Serenity Prayer followed by GSR Preamble

I. Approve April 2013 Minutes – approved

 II. Treasurers Report – Kariene – Rebuilding reserve after spending for PRASA and Tonopah.  Changed to paperless statements to avoid additional charges.  Please contact Kariene for the full financial report.

III. Business:

Picnic Chair – John – John may be stepping down; Jake will reach out to him.

 Workshop Chair – Cherie – unable to attend today.

In process – workshop regarding the Three Legacies, speaker panel including the Area 42 Alt delegate.  Joint workshop with Districts 5B and 9; these districts hold their District meetings the end of May.  More details after their meetings.

 PICPC – Cherie – Meetings held the third Monday, 6pm, Central Office.

 H&I – Tony (Liaison)  next meeting Tuesday.

 Grapevine – Libby  – Meetings held the second Friday, 6pm, Central Office.

Hotline – Ted – Meetings held the second Monday at 6:30pm at Central Office, small room.  Still need 3 volunteers for the 8pm – 8am shift and 1 Captain.  Need 1 year of sobriety and recommend having gone through the Steps.

 Chili Cook-Off – District 1 will be hosting the 2014 event and will need to determine if we will expand it to become an “AA event” by adding a meeting, or continue as a “non-AA event” without a meeting.  TBC.

 Roundup Update – Larry – to be held at the Riviera; “Old Timers Rock, Newcomers Roll”.  Smaller event, 1000 attendees and 250 at the banquet expected.  New this year – badge required to participate, even marathon meetings, for a cost.

**District 1 requested that Larry discuss charging for marathon meetings with the Roundup Committee.  Marathon meetings have been free and the group was not in agreement with there being a charge to attend this year.

Ad hoc committee formed, Scott point person – create guidelines for the District 1 website.  TBC.

 IV. Happenin’ Upcoming Events:

June 8th, 2013 – Founder’s Day at Salvation Army, 2900 Palomino Lane, Las Vegas, NV

·         7:30am                                  Breakfast

·         8am – 4pm                            Marathon Meetings

·         10am, 1pm, 3pm                  Speaker Meetings

·         5:30pm                                  Dinner

·         7pm                                        Speaker Meeting – Charlie from District 1