District 1 Meeting Sunday 4/9/2017

Boulder City Nevada Lost and Found Club

Attendance– Dee (GSR Precisely How Group), Mike (GSR Friday Night Men’s Stag), Steve (GSR Daily Reflections), Kathleen (GSR Wednesday Women’s Big Book Study), Kristy (GSR smell the roses), Jake (Intergroup liaison), Joan (DCM).

Joan opened the meeting at 10:27am with the serenity prayer and GSR preamble.

I.               Minutes: March minutes approved.

II.              Treasurer’s Report (Dee):

Erin is out of town.  Dee is reporting for treasurer. Checking account $288.08 savings account $503.66. Consensus of the room was that is a little low. Maybe due to the time of year and the funding we have done for GSRs and DCM. Hoping that donations will pick up now that trip funding is done until September. Erin is having trouble getting the log in info for the bank account. The finance committee is working on this problem. They are also looking to see if changing banks would be a good option for us. More to come on these next month.

III.            Committee Reports:

A.                Picnic (Kerri): Absent – no report.

B.                Workshops (Kathleen):

Everything is set for our Traditions workshop April 22nd from 2-4pm at the GVG. Speakers will be Marita, Rhonda, and Mike. It will be a pot luck and we will provide pizza and water. There will be a traditions play around 3pm. All the parts have been passed out and confirmed. Carrie-Narrator, Joanie-Founder, Steve-Moneybags, Kristy-Eager beaver, Jake-Politician, Barbie-Delegate and Dee-Newcomer. Tentative date for our next workshop will be July 22nd possibly at the 51 club on the topic of safety in the rooms. Also trying for November for our 3rd and final workshop of 2017.

C.   Archives (Kristy):  Kristy was present but had no new report.

D.  H & I (Steve): H&I held their quarterly workshop April 8th there were 42 people in attendance and $100 was collected for H&I. The H&I committee meeting is held the 3rd Tuesday of each month 6pm at central office. If you are looking for a commitment please show up. All are welcome.

E. Grapevine (Liz): Absent – No report.

F. Hotline (Bobby): Absent – No report.

G. PI/CPC (Janey): Absent – No report.

H. Intergroup (Jake): There has been no Intergroup meeting since our last meeting in Tonopah. The next Intergroup meeting will be held tomorrow Monday April 10th. Jake will not be able to make it. Our alternate intergroup liaison Dee will be attending and giving the report at our next district meeting. The intergroup meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6pm at the central office.

I. Accessibilities (Barbie): Absent – No Report.

IV.            Old business:

A. Finance committee: The finance committee is still working on putting together finance guidelines for the district. They are also working on the treasurer’s log in problem with the current bank account at Wells Fargo.

V. New business:

A.  GSR Outreach: The first group on our “reach out” committee has been set up. We will be attending the Nooners meeting at Our Meeting Place Sunday May 7th at 12pm. We will speak with them about the importance of general service in AA. It is a potluck meeting so please join us. All are welcome. If you know of a group that currently does not have a GSR, is not a part of the service structure, and their voice is not heard on issues pertaining to AA, please ask them if they would be interested in a visit from us. We can come to their business meeting or to their regular meeting. We can talk for 5 minutes or for the whole meeting.

B.              PRAASA 2018 funding:  PRAASA 2018 will be held in Area 42 in Sparks Nevada. We would like to see as many of our members there as possible. Steve will be doing some research on finding out how much it would be to rent a van and get a room if we went in a big group. He will be trying to figure out an approximate dollar amount for each member. Jake will do research on what kind of “fund raisers” that we could do while being sure not to violate any of our traditions. There was talk about a 50/50 raffle at our workshops and picnic, a bake sale, a car wash. We will hear more about PRAASA funding at our next district meeting May 21st at the T.I.E club right after the SAGSC meeting is over.

District 1 Minutes April 2017