Serenity Prayer followed by GSR Preamble

I. Approve December Minutes – Approved.

 II. Treasurers Report – Balanced!  Thanks to Greg for assisting!  In the black; please contact Kariene to view the report.

 III. Business:

Picnic Chair –Libby – Bridget will co-chair during 2014 and will chair 2015.

 Workshop Chair – Cherie– Grapevine Workshop to be held with the Chili Cook-Off February 22, 2pm – 4pm.  Flyer attached.


1.      Volunteers needed to create posters for the workshop!  Please join us Saturday, February 8th, 1pm – 3pm at the Lost and Found Club in Boulder City and help prepare for the Workshop and Cook-Off!

2.      Donations of Grapevine issues requested!  Please bring any Grapevines to the Feb 8th poster making meeting OR directly to the Workshop February 22nd.

3.      If anyone from your home group would like to submit their chili, please contact Jake at 702-285-9062.  Only 15 spots are available so call now!

Discussed, voted and agreed upon during this meeting: 

·         Will NOT “charge” $5 at the door as in past chili cook-offs.

·         Will hold 50/50 raffle; 50% goes to the raffle winner and 50% to District. 

·         The District will combine this 50% and the funds raised from the donation can to pay for the cost of the church ($75). 

·         Any remaining funds will be donated to the Central Office.

·         Notes previously sent to the group are attached again for review. 

 PICPC – Claudia – Claudia out of town.  Cherie requested the District funds her and Claudia attending PRASA in 2014.  Tabled until next meeting.

 H&I – Tony (Liaison) – Unavailable.

 Grapevine – Libby – Libby challenged the District to double the number of Grapevine Reps (to 6) in 2014 and we have 5:  Steps to Freedom, NAGL, Sunrise, Tuesday Night GV Group and First Brew.  Who will be the final group to sign up a Grapevine rep?

ACTION ITEM:  Please ask your Grapevine Rep to register on the Grapevine website

 Hotline – Ted – Meetings held the second Monday at 6:30pm at Central Office, small room.

 New Business –

1.      Joan will request a key for the Lost and Found Club.

2.      Reminder to make reservations for Tonopah.

3.      Please submit order(s) AND payment(s) for the 75th Edition of the Big Book before the next business meeting (2/9).  Please contact Jake for details. 

Meeting Minutes Dist 1 Mtg Jan 12 2014

 GSR’s – Thank you for attending!

Kariene           Treasurer; First 164 Pages

Irene            Alt DCM; Searchlight

Sheri               Searchlight

Cherie          Keep it Simple

Lynn C.           Rock Solid Step Study

Diana            Thursday Night Sickos

Greg                Not a Glum Lot

Lisa              Alt Treasurer; Precisely How

Jake                  DCM

Larry           First Brew

Joan                Lost and Found

Kerry           Alt. Lost and Found

Libby               Smell the Roses

Bridget        Precisely How

Dean              Tea Time

Lynn S.        Secretary; Sunrise