District One Minutes July 8 2018

July 8, 2018  Minutes District One Meeting

Ralph W. (Alt DCM) opened the meeting with the responsibility prayer and the information about what our purpose is.

 Attendance: Ralph Alt DCM, Janey GSR Women in Recovery, Vito GSR GVG Tuesday, Marty GSR Boulder City & Treasurer District 1, Irene GSR Searchlight Group, Claudia DCM Coordinator for SAGSC, Diana GSR Steps to Freedom, Mark Alt GSR Boulder City, Luke GSR Sunrise GVG, Ernie GSR Men’s Stag at 51 Club.

 I.              Minutes: The June minutes were approved.

II.            Treasurer’s Report (Marty B.):




Checking Account Balance as of 6/1/18  
Contributions/Deposits (See Ledger) 116.67
Less Expenses  (Check # 2016) 50.00
Balance as of 6/30/18 $1,277.00
Savings Account Balance as of 6/1/18 503.95
Interest Earned .02
Balance as of 6/30/18 503.97

Balances reconciled with Wells Fargo Account summaries 6/1/18 – 6/30/18 (Details available on request).

Please request that your group treasurer when they send in the contributions to include their email so that receipts can be sent back to the group easily.  Receipts will not be mailed out.

III.           Committee Reports:

A.            Picnic (Kerri): Absent.

B.            Workshops (Kathleen): Absent.

C.            Archives (Open): This position is open.

D.            H&I (Bob): Absent. No report.

E.             Grapevine (Dean): Absent

F.             Hotline (Bobby):  Absent. No report.

G.            PI/CPC (Janey): Caroline covered it during the SAGSC meeting, our monthly commitments are well staffed and covered until September – we always need volunteers again in the fall.  We meet on the 2nd Monday at 4:30 at Central Office.

H.            Intergroup (Jake): Absent

I.              Accessibilities (Open): This position is still open.

IV.          Old Business

A. Diana asked about what happened with how Ralph felt about Archives, he did go talked with someone at the time and doesn’t feel that he will take on the commitment, has not finalized his decision.

V.            New Business:

A.    Vito volunteered to step into the position for Bridging the Gap for Southern Las Vegas.  He discussed the fact that there was no representative currently taking this commitment on and other areas have a very active organization for Bridging the Gap. Our area needs volunteers and coordinators to handle this big commitment.  I’ve talked with Kristy (H & I) about this.    Currently there is no Bridging the Gap committee, it was suggested that Vito attend the Intergroup tomorrow night at Central Office and take it from there.  Monday night at 6:00pm Central Office.

B. There was a brief discussion about the formula for distribution of funds to the various entities for contributions.  There is a pamphlet that your group can refer to.