I. Minutes: Approved
II. Treasurer’s Report (Tom): Please see attached report.
III. Committee Reports
A. Picnic (Bridget/Ted: absent
B. Workshops (Libby): absent
C. Archives (open): no report
D. H&I (open): Kathleen volunteered to attend the next H & I meeting on July 12 at 6 pm at Central Office. She will email her report to Joan before the August meeting.
E. Grapevine (Joan): Updated District One’s Arbor Card.
F. Hotline (Ted): absent
G. PI/CPC (open): no report
H. Intergroup (open): no report
I. Accessibilities (open): no report
IV. Old Business
A. AA Service Manual Ch. 9 Kerri will present next month

B. Guidelines Committee: Guidelines committee will have the updated guidelines ready for a vote at the September meeting in Tonopah.
V. New Business
Ten minutes for problems/questions/concerns: Ask It Basket? Discussed upcoming meeting dates, registering for the Assembly and hotel reservations in Tonopah.

Kathleen B.

Irene P.
Searchlight GSR

Claudia B.

Pam L.
Henderson Closed Grp. GSR

Michael R.
Men’s Stag GSR

Hallie L.
Tuesday Night Green Valley GSR

Barbara B.
GVG Daily Reflections GSR

Joan R.
Boulder City Basic GSR/Sec.

District 1 Meeting Minutes July 2016