District 1 Meeting Minutes November 2015

I.               Minutes:  approved

II.              Treasurer’s Report (Tom):  Checking account balance as of 11/4/15, $988.30 (one check $34.59 still outstanding).  Expenses since last report $220.52.  Contributions since last report, $119.50nSavings account balance as of 11/4/15, $503.30.  Interest earned since last report $.02. Details available upon request.


III.            Committee Reports

A.             Picnic (Bridget):

Next Picnic Date: October 8, 2016; Bridget booked Broadbent Park.


Bridget was not pleased with the DJ for the picnic.  He is not licensed to operate in Boulder City and left before the balloons were done—actually did not do any balloons.  He also left before the take-down.  Bridget plans to contract with “Sky Jumpers” for next year as they are licensed for Boulder City.  For an additional $45.00, Sky Jumpers will provide our choice of a popcorn machine or a cotton candy machine.  The group wants the cotton candy machine.


Claudia suggested we start planning the chili cook-off.  It is scheduled for February.  Claudia will talk with Libby.


B.             Workshops (Libby): absent

C.              Archives (open): no report

D.             H&I (Tony):

Bridging the Gap needs contacts to reply to correspondence. If you participate in this activity you cannot enter facilities on a panel. Contact: Lenny 702 577 7988 Westcare Detox has a new meeting beginning November 1 2015 at noon contact: Marvin 702 502 9633.Desert Hope needs help on panels 2nd & 4th Thursdays Contact Kelly 702 769 5614 Silver Rock new panels for 2nd & 4th Wednesdays; 1st & 3rd Thursdays 7pm contact: Dan 702 806 4751 CCDC some meetings resumed contact Christy 702 281 5406 Southern Desert Prison needs Spanish speaking panel members contact :Hank 917 373 7898 All AA volunteers must be cleared to go to any of the correctional facilities Contact information H & I Committee: Chair Matt 714 318 4564 Secretary Christy 702 281 5406 Treasurer L C 916 479 3485 Institutions Ben 702 245 6952 Hospitals Beth 702 813 9944 Bridging the Gap Lenny 702 577 7988 H & I workshop Nina 702 335 9108 Literature Nick 805 895 4494 Co Chair Nina 702 335 9108 Spanish groups Alejandro 702 417 1669 Yours in fellowship; Tony S 702 271 9027

E.              Grapevine (Joan): absent

F.              Hotline (Ted):  absent

G.             PI/CPC (Cherie):

Upcoming events that will involve PI/CPC providing a table and/or other needs:

  • November 18 and 19, 2015: Clark County Health Fair
  • November 21, 2015: Convoy of Hope at Champion Center
  • November 27-29, 2015: Round-up
  • December 8, 2015; 5:30-8:00 pm: Mayor’s Faith Initiative at Canyon Ridge Church


If you are interested in being involved, talk to Cherie

H.             Intergroup (open): no report

I.               Special Needs (Verna): no report

IV.            Old Business

A.             AA Service Manual Ch. 7 Discussion to be led by Bridget A at December meeting.

B.             Group Discussion: How do we encourage members to get involved in General Service?

Ideas brought up during discussion:

      • Show enthusiasm
      • Sponsorship—one-on-one with those we sponsor to encourage him/her to get involved
      • Propose doing announcements in our group before the meeting begins
      • Invite Claudia to a Business Meeting


V.             New Business

A.             Ten minutes for problems/questions/concerns: Ask It Basket?

Claudia proposed we do a holiday event at our December District meeting.  Bring someone from home group; make it a holiday pot-luck.  Talk it up.  Claudia will let Joan know to send out a note with notice of our next meeting.



Barbara B. Alt. Sec/Rock Solid GSR Pam L. Henderson Closed Group GSR
Hallie L. Tuesday Night Green Valley Alt.GSR    
Jacque J. 7 am Sunrise Group GSR    
Cherie M. CPC Committee Chair    
Kerri L. Lost & Found Alt. GSR    
Tom W. Treasurer/Beer 30 GSR    
Claudia B. DCM/Boulder City Basic    
Bridget A. Picnic Chair/Precisely How GSR    
Kathleen B. Henderson Unified Group (HUGS) Alt GSR