MEETING MINUTES DISTRICT 1 – July 12, 2015 I. Minutes: Approved

II. Treasurer’s Report (Tom): Deposit made yesterday, and some checks written for bouncy house and donuts for SAGSC meeting. Passed out contributions list for year so far. Treasurer’s reports handed out.

III. Committee Reports

A. Picnic (Bridget): Main expense left is food and supplies. Still looking for a face painter. Please pass out fliers and announce at meetings. Cherie says she can be a facepainter if you can’t find anyone else. Janie asks about prizes. Bridget says it will be cheaper to go to dollar store to buy. Janie says she can help with that. Some discussion of gift for speaker, and decided on a thank you card with our signatures. Bridget will need volunteers to run games during event but those will be decided later.

B. Workshops (Libby): Workshop at Central Office as small but enlightening. Jack shared many stories of early AA. The old schedule and the letter sent to New York both appeared in the last issue of the Silver Streak. Libby checking on dates 10/24 or 10/17 dates with District 13 and the Triangle Club

for next workshop. Will be on Third Legacy of Service.

C. Archives: Position vacant.

D. H&I (Tony): H & I workshop held July 18 2015 at Serenity Club. Purpose of workshop was to provide information on application process required to become a panel member. Members become eligible to attend meetings in jails and prisons; once they are processed and approved. Panel members are needed for all meetings. Interested people can contact Sandy 702 409 8648 or Tom 702 375 7465.

H & I and Grapevine committee asking for donations of old copies of Grapevines and La Vinas for donation to inmates in jails and prisons. These copies may be the only “meeting” available to inmates. To donate or additional information you may contact Grapevine Committee Chair Jake S 702 285 9062 or your group Grapevine Representative

Next H & I Committee meeting is August 18 2015 6pm at central office. All GSR’s are welcome to attend. — yours in fellowship Tony S 702 271 9027

E. Grapevine (Joan): Sold two Grapevines. Workshop last month went well and Nevada is doing well in subscription challenge. We are currently number 6 nationally!

F. Hotline (Ted): Five positions are now open. Some volunteers not showing up for their commitments, so please only volunteer if you are serious about following through. Please announce at

meetings. Shifts are either 4-8, 8-8 and the weekend shifts. Ted 702-335-5455.

G. PI/CPC (Cherie): National Night out Tuesday 8/4 5 pm – 8:30 pm. Claudia and Joan can run table for Boulder City. Ted says he can cover the Henderson table. Will need chairs and they should have table. Cherie will get more information and will send it to Joan to distribute.

Also if someone is not going to Tonopah and willing to run a table at the Suicide Prevention 7:30 am walk event in September.

District 1 address: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009


  1. Intergroup (Kariene): absent. No one has heard from Kariene.
  2. Special Needs (Verna): absent: Verna recently had surgery.

IV. Old Business

A. AA Service Manual Ch. 3 Discussion to be led by Claudia B.: AA Service Manual Ch. 3 Discussion to be led by Claudia B.: District Committee Member elected by other GSRs in the district. District is the “right number” of groups in a locality for a DCM to service. DCM should have experience as a GSR and also have about 5 years of sobriety. DCM’s job is to get information to GSRs from GSO and Area and also bring questions and concerns. DCM communicates with groups in order to make certain they have GSRs representing them. A DCM makes certain that GSR and district committee officers are doing their jobs, and look for replacements if they are not attending district meetings or area assemblies.

B. District One Guidelines: Libby motions that District 1 creates unique guidelines. Motion passes with dissent from Ted who argues that the service manual covers all of issues that the district might have. Group discussion mentions that guidelines can be more specific about procedures and positions that serve only our district such as picnic chair or workshop chair.

Libby motions that District One forms ad hoc committee. Tom, Barbara, Ted, Tony, Claudia will serve as ad hoc committee. Will present to district October.

C. Group Discussion: How to handle those who choose not to identify as an alcoholic and share at a meeting? Barbara some groups mention singleness of purpose in beginning. Dave mentions the blue card. Claudia asks if anyone asks him if he has a desire to stop drinking. A group she attended said that everyone introduced himself or herself, and if they did not say if they were alcoholic or if they had a desire to stop drinking. Because it was closed meeting they would ask those who did not identify with third tradition to leave and another member would help them find an open meeting.

Audrey mentions that she was the secretary for an open meeting that would ask those who did not identify or who identified as addicts to not share. The decision should be made at a business meeting and it is the responsibility of the secretary/chair to enforce at the meeting.

V. New Business

A. Ten minutes for problems/questions/concerns: Ask It Basket? Claudia presents Safety in AA. A man who was picking up young women coming to meetings. Group got together and decided that he could only attend men’s meetings. Will save that for discussion for August meeting.

Claudia B.


Libby G.

Workshop Chair/ Area Web Servant

Bridget A.

Picnic Chair/Precisely How GSR

David W.

New Beginnings Alt. GSR

Ted. G.

Alt. DCM/Hotline rep.

Robert K.

Lunch Bunch (Dist. 15 TIE Club)

Cherie M.

CPC Chair/Alt H&I rep

Jacque J.

Sunrise Group @GVG

Tom W.

Treasurer/Beer 30 GSR

Joan R.

Secretary/Lost & Found GSR

District 1 address: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009



Principles Before Personalities GSR

Barbara B.

Alt. Secretary/Rock Solid GSR

Janey P.

Open Discussion Tuesday Night GSR

District 1 address: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009