1. Minutes: approved –thanks to Libby for covering for me at the April meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Tom): see printed report
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Picnic (Bridget/Ted): no report for now
    2. Workshops (Libby): Fourth Step Workshop, Saturday August 20, 2016. At GVG Henderson, NV

    Panel and Ask It Basket. District will buy Sponsorship pamphlets to hand out to attendees.

C. Archives (open):

  1. H&I (Jim F.): absent
  2. Grapevine (Joan): Grapevine workshop at the Triangle Club, Saturday May 21st 2 pm – 3:30 pm.

Start the Arbor Card. Grapevines for sale, $3 for this month’s issue and $1 for back issues.

F. Hotline (Ted): Two Monday 4 -8 shifts open: first and third Monday of the month, needs 3 people for Saturdays too.

G. PI/CPC (open): Cherie need a liaison and an alternate liaison. We need a co-chair for the CPC committee. Library project ongoing. Four Henderson libraries covered, and looking to get subscriptions to Grapevine for other area libraries. Searchlight, Boulder City, Laughlin need someone to contact them. Literature racks and refills ongoing. Contact Cherie if you are available to refill racks.

State of Nevada Adult mental health services Fri May 27, will have table for CPC. Have identified sight and hearing impaired individuals.

  1. Intergroup (open):
  2. Accessibilities (open): Darryl came to appeal for volunteers to take meetings to hospitals or

home bound individuals. Would like a list of people for our district to go visit folks to people in our area. Please contact Darryl if interested in helping out.

  1. Old Business
    1. AA Service Manual Ch. 9 Kerri will do next month.
    2. Guidelines Committee Report
  2. New BusinessTen minutes for problems/questions/concerns: Ask It Basket?




Tuesday Open Discussion


Lost & Found GSR


Alt. DCM/Stepping Out Fri Night


Workshop Chair/Area 42 Web Servant


Precisely How GSR


Secretary/ Boulder City Basic GSR

District 1 address: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009

District 1 Meeting Minutes May 2016