District 1 Minutes March 24, 2018

Joan opened the meeting with the general service preamble at 12:10 PM at the Convention Center in Tonopah.

Attendance: Joan R., Dean H., Joseph R., Jake S., Mattie M., Liz F., Vito L., Kerri S., Bob V., Libby G., John B., Marty B., Janey P., Irene P., Chris F., Holly P., Caroline J., Steven M., Ralph W.

 I.               Minutes: The February minutes were approved.

II.            Treasurer’s Report (Dee): Dee was unable to attend and there is no Treasurer’s report. Dee has to step down from the Treasurer position. Marty volunteered to step up and also nominated Steve. The group voted that Marty should be Treasurer and Steve should be Alternate Treasurer.  Joan said that she was able to get the P.O. Box.

III.           Committee Reports:

A.            Picnic (Kerri): There is nothing new to report at this time.

B.            Workshops (Kathleen): Kathleen was unable to attend. Joan announced the Rule 62 workshop and flyers were available. Jenn R. will be the speaker. Kathleen sent the following report:

I hope Assembly is going well . I could not attend this weekend due to personal circumstances .
The Rule 62 workshop is set and flyers are on the info table this weekend on the convention floor .Libby G designed these for us ( thank you Libby !!)and I printed out 100 copies at office max and this cost 38.00( was not cheap ).
We have 2 musicians confirmed Bob and Tom , both play harmonicas . We have a rule 62 intro speaker set and also our main speaker Jen R.  Vicki from district 9 wrote to me and aaked how they could help . I asked her to see if she could find another speaker or two . Also I asked her to split the cost of the 125 dollars fee for the community church facilities and also to split the cost of the pizza with us . I have not received a reply from district 9 yet , but I am sure I will soon .
Finally , we are asking district 1 and district 9 to please bring desserts . We will provide coffee and water .
Yours in service ,
Kathleen Buzby

C.            Archives (Kristy): Absent, no report.

D.            H&I (Bob): Bob attended the H&I meeting. All is going well. Meetings to Go was discussed.  Bob will email description of Meetings to Go to Liz for minutes. Vito asked about Bridging the Gap:When/where are the meetings? Is it part of H&I? H&I meets the third Tuesday at Central Office at 5:30 PM. Kristy is the H&I chair.

E.             Grapevine (Liz): Liz was unable to attend the January meeting. No report. Liz is stepping down from this position. Dean will be the new Grapevine chair. District 13 has an article in the current Grapevine.

F.             Hotline (Bobby):  Bobby was absent, so no report. Libby reported on our District One Hotline commitment. Kerri will do the July spot but there are still some open (Sept, Oct, Nov).

G.            PI/CPC (Janey): Janey was unable to make the PI/CPC meeting (see New Business). Caroline (Area CPC chair) reported that they can use help at the April 25-27 event (Professional Counselors for Young Adults). Several people offered to help.

H.            Intergroup (Jake): See Area Intergroup report.

I.              Accessibilities (Mattie): Mattie is stepping down as District Accessibilities Chair. Kerri will consider doing it. We will address this at the next meeting. Meetings to Go is part of Accessibilities. Darryl is Meetings to Go chair. Meetings to go is expanding to include hospitality, which will bring meetings in to conventions.  Claudia will chair Hospitality Meetings To Go. The first “hospitality” meeting will be next month 6:30-7:15 AM. If you are interested in learning more or participating, come to an Accessibilities meeting (the 4thMonday at 5:30 PM at Central Office).

IV.          Old Business

A.            District One Proposal (Joan): Joan is working with Marita on this. Will send a draft to Jonelle and she will send it out to the Area in the hopes that it will be on the Fall Assembly agenda. Joan has to leave Tonopah right after this District meeting, but John will try to present the idea at THIS Area assembly.

B.            GSR Outreach (Joan):  Joan continues to do GSR outreach.

C.             PRAASA (Joan):  PRAASA went really well. Lots of us from District One were there.

 D.            District One Contact List (Liz):  Contact List was sent around for corrections. Liz will send out final version.

 E.             Spanish Speaking Women’s Meeting: This meeting (Wednesday 6:00 – 7:30 PM at Central Office) still needs more support. GSRs please announce to your groups. You do not have to speak Spanish to attend.

V.            New Business

A.             Stipend for PI/CPC Liaison (Janey): Janey requested stipend for gas to be able to attend the PI/CPC meetings. The District unanimously approved a $25 per month stipend for her.

B.            Alternate DCM:  Pam has to step down as Alternate DCM. We will elect a new alternate DCM next meeting. Jake will chair the next District meeting since Joan will be coming back from travel late the night before.