I.  Serenity Prayer followed by GSR Preamble

II.  Approve Minutes – November 11, 2012

III. Treasurers Report read and approved.  (Available upon request)

IV. Old Business:

a)   Website Payment,  A motion was made to pay for the website for two years to coincide with election of new officers.  Motion passed with unanimous vote.

b)  Picnic Report    Kariene thanked the District for letting her be of service and gave her report of costs.  In addition she had a complete breakdown of the available inventory for the new Picnic Chair.


V.  Upcoming Events:

  •   January 13, 2013         –  SAGSC 1:15 @ TIE Club
  •   February 10, 2013  –  District Meeting 10:15 am at The Lost & Found
  •   February 24, 2013  –  Roundtables @ TIE Club
  •   March 1 – 3, 2013   –   PRAASA  –  Boise, Idaho
  •   April 5 – 7th, 2013  –  Spring Assembly  –  Tonopah, Nevada
  •   May 19, 2013  –  SAGSC 1:15pm @ TIE Club


VI. New Business:

Elections:   Each out going servant described their duties, issues, benefits and responsibilities as well as the qualifications.  A motion was made during the elections process to combine the positions of Secretary and Web Servant, this passed unanimously.  The results of the elections are listed below:

  • Incoming DCM – Jake S.
  • Incoming Alt DCM – Charlie H.
  • Incoming Secretary/Webservant – Lynn
  • Incoming Alt Secretary – Irene
  • Incoming Treasurer – Kariene
  • Alt Treasurer – Lisa   (because this position has only been filled for a few months, it was motioned and passed to have Lisa continue on as Alt Treasurer)
  • Incoming Workshop – A motion was made and passed to have the Workshop Chair become a rotating position.  Sherry M. will be the first Workshop chair for January.
  • Incoming Picnic Chair – John
  • Incoming Alt Picnic Chair –  Position tabled for now
  • Incoming PI/CPC Liason – Sherrie M.
  • Incoming H & I Liason – Tony
  • Incoming Grapevine Rep – Position tabled for now