District 1 Minutes September 15, 2018

District 1 meeting September 15, 2018 in Tonopah, NV. Joan opened the meeting at 12:10 PM with the Serenity Prayer and the GSR Preamble.

 Attendance: Janey, Marty, Mark, Dean, Chris, Rick, Ralph, Diana, Jake, Liz, Gary, Claudia, Caroline, Irene, Ernie, Libby and Joan.

I.              Minutes: The August minutes were approved.

II.             Treasurer’s Report (Marty): Marty presented the Treasurer’s Report below and itemized contributions which are contained in the ledger. He changed the address to the PO Box.

Checking Account Balance as of 8/1/2018 $1,447.70
Contributions/Deposits $313.71  See ledger
Less Expenses $61.69  See statement
Balance of 7/31/2018 $1,699.72
Savings Account Balance as of 7/1/2018 $503.99
Interest Earned $0.02
Balance as of 7/31/2018 $504.01
Balances reconciled with Wells Fargo Account summaries 8/1/2018 – 8/31/2018 (details available on request)

III.           Committee Reports:

A.            Picnic (Kerri):  Absent. Mark reported. He handed out the flyer for this year’s picnic (October 13 from 12-4 at Broadbent Park). He also passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help with the picnic.

B.             Workshops (Open): Kathleen had to step down. Joan described the position and made several suggestions for our last workshop, which will be in November or early December. It was decided that the next workshop will be on Anonymity. Joan asked us all to email her with ideas and offers to help.

C.             Archives (Open): Archives no current Liaison. Joan gave a description of the Archives position and suggested that we bring our sponsees to the next District One meeting in the hope that they will be inspired to step up for open positions.

D.            H&I (Bob V): Absent, no report.

E.             Grapevine (Dean): Dean went to the last meeting (last Friday of every month 6 PM at the Central Office). Grapevine is doing well. There were 12 people in attendance. They had snacks, read out of the grapevine and shared.

F.             Hotline (Open):  There is no current Hotline Liaison. Libby, the District One Hotline Commitment(1stMonday 8PM to 8AM) Chair reported that Jake will do October, Bob V. will do November and Claudia will do December. Libby hopes someone else will step up to do this commitment when her time is up in December.  She also described the Hotline Liaison position for District One.

G.             PI/CPC (Janey): Janey went to the meeting. There is a new list of scheduled events available, all of which need volunteers! Please being flyer to your groups!

H.            Intergroup (Jake): Jake said that Kelly, the Central Office Intergroup Liaison, will give a report at the assembly today, so please refer to Area minutes for intergroup report.

I.              Accessibilities (Kerri): Kerri absent, no report. Caroline reminded us that there is Meetings to Go, which is part of Accessibilities.

IV.           Old Business:

A.            GSR Outreach (Joan): Joan talked about her outreach to the groups that are not represented at the district level. She continues to use receipts to target groups without GSRs, bringing the receipts to the groups in person and chatting with them about our District. So far, she has obtained several email contacts and continues to email them regarding our many activities in the hope that they will want to send a GSR to our District!! THANK YOU, JOAN!

V.             New Business: No New Business.