Serenity Prayer followed by GSR Preamble

I. Approve November Minutes – Approved.

 II. Treasurers Report – Kariene – Found (-)$351.23 difference between excel spreadsheet budget and the bank statements.  Jake, Claudia and Ted will review to attempt to find the error.  Kariene offered to step down from the Treasurer position; the District refused the offer and requested she remain as Treasurer.

·         Lisa misplaced approximately $30 in funds and wrote a personal check for that amount to the District.  She is continuing to look for the cash and will turn it in when/if found.

 III. Business:

Picnic Chair –Libby – Joan and Bridget have offered to co-chair in 2014.  Bridget unable to attend this month so vote tabled until next month. 

·         Libby provided print out of 2013 picnic expenses.

 Workshop Chair – Cherie –Last month’s workshop very successful – standing room only at the Triangle Club!  A few suggestions were received: 1) clarify the format (“workshop” vs “speaker meeting” or “panel”), 2) distribute an agenda. 

·         2014 District 1 workshop – Ad hoc committee formed (Libby, Lynn, Joan, Lisa and Cherie).  Topic will be the Grapevine and will be combined with the Chili Cook-Off.  Date and location to be confirmed by this Friday.  The ad hoc committee will meet 1/4/2014 and then submit an outline to the District committee for approval.

PICPC – Claudia – Claudia’s first meeting will be December 16th.  She will provide a report in January.

 H&I – Tony (Liaison) – Next meeting is December 10th.

 Grapevine – Libby – Meetings held the second Friday, 6pm, Central Office.

·         Libby challenged the committee to double the number of Grapevine reps (to 6) in 2014.

 Hotline – Ted – Meetings held the second Monday at 6:30pm at Central Office, small room.

·         Claudia volunteered for the Hotline shift on Tuesdays, 4pm – 8pm, for 2014; Joan as back-up.

·         District 1 members volunteered to take the Wednesday 8pm – 8am shift once per month for 2014:  Larry, Libby, Bob (2), Ted (2), Tony, Claudia, Joan, Jake (2) and Lynn.  Thank you!

 IV. New Business –

DCM News –

·         Jake has been visiting the meetings that have a GSR who has not been attending District monthly meetings.  A member of the Friday Quiet Minds meeting at the GVG signed up as a result!

·         Jake is maintaining a list of names of those wanting to order the 75th Anniversary edition of the Big Book – needs 50 orders to significantly reduce shipping costs.  Submit your name to Jake if interested. 

 Mike, Area 42 Chair, attended the meeting and reviewed the upcoming Spring Assembly information.  Doug R. from the NY GSO will be the main speaker; this is a first as this is the first time he will visit Nevada.  Another representative from the GSO, Roberta, will also attend; they will both hold a question and answer session about the GSO’s responsibilities. 

Minutes Dist 1 Mtg Dec 8 2013

 GSR’s – Thank you for attending!

Jake – DCM

Libby – Smell the Roses

Claudia – Boulder City Group

Scott – Steps for Freedom

Joan – Lost and Found Group

Lynn – Sunrise Group, Dist 1 secretary

Ben – Alt. GSR, Precisely How

Ted – Friday night Stepping Out and Hotline Liaison

Lisa – Dist 1 Alt Treasurer

Tony – H&I Liaison

Kariene – Dist 1 Treasurer

Greg – NAGL

Larry – First Brew

Lynn – Women’s Step Study Rock Solid

Sheri – Searchlight Group

Bob – Beer 30

Mike – Area 42 Chair

Cherie – Intergroup Liaison