District 1 Minutes June 2017

Joan opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer and GSR Preamble at 10:15 AM at Lost & Found, Boulder City.

Attendance: Joan R., Jake S., Lou P. (New GSR Sunrise group), Liz F., Janey P., Chris F., John B., Kerri L., Diana M., Ralph W., Kathleen, Mark S.

 I.               Minutes: The May minutes were approved, pending Treasurer’s Report issues.

II.            Treasurer’s Report (Marty): Absent. Excel spread sheet for the report below was sent via email to Liz. Joan will follow up with Marty on the following issues: (1) Treasurer’s report needs to be submitted as it will appear in the minutes (not via Excel spread sheet), (2) Treasurer’s report needs to itemize Contributions/Deposits and (3) what happened to the “$217 pending” from previous reports?


Checking Account Balance as of 5/1/2018 $1,002.62
Contributions/Deposits $375.91
Less Expenses $168.20 Error/Workshop
Balance of 5/31/2018 $1,210.33
Savings Account Balance as of 5/1/2018 $503.93
Interest Earned $0.02
Balance as of 5/31/2018 $503.95
Balances reconciled with Wells Fargo Account summaries 5/1/2018 – 5/31/2018 (details available on request)

III.           Committee Reports:

A.            Picnic (Kerri): Close to October will get started. Will ask Libby to do a flyer. Will ask Grapevine and Archives to participate. Randy will do the music again. Will get a speaker. Janey will ask Tory about  face painting. Ask groups for donations of (??). Picnic will be on October 13 from 12 PM to 4PM at Broadbent Park at multipurpose building.

B.            Workshops (Kathleen): Kathleen was very disappointed that only three people from District One showed up for the last workshop! District 9 was verywell represented and many people in District 9 were involved in helping. Next workshop Kathleen will ask allof us to help!!

Jake is chairing the Christmas in July Grapevine Workshop, which will be on Saturday July 21 at Community Church 360 Horizon Ridge Drive in Henderson (see flyer). Assuming $50 for pizza and water. The play (The Grapevine Carole) needs 9 people. We should get someone who has been printed in GV to read their story. Can show people how to submit an article as an activity. Lou can print out flyers in time for SAGSC meeting.

C.            Archives (Open): This position is still open. Jake says there was no meeting last month.

D.            H&I (Bob):  Absent. No report.

E.             Grapevine (Dean):  Absent. No report. Jake has the new Grapevines. There is a GV Subscription Challenge: State competing for (1) most new (restart inactive more than 6 months counts as new) subscriptions or (2) biggest % increase in subscriptions during the period January 1 through December 29, 2018. Jake will send Liz the file and she will send to everyone.

F.             Hotline (Bobby):  Absent. No report.  They still really need people to step up for the hotline. GSR’s should try to get their groups to do a monthly commitment. Liz will send Hotline Volunteer info to all. If your group wants to volunteer, Contact Billy or Claudia.

G.            PI/CPC (Janey): Janey was unable to attend the last meeting will be there tomorrow and will bring report next time. Janey believes events are well staffed now, but alwaysneed volunteers for future events. To volunteer: attend meeting 2ndMonday 4:30 at Central Office and/or call Holly or Caroline.

H.            Intergroup (Jake):

  • Rob (webmaster for last 10 years) is stepping down and Anne K is the new Webmaster.
  • Grapevine (workshop?) flyer is on Area & Silver Streak websites.
  • Silver Streak Meeting in Spotlight: ½ page, 11 point, single spaced. Don’t mention names. Don’t provide emails.
  • Founder’s Day went well.
  • Gratitude Ball will be September 29 at Palace Station.
  • District 7 Picnic will be Sunday August 19 at the Foxtail picnic grounds at Mount Charleston.
  • LVYPAA “Service Junkies” cancelled
  • Woman to Woman retreat August 3-5 at Casa Blanca in Mesquite (woman2womanretreat.com)
  • Las Vegas Round Up will be Thanksgiving weekend at the Westgate. Registration open now (LVRoundup.org). Register early for $5 discount and good banquet seating.
  • Silver Streak currently has 301 subscriptions.

I.              Accessibilities (Open): Meeting is 4thMonday at 5PM at Central Office.

IV.          Old Business

A.            GSR Outreach (Joan): Joan continues to do GSR outreach. Lou goes to 12 AA Principles 7AM Friday @ Christ the Servant @ 2 South Pecos. He will get new contact and give them Joan’s email

B.            New Accessibilities Chair: Kerri will do it!!

V.            New Business:

A.            New Archives Chair:  Ralph is interested. He will go to the meeting (this Sat at 4:30 at Central Office) and then will decide.

B.            Pacific Regional Forum:  San Jose CA September 7-9, 2018. Provides an opportunity for members to exchange group, district, area and regional experience. Area Delegates and committee members also come to listen and share their experience.

C.            Chili Cookoff binder (Joan): We will hold on to it until the next DCM rotation.

D.            Vonda Go Fund Me (Joan): Go Fund Me to help with Liver transplant. Joan will send out her contact info.

E.             Spanish Women’s Meeting (Diana): There is a NEW meeting! It is Tuesday 9AM @ T.I.E. Club. The original meeting is Wed 6PM at Central Office. Both meetings need support. You do not need to speak Spanish! Contact Diana for more info.