I. Introductions & Formalities
A. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Libby handed out contribution receipts.
B. Meeting officially called to order with citation of the “Serenity Prayer”.
C. Libby read the GSR Pledge.
D. In Attendance: Libby, Rick, Lou, Kevin, Christine, Sherri, Janey, Kristy, Greg, Doug, Paul, Chris, Gary, Jake, Kevin, Flynn, Jim, Irene.
II. Minutes
A. Motion to approve the minutes from March 10, 2019 made and carried.
III. Treasurer & DCM Report
A. Treasurer’s Report (Marty)
• We are currently in good standing. We started the month with a balance of $1,545.74. We had contributions of $256.10 and expenses of $364.67, leaving us with a checking account balance of $1,432.17.

B. DCM Report
• Libby gave report.
• Libby was recently invited to attend a group business meeting for the Promises Group because this group did have a few people that had been or are currently involved in general service but had no GSR. So, Libby went to inform the group about general service and the importance of having a GSR. She thinks she “hooked” someone who previously involved in GS to represent the group. If anyone wants Libby to visit their group to talk about GS or know of any group in our district without a GSR, please let her know
• On 4/13 the H&I is having a workshop at TIE Cub from 1:30 – 3:30pm with guest speakers and trying to get people involved in H&I. If you or you know of anyone who is interested, let Libby know. She also has flyers.
• The Pacific Regional Forum is in Las Vegas in 2020. Phil was just elected to be our organizer for this event. The PRF is when the GSO comes out from New York to talk about what they are doing, how money is being internationally, about different GS offices around the globe, printing of big books and literature, and where they travel and try to spread the word of AA in places where AA doesn’t exist. There is no cost to attend. Register online when registration becomes available.
• PRAASA will be in Tucson, AZ next year.
• Did all new GSR’s fill out a registration form and/or receive their new GSR packet? If not, please let Libby know and get your form submitted
• The YPAA groups really seem to be supercharged and involved around the area and we think our district might be a little light on young people. Libby asked if anyone knew of any young peoples’ meetings within our District. The Lost & Found group has young peoples’ meetings on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Maybe we should consider trying to institute an “official” young people’ meeting in our District and getting YPAA involved in that meeting – something for us to consider. We also might want to consider adding a liaison position for YPAA to help encourage involvement. We also want to get YPAA involved in our picnic in October
a) Took group consensus on getting YPAA involved in district, picnic, etc. – everyone in attendance was good with this.
• Libby asked if anyone had any questions about anything going on so far this weekend – no questions.

C. Alternate DCM
• Diana is busy with the translation Committee, so she was not in attendance.
D. Introductions & Group Reports
• A quick round-robin to check in with each person in attendance, including their group, service position, and how everything is going with their group.
a) Jake, archives liaison for district one, you heard reports from Gabe and Lyle today, lots of stuff going on, Lyle, our archivist from the North will be coming back to Vegas after assembly to do some organization on the archives. District one currently has a binder with great information/flyers/etc. but going to break them up and organize them into sections. Also, thought about scanning all these things in once we get them updated, and uploading to district one website as an archives section. Archive meets every Wednesday at central office.
b) Marty, treasurer, gsr boulder basic group, group has been growing. Meet monday and thursday at Grace community church.
c) Lou, gsr, sunrise group, meets at 7 am 7 days a week at Gvg, doing good, gets about 60 people a day, meeting does have young people in attendance.
d) Kevin, gsr, searchlight, some history on searchlight meeting – it was founded in June of 1983. Wed night 8pm home group usually has about 10 people. Group started out of a need in the area. Group has grown and has become a solid meeting.
e) Irene, alt gsr for searchlight, deferred to Kevin’s update.
f) Sherri, gsr, Friday morning 10am rock solid group, group doing well 25-30 people per day
g) Janey, gsr for Friday night steppin out step study group, doing ok but attendance is low, please announce in groups is possible.
h) Greg, gsr, 51 club Sunday night 7:30pm closed meeting, 12-18 people usually in attendance, small group, ok
i) Kristi, gsr, Monday night smell the roses, 25-40 people every week, always looking for new members
j) Chris, gsr, Tuesday night GVG/robindale meeting, all good
k) Paul, gsr, lost & found group, every day at 5pm, all good,
l) Doug, gsr for the first brew group, recently discovered first brew group is registered twice, so working on clearing that up, group could use support, slowly losing members lately, meeting on flamingo next to magoos, please come support, might ask Libby to come to business meeting.
m) Rick, gsr, 10am daily reflections group at GVG, meets Sunday – Friday, all good.
n) Gary, alt gsr for first brew group, all good
o) Ernie, gsr, men’s stag 51 group in Henderson, great group, meets on Friday 6:30-7:30, all good
p) Two guests from district 19 – Flynn & Eric
IV. Committee Reports:
A. Picnic
• Rick gave report
• Thinking about doing some kind of carnival theme tied into AA. Found a bunch of DIY games and things we can do. Also looked into bouncy houses and insurance. Can get event insurance for about $200. In previous years when we had bouncy houses, we spent about $400 on them. If can get bouncy house and insurance for about the same amount – would group be good with that?
• Marty noted that picnic has basically been a financial wash last several years, so spending a bit more wouldn’t seem to be an issue. Group consensus was agreement on having bouncy houses.
• Libby noted the archives guy used to bring out a big wooden frame like a polaroid or selfie – should see if we can get that again.
B. Workshops
• Joan not in attendance, Libby gave report.
• Joan recently sent an email that she needs to step down from workshop chair after this workshop due to personal schedule. We will need new chair and alt chair for workshops, but 5/4 workshop is covered. (Rick will email flyer to everybody – please put up in your groups and announce).
• We will probably want to do next workshop in August or November and then plan another for next year. Need volunteer for chair or to take over or even just one.
a) Irene volunteered to be workshop chair. Group thankful.
C. Archives
• Jake gave report (essentially gave report during introductions and group reports – see section D).
D. H&I
• No report, Bob not in attendance
E. Grapevine
• No report, Dean not in attendance.
F. Hotline
• Janey gave report.
• Attended last meeting. As of that meeting, all shifts have been filled, but the hotline can always use volunteers. If you are interested in putting your name on the waiting list, let Janey know.
• Diana busy with Translation committee, no report given.
H. Intergroup
• Caroline not in attendance, no report.
I. Accessibilities (Diana):
• Diana busy with Translation committee, no report given.

J. Finance (Marty)
• Marty gave report.
• We need to set up a committee with three members. Lou and Irene both volunteered to be on the committee and Libby will help as well. We have set this committee up to address the fact that the district currently has no guidelines for finance/budget. The committee will address this. Marty will schedule a meeting for the committee.
V. Traditions & Concepts
• Libby gave tradition 4 summary (written by Diana)
• Paul gave concept 4 summary
• Marty will do concept 5 next at our next district meeting.
VI. Old Business:
A. Chili Cook Off
• Our district won the people’s choice vote at the chili cook-off, but not the judges vote – to which the group collectively cheered 🙂
VII. New Business:
A. None
B. Our next district meeting will be held on May 19th at the TIE Club directly following the SAGSC meeting. SAGSC Meeting will be 1:15pm – 3pm at the TIE Club (new GSR orientation will be held at 12:15 before the SAGSC meeting starts).
VIII. Motion to close made, seconded, and carried
A. Closed with responsibility pledge & meeting ended at 12:58pm