Service Positions

  • District Committee Member (DCM): Claudia B.
  • Alt. DCM: Ted G.
  • Treasurer: Vonda A.
  • Alt Treasurer: Tom W.
  • Secretary: Joan R.
  • Alt. Secretary: Barbara B.
  • Workshop Chair: Libby G.
  • Alt Workshop Chair: Janie P.
  • Picnic Chair: Bridget A.
  • Alt Picnic Chair: Ted G.

District One Liaisons

  • Archives Committee Rep and Alt.: Larry P. and Hallie L.
  • Grapevine Committee Rep. and Alt.: Joan R. and Tom W.
  • Hospitals and Institutions (H&I)  Rep. and Alt: Tony S. and Cherie M.
  • Hotline Rep.: Ted G.
  • Public Information Committee/Cooperation w/Professional Community Rep. and Alt.: Vonda A. and Kathleen B.
  • Intergroup: Kariene R.