District 1 Minutes January 14 2018

Joan opened the meeting with the serenity prayer and general service preamble at 3:30 PM at the T.I.E. Club.

Attendance: Joan R., Kristy M.,Dean H., Kathy B., Marita R., Jake S., Janey, Mattie M., Libby G., Liz F., Marty B., John B., Vito L., Irene P., Diana M., Gary S., Dee H., Beth B.

I.               Minutes: The December minutes were approved.

II.            Treasurer’s Report (Dee): Erin was unable to attend, so Dee gave the treasurer’s report. Erin will be moving and will need to give up her commitment as treasurer. We will discuss her replacement at our next meeting.


  • Checking Account Balance as of 12/8/17                          $958.74
  • Contributions/Deposits                                                            + $ 210.82
  • Balance                                                                                                 $1169.56
  • Less Expenses                                                                                   – $      0.00
  • Balance as of 1/10/18                                                                 $1169.56

Pending Deposit $217.10 – not included in current checking account balance.

  • Savings Account Balance as of 12/8/17                             $503.83
  • Interest Earned                                                                               + $    0.02
  • Balance as of 1/10/18                                                                   $503.85

**Balances reconciled with Wells Fargo Account summaries on 1/10/18 (details available upon request).

III.           Committee Reports

A.            Picnic (Kerri): Absent. No report.

B.            Workshops (Kathleen): Kathleen met with Vickie (District 9 DCM). District 9 will share the next workshop with us. The next workshop (Rule 62/Living Sober) will be on Saturday April 7, tentatively from 2-4 PM. Will try to find a park location with a pavilion. One of the speakers will be Jenn R. In early February, Kathleen will meet with Vickie to plan. Ideas are welcome!

C.            Archives (Kristy): Kristy attended the Archives meeting. Money was approved to build shelves. Archives needs help filing papers and needs guidelines for how to file them. Gabriel will try to get guidelines from NAGSC. Someone suggested filing as a Rule 62 workshop activity, but it was pointed out that the papers are not allowed to leave Central Office. Another idea was to hold an Archives workshop at Central Office and file papers. Kristy will discuss this with Gabriel.

D.            H&I (Mattie): Mattie was unable to attend the H&I meeting, but someone went on her behalf and reported back to her. Bridging the Gap is restarting and has all new people. Dee provided the December H&I numbers, which follow:

H and I report – December 2017

Income: $6,922.74

Expenses: $3,380.09

New balance: $3,542.65

E.             Grapevine (Liz): Liz was unable to attend the December meeting but has grapevines for distribution. Please tell Liz if you know of a meeting that has no Grapevine rep. Spread the Grapevine word at your meetings!

F.             Hotline (Bobby):  Bobby was absent, so no report. Libby passed around the District One Hotline Commitment (first Monday of the month 8PM to 8AM) signup sheet.

G.            PI/CPC (Janey): Janey said to refer to SAGSC minutes for the PI/CPC report. She also reports that the new PI chair is doing well. As always, PI/CPC needs all the help they can get so spread the word at your groups!The PI/CPC meeting is 4:30 PM, the 2nd  Monday at Central Office.

H.            Intergroup (Jake): Jake has been unable to attend the Intergroup meetings and he thanks Dee for stepping up! Dee provided the following for December 2017: Central Office received 983 info calls, 138 12-step calls and 5,542 website hits (average 178 hits per day). The Hotline received 1,638 info calls and 162 12-step calls.

I.              Accessibilities (Barbie): Absent, so no report. Liz spoke to Barbie and Barbie said that she cannot continue this commitment. The position is open.

IV.          Old Business

A.            District One Proposal (Joan): Some GSRs had discussed the idea with their groups, and the response was very favorable. Discussion at thismeeting: It is the wave of the future & will attract (and be expected by!) the next generation; there are already Apps out there, but they are non-AA so you don’t know what you’re getting and you have no control of what is being advertised; Recent travelers expressed that it was difficult in some places to find exact locations of near-by meetings so the App would have come in handy; The suggestion (during the Area meeting today) that the price would be exorbitant was said by Marita to not be an issue for us because it is up to GSO to decide on that. We voted unanimously for Joan to present this idea to Area at Tonopah! Joan will send Liz a write-up of the idea to include in the minutes.

B.            GSR Outreach (Joan):  Joan asked people to do some outreach at certain meetings.

V.            New Business

A.             Local Language Issue (Mattie): Mattie has noticed since she moved here that, in Las Vegas, AAs often use the word “donation” when they should instead be using the word “contribution.” Some ideas as to how to change this were discussed: Write an article for the newsletter SilverStreak; spread the word without embarrassing people.