District 1

April Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report March and April statements presented. Kariene found $13 and added it to our 7th tradition contribution.

Old Business

a) Annual picnic committee meeting to have face painter and bouncy house. Broadbent Park and Multipurpose Bldg reserved for Oct 4.

b)Summer Workshop w/ District 15 at TIE Club “Anonymity in the Digital Age” date sometime in August, will check for availability w/TIE Club.

c)Grapevine No Report

d) PIPC Gave report at SAGSC

e) Hotline–12 spots open

New Business

District One volunteered to host Fall Assembly. Jake will get checklists for what we need to do.

Outreach letter–postponed until June meeting

Next meeting June 8 Boulder City Lost and Found 10:15 am