Jake opened the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge. Lynn the Secretary was out sick, Irene took the minutes.

Introductions were made around the room.

The District was reimbursed for donuts for the last SAGSC meeting.

Treasurer Report
Kariene gave a treasurers report. The balance was short 97.69 at the start of her term. The report is available upon request.

It was suggested that she list the groups by name and the amount of their contribution.  Another payment was received from the former Treasurer and Kariene will check with Alan regarding the balance. The ATM card was sent to the wrong address, so she canceled it and had it resent to her.  The last thing was she can closed out bill pay at the bank saving  the District $6 per month.

Workshop Chair Report
Cherie M. is scouting out locations, how much the cost will be.  The rate at the GVG is $.90 per person.  She was thinking about co-sponsoring a workshop with another district. The Camel club has a good price, she is going to check with District 9 to see if they would like to do a workshop together. The Camel Club works on a donation basis, it would work on a Sat or Sun afternoon.

She is thinking the first workshop will be in the beginning of March –
For November she would like to have one on Gratitude, and in June perhaps Family Day and working with District 13 on that one.

She asked for input on dates and themes or topics. Jake suggested March 10 as the first workshop or even the last week of February. Libby suggested March 17 Keeping it Green (a beginners workshop)

Cherie is also the PICPC liaison – their meeting is the third Monday at six at Central Office. They really need support. She found that many people don’t know what PICPC is and wants to help educate members on the service this group performs. She is going to ask GSO and Sophie to talk and have it be a SAGSC have the whole area involved to raise awareness of the function of this and how we can impact the community.

There was no Old Business The meeting was adjourned at 3:51 pm.