District 1 Meeting Minutes December 2015

I.               Minutes:  approved

II.              Treasurer’s Report (Tom):

Checking account balance as of last meeting (11/8/15) was 953.71.  There have been no additional expenses since then.  One deposit was made on 12/12/15 in the amount of 225.20 creating a balance of $1,178.91.  One additional check was received that has not been deposited from Lost and Found in the amount of $110.93.  The savings account balance as of 12/12/15 is $503.32.  Interest earned since the last report is $.02.  Details available on request

III.            Committee Reports

A.             Picnic (Bridget): absent

B.             Workshops (Libby): Chili Cook-off.  Check on Presbyterian church on Wigwam. Plan to have it in February on Saturday 2/27/16, noon to 3 pm.  Libby will check on place and will do flyers for next SAGCS meeting in January. Will reprise the Concepts play. Hotline and Grapevine tables. Participants bring chili, cornbread, garnishes. District one will need to bring power strips. We will need judges and trophies or ribbons. Other ideas for Workshop. Around July for a picnic? Maybe Saturday the 2nd? Four by Four. And Sweet Amends in of end October 29th or 22nd.

C.              Archives (open): no report

D.             H&I (Tony): Tony is stepping down. We will need a new H & I rep.

E.              Grapevine (Joan): Subscription competition is almost over. December issue selling well. Next Grapevine meeting January 8, 2016 at 6 pm at Central Office.

F.              Hotline (Ted):  In January we will need 12 people to take one 8 to 8 shift for the District. Libby suggests that we ask for volunteers the month before rather than having everyone sign up in January. Need volunteers for Christmas Eve and New Years. Please contact Ted 702-335-5455 or Billy the Hotline chair (need number). January 4 8 pm – 8 am. Joan will do the January  shift.

G.             PI/CPC (open): no report

H.             Intergroup (open): no report

I.               Special Needs (open): no report. Ted asks the group. Is your meeting place handicapped acceptable? Not just available, but acceptable. Special Needs has wheelchairs, so they can contact. Special Needs also includes taking meetings to people in assisted living and rehabs. Suzanne asks who should she inform? Ted says to contact Central Office to make certain that the information is available on the meeting schedule.

IV.            Old Business

A.             AA Service Manual Ch. 7 Discussion presented by Claudia: Claudia showed the 2015 General Service Conference report passed out at the last SAGSC meeting. Also showed Box 459 and 2016 Literature catalog. Overview of last year’s General Service Conference agenda items: increasing individual contribution voted down, new or revised pamphlets approved. Mentions Right of Decision and how the Delegate votes his or her own conscience at the General Service Conference.

B.             Group Discussion:? Jacque talked to Cherie and mentioned that the PI/CPC group is getting new volunteers and her groups are passing around the Green Can and getting donations. Her alternate, Jake was a newcomer when he first volunteered, but Jacque pointed out that there are no sobriety requirements for alternates and he is still sober and still in service.
Kathleen says her group is concerned that the money donated through the green can is not being tracked at Central Office. Her group would like to see where their money is going. Maybe they should have their own treasurer to keep track of the money.
Ted says that both the PI and CPC committees give out information but do not provide literature racks. Kathleen says that other committees in other regions are doing the same thing. Ted’s argument is that they should be able to afford to buy their own literature racks.


V.             New Business

A.             Ten minutes for problems/questions/concerns: Ask It Basket? Talk about Committees, next month, Archives.


Ted G. Alt DCM Joan R. Secretary/Lost & Found GSR
Claudia B. DCM/Boulder Basic Group
Barbara B. Alt. Secretary/Rock Solid GSR
Libby G. Workshop Chair
Jane P. Henderson Tues. Open Diss. GSR
Jacque J. Sunrise Group GVG GSR
Suzanne G. Our Meeting Place First Brew GSR
Tom W. Treasurer/Beer 30 GSR
Kathleen B. Henderson United Group (HUGs) GSR