Minutes District 1 Meeting August 11th, 2013

Serenity Prayer followed by the reading of the GSR preamble.

I.             July 14th, 2013, Minutes – Approved.

 II.            Treasurer’s Report – Group approved Kariene sending a thank you letter to each meeting that donates to                 District 1 via letter.  Jake and Kariene have received very positive feedback from groups that have received these                 thank you notes.  Group agreed this personal touch and protecting anonymity is worth the cost of the stamp and                 envelopes.

 III.           Business

                a.            Picnic Chair – Libby – is all over this! Annual District 1 Picnic scheduled October 5th, 11:30am – 4pm,                 Broadbent Park (1301 5th St, Boulder City, 89005).  Face painting, Bounce Houses, DJ and Speaker meeting at                 2pm!  Food available 11:30am – 2pm.  Additional items discussed and approved:

o   District 1 provides hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, beverages, cake.

o   Donation cans to be placed on all tables for assistance w/cost of food and beverages.

o   NAGL will provide a (big) Big Book.

o   Each person will receive one free raffle ticket upon entrance.  Raffle prizes to include a Grapevine subscription, Silver Streak subscription, AA literature, Big Books – anything AA related/approved. 

                VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, please reach out to Libby at 702-335-2415:

o   Set-up:  meet at the Park at 9am;

o   Grill masters:  Ted will track 3 shifts; Greg from NAGL and George from Sunrise will assist.

o   Side dishes:  chips, salads, etc.

o   Coolers, ice.

o   (Bringing) Chairs.

o   Handing out raffle tickets.

o   Coffee station.

o   Home Groups to donate AA literature as the Raffle prizes. 

o   Clean-up.

                b.            District 1 August Workshop – Approved and confirmed:  Sunday August 25th, 3pm – 5pm.  Speaker Panel                 and Ask It Basket; topic The Three Legacies.  Awesome speakers; Dick, Nyla, and Rosemarie (H&I chair)!  At the 51 Club, 46 Magnesium Street, Henderson.  Located behind JJ’s Bar on Pacific and Water Street inHenderson.  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for set-up, clean-up and to bring potluck dishes.  Pizza and beverages (Jake),            cooler and ice (Lynn) provided.

                 c.             Tonopah – September 6th – 8th – Agenda will be forwarded upon receipt.  Funding to cover the cost in   full available through District 1 ($50), SAGS ($75) and Area 42 ($50).  Please contact Jake with any questions.  Ted has open spots in his van; call him at 702-335-5455 to reserve a seat!

                c.             PICPC – Cherie – Did not meet last month.  Chairs will meet in Tonopah and conference scheduled Labor Day weekend.

                 d.            H&I – TonyWomen needed to support these meetings:

o   7 Hills, 3021 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, 89052 – contact Mona at 702-286-7001

o   Salvation Army , Main and Owens, Thursday, 8pm – contact Sandy at 702-353-3625

o   Homeless Youth Shelter, 1417 N Las Vegas Blvd, Sunday 2pm – contact Gerald at 702-595-0880; $60 clearance required.

o   Stewart Mojave Jail, 400 Stewart Ave, Wednesday 1pm – contact Wendy at 702-752-7724; application required.

                      e.            Grapevine – Libby – Grapevine Liaison handbook available free to download;                                                                                http://www.aagrapevine.org/sites/fileuploads/isovera/drupal6core/ManualGVR_1_15.pdf.  AA  members can access the site (aagrapevine.org) and record a video clip, purchase literature and more!

                 f.             Hotline – Ted -6 reps needed.  Group spoke about the District 1 committee taking on a one year  commitment to be shared among the committee members.  Tabled until next meeting.

                 g.            Intergroup – Cherie – Nothing additional to add.

                 h.            Roundup – Larry – Register on-line now for $60.  Dates November 28th – December 1st at the Riviera.   The Company that runs the Round Up maintains the decision to require registration even for the               marathon meetings and to charge for attendance despite feedback from the District to please reverse  this decision (other Districts also requested this)

In attendance – Thank you for your service!

Jake S

District 1 DCM


Steps of Freedom


H&I Liaison


BB at Barbara Greenspun


Hotline Liaison/Stepping Out


Rock Solid Step Study






Alt Treasurer/Precisely How


Tea Time


Grapevine/Picnic Chairs/      Smell the Roses


Precisely How


Intergroup/Workshop Chair


Round Up Liaison/First Brew