for anyone to be on 12 Step List.  If you can do calls and rides.

·      Janey also passed around the District One Hotline Commitment Sheet.  Please check that list. If you previously signed up, you have been assigned a month to cover. Please check the list for your slot/shift and get with Janey on any questions you have.  We still need August thru October covered.

·      Also, the hotline as a whole still needs the 5thSunday of the Month covered. If you know of anyone that is interested, contact Janey or the hotline directly. If interested in hotline see Janey after the meeting. 

G.              PI/CPC

·      Diana gave report.

·      PI & CPC constantly work to establish good working relationship between AA members and the business community. PI & CPC work in tandem with the Accessibilities Committee. They meet the 2ndMonday of the month at 4:30pm at Central Office.

·      Events are coming up and the committee needs volunteers and Spanish speakers to get on their volunteer list. See Diana after the meeting if interested.

H.              Intergroup

·      Caroline gave report.

·      Same issue in that Intergroup meets the second Monday of every month so reports are always a month behind our GSR meeting.  Didn’t attend January, but has unapproved meeting minutes for info and reference. Intergroup is more of a local service arm – it’s driving purpose being sharing of information – events, picnics, meeting places opening and closing, etc.

·      Some website stats – In the past 3 months there have been over 5,00F hits on the website with over 1,000 schedules printed from the website.

·      Founders Day will be on June 8th. Founders Day Committee currently needs volunteers to run raffle, promotions, volunteer coordinator, and marathon meetings.

·      The Area Assembly will be held in Tonopah, NV April 5th– 7th.

·      PRAASA will be held in Irvine, CA March 1st– 3rd.

·      The annual Las Vegas Intergroup and Area 42 Service Festival will be at the TIE Club from 1-3pm on February 24th.

·      The AA General Service Conference will be held in New York, NY From may19th – May 25th.

·      As everyone may or may not know, Jack F. passed away recently.  There will be a celebration of life for Jack this coming Saturday, 2/16 at the TIE Club  from 1-3pm.

·      Stephen is the new Chair for the Bridging the Gap Committee.  Caroline has his phone number if anyone needs it.

·      For the month of December, Spanish Central Office received 197 English calls and 20 Spanish calls.

·      The Spanish AA Convention will be held in Reno, NV June 28th– 30th

I.                Accessibilities (Diana): 

·      Refer to Diana’s PI/CPC report

V.       Traditions & Concepts 


·      Diana gave tradition 2 summary

·      Janey gave concept 2 summary

·      Kristy will do concept 3 next week.

VI.      Old Business: 

A.              Chili Cook Off

·      We have flyers, please grab some, hand them out

a)            We have location, church, and time all situated and confirmed. We need volunteers for set-up, help tearing down, trophy, etc.

b)            There was discussion that we should have some kind of service component; and that we could have a speaker and also invite Archives to explain how the Area and SAGSC were formed, how SAGSC works, etc…

c)             Discussed potential judges:

(1)           Claudia B.
(2)           Jake suggested we get judges from other districts, and then it was suggested we could as Rhonda as our Delegate.
(3)           Also suggested that we invite someone from District 21 (Spanish) and District 7. FYI, Samuel is DCM for District 21.

d)            Libby also needs power strips to use for the cook-off – looking for people to volunteer them

e)             Also need mop/bucket/cleaning – Kristy will be in charge of.

f)              Libby made motion to:

(1)           move forward with including service commitment as part of the chili cook-off and having a speaker/presentation on what SAGSC is.
(2)           Motion seconded and carried.

VII.    New Business: 

A.              Joan brought up a point that one thing we never got accomplished during her term as DCM was putting finance guidelines together for the District. We might consider doing this now. After brief discussion, decided that Joan/Marty/Diana – will be committee to work on finance guidelines for the district. Shoot for June to have guidelines ready to review.

B.              Libby noted that we will be adding a Finance Committee Report to the monthly agenda so our new Finance Committee can report on their progress.

C.              As a reminder, we are meeting at Lost and Found in March and our April meeting will be in Tonopah at the Area Assembly.

D.              Libby would like to have either one of the area committees or officers present to our group on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, show up to our District meeting and give a brief five-minute presentation on what they do. If the group is ok with this, Libby suggested we might start with Jake as our Archives Liaison, and then continue with Rhonda (as our delegate), etc… The group was ok with this.

VIII.   Motion to close made, seconded, and carried

A.              Closed with responsibility pledge & meeting ended at 11:45am