I.               Minutes: February minutes approved.

II.             Treasurer’s Report (Erin): Erin not here….will send report via email.

III.            Committee Reports

A.             Picnic (Kerri): Picnic will be on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Claudia will be the speaker!

B.             Workshops (Kathleen):

  • The first workshop (Traditions) will be on Saturday, April 24, from 2 PM to 4 PM at GVG. Libby will do the flyer. The format will be: (1) Speakers; (2) Lunch; (3) Traditions Play and (4) Ask it Basket. The three speakers will be: Marita, Rhonda and Mike M. Food will be: pizza, a couple of cases of water; coffee @ $3 per pot and anything we can make and bring. The estimated cost per person is 90 cents. Joanie will reimburse expenses with debit card or check. Play cast members will be: Debbie, Claudia, Steve, Barbie, Kristy and Joanie. Bob V. will be an alternate. Parts will be announced at the next District 1 meeting!!!! .
  • The November workshop will be on a Sunday.

C.              Archives (Kristy):

  • I am happy to go to groups to discuss archives! Archives is interested in any/all group info (eg., meeting format). I am working on creating a contact list for District 1 meetings.
  • Due to family and personal illness I didn’t attend the February 2017 Area 42 Archives meeting.
  • I attended the Area 42 Archives meeting Saturday March 19, 2017, we got a lot of information organized and made some plans for flyers for the Area Archives. We also spoke about plans for gathering information from all of the districts in SAGS.
  • I obtained a Western Area Directory from Central Office and have started comparing the meeting schedule from Central Office with the list of registered meetings listed in District 1 website. I will now start using the directory for contact information for the registered meetings so that we can have that information for the Outreach committee.
  • I need some assistance with the Central Office meeting schedule finding which meetings are in District 1.
  • I have ordered the free flyers regarding Archives which haven’t come in yet. In the meantime I will be using the flyer I created to spread the Archive word for District 1

D.             H&I (Steve):

  • District 1 is in the top 5 for meeting donations!!
  • Bridge the Gap is part of H&I
  • There is a service H&I workshop on April 8 from 2PM to 4PM.
  • Corrections letters contact person is “GSO Prison Correspondence”
  • Prison/Institution panels: Steve has panel applications. You don’t have to have been in prison. Just carry the message. No length of sobriety required. Can’t volunteer where you know someone in the institution. Steve has Institution list.
  • Had $8000 in revenue. Spent $5000 on books. Balance is $3000.

E.              Grapevine (Liz): Liz did not go to the February Grapevine meeting. No Report.

F.              Hotline (Bobby):

  • We need more volunteers (!!) because the few existing people are getting burnt out from doing ALL the shifts. We especially need to fill the 8PM to 8AM shift. This is not a difficult task! Most calls are just: “Where can I find a meeting?” Suggestion: ask your groups to volunteer one shift per month for a year. One year of sobriety is required for volunteers. Please contact Bobby 702-308-4236.
  • Libby: There are still some District 1 hotline spots open – passing around the volunteer list at this meeting.
  • The Twelve Step list also needs people.

G.             PI/CPC (Janey):

·       Committee attendance is up at the PI/CPC meeting (2nd Monday at 4:30 PM at Central Office)PI/CPC was represented well at the following: P.A.C.T. Coalition (3rd Wednesday 11:30 AM to 1PM); Care Coalition (2nd Tuesday 12PM to 2PM); Mayor’s Faith Initiative (3rd Thursday 9AM to 10:30 AM) and Nevada Homeless Alliance (3rd Wednesday 8:30 AM). Cards were passed out, great networking, getting involved in more events.

  • Table at service festival got a good response.
  • Flyers of upcoming events made available early to promote attendance.
  • Literature racks placed in libraries, schools and SNAMH offices.
  • Nevada 2-1-1 through P.A.C.T.
  • Scheduled attendance at several community events for April – Flyer available.

H.            Intergroup (Jake):

Central office: Information calls 702; 12 step calls 83

Hotline: Information calls 1973; 12 step calls 183

Web site: Average visits per day 193; Monthly visits 5404

Committee balances $17,884.51

Total bank accounts $31,819.44

I.          Accessibilities (Barbie): Accessibilities will be focusing on: vulnerabilities for special needs; reviewing workbooks; going to libraries and literature racks.

IV.            Old Business

  • Finance committee is presently working on finance guidelines (eg., what should our prudent reserve be?)
  • GSR Outreach: Joan has current District 1 meeting list – must crosscheck with AA meeting list. Idea from PRAASA: “GSR Get In the Car” – Have whole group of GSRs go to meeting, not just DCM. Offer to take their emails to keep them in the loop. We need to come up with a response to “we don’t have the $$ to participate.” Go to registered meetings (only approx. 20 of them). Caroline: (re: Strategic Plan) Get groups involved at District level if the Area is too much (eg., it costs nothing to come to our monthly meeting). We will meet after the next District 1 meeting (April 9) on this.

V.             New Business

  • What do we do with the information we received from this assembly? Ideas: Be concise; share only what group is interested in; do 3 minute presentation DURING meeting but longer one during business meeting; transmit enthusiasm!!!

District 1 Minutes March 2017