1. Minutes: approved
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Tom): see printed report
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Picnic (Bridget): no report
    2. Workshops (Libby): At Green Valley Presbyterian made reservation for hour before and after

    the event for set up and tear down. Flyer is asking the participants to bring enough for group plus serving ladle and crackers. Suggestions for judges: Mike, Jonelle, Julian, Glenn, Edie and Marita, Do have people’s choice and will get trophies and other equipment from Renee, last year’s organizer. District One will bring bottled water, power strips. Then will do they play after all. Talked about doing a 4th step wkshp in July 2nd and a 8th/9th wkshp sweet amends in early November. Grace Church in Boulder City might be a good location, Claudia will enquire. Fourth step can be speakers and 8/9 can be can be roundtables. Pam suggests an Ask It Basket. Preload with some questions too. GVG also a possible location. Or St. Tims in Henderson too?

C. Archives (open): no report

  1. H&I (open): no report
  2. Grapevine (Joan): missed last meeting due to prior commitment, but Grapevine is going well.

Talk to Joan if you know if someone is looking for a fun, low-key commitment.

F. Hotline (Ted): Looking for overnight 8 pm – 8 am shift just one open 5th Sunday (only 4 times a year). Also a 4th Tuesday 8 pm – 8 am. Need a volunteer for District One’s commitment, Claudia will do it for February 1, 2016 8 pm – 8 am. Contact Ted 702-335-5455.

G. PI/CPC (open): Cherie asks for group reps she can come to the business meeting to answer questions. Monthly meeting is at Central Office 4:30 pm third Monday of the month. Bryan will be new rep.

  1. Intergroup (open): no report
  2. Special Needs (open): no report

District 1 address: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009

MEETING MINUTES DISTRICT 1 – January 10, 2016 IV. Old Business

A. AA Service Manual Ch. 8 Discussion will be held at February meeting. Barbara Will present at February meeting.

B. Group Discussion: Next month talk about openings. Do not have to be a GSR to fulfill commitment.

V. New Business

A. Ten minutes for problems/questions/concerns: Ask It Basket? Talk about Committees, next month, Archives.

Libby G.

Workshop Chair

Ted G.

Alt. DCM/Stepping Out

Erin F.

Women In Recovery GSR

Tom W.

Treasurer/Beer 30 GSR

Barbara B.

Alt. Sec./Rock Solid GSR

Brian C.

Steps to Freedom GSR

Kathleen B.


Dee H.

Precisely How GSR

Pan L.

Henderson Closed GSR

Cherie M.

CPC Chair

Jane P.

Tues Henderson GSR

Joan R.

Secretary/Lost & Found GSR

David W.

New Beginnings GSR

Claudia B.

DCM/Boulder City Group

District 1 address: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009Microsoft Word – District 1 Meeting Minutes January 2016