District 1 Minutes December 2016

I.                Minutes: approved

II.              Treasurer’s Report (Tom):

Contributions since last report, $112.30.  Leaving a balance of $908.62.


Savings account balance as of 11/13/16, $503.55.  Interest earned since last report $.02, leaving a current balance of $503.57.


Balances reconciled to Wells Fargo online account summaries.


Details available upon request.


III.            Committee Reports

A.             Picnic (Bridget):

B.             Workshops (Libby):

C.              Archives (open):

D.             H&I (Kathleen): H & I had elections and Janey has a list of the Treatment Center commitments.

E.              Grapevine (Joan):  Grapevine table at Roundup. Arbor Cards available at aagrapevine.org.

F.              Hotline (open):  Pam will do first Monday in January. Then at next district meeting can vote to continue our commitment. Still looking for a Tuesday captain who calls volunteers a couple of days before their shift to confirm. Want to add three more people for twice a year to have the physical phone to transfer the calls. Bobby says you can try it and see if you like it.  Jake has 12 Step List.

G.             PI/CPC (open):

H.             Intergroup (open):

I.               Accessibilities (Barbie):  Had table at Convoy of Hope. Lots of people came by to talk about Alcoholics Anonymous. Went out to Champion Field and went out to the Round Up. We have wheelchairs and walkers available.

IV.            Old Business

A.             Elections: We filled all positions! Thank you everyone for your willingness to serve.

District Committee Member (DCM):  Joan R.

Alternate District Committee member (ADCM):  Pam L.

District Treasurer:  Erin F.

Alternate District Treasurer:  Dee H.

District Secretary:  Liz F.

Alternate District Secretary:  Jake S.

Accessibilities Liaison:  Barbie B.

Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community Liaison:  Janey

Hospitals and Institutions Liaison (H&I):  Steve G. and Janey as alternate

Hotline Liaison: Bobby D.

Grapevine District Representative:  Liz

District Archivist:  Kristy M.

Intergroup District Representative:  Jake S.

District Workshop Chair:  Kathleen, with Amber W. as co-chair

District Picnic Chair (1 year position): Kerri L., with Gary S. as co-chair
V.             New Business

Ten minutes for problems/questions/concerns: Ask It Basket?


Pam L Henderson Closed GSR Dee H Precisely How GSR
Amber W HUGS GSR Kathleen B. Weds Wms Book Study GSR
Steve G Daily Reflections Alt. GSR Liz F. Rock Solid Step Study GSR
Barbie B Daily Reflections GSR Jake S. Area Grapevine Chair
Kristy M Mon Smell the Roses GSR Bobby D. First Brew GSR
Kerri L Lost & Found GSR Gary S. First Brew Alt GSR
Erin F Women in Recovery GSR Janey Night Stepping Out GSR
Tom W Beer 30 GSR/Treasurer Libby G. Area Webservant/Workshop Chair
Joan R. Boulder City Basic GSR/ Sec.