Minutes for District One Meeting-Sept 7th , 2012

Blue Room @ Tonopah @ Area 42 Assembly 12:30pm

Meeting opened by DCM Emily with the Serenity Prayer followed by GSR Preamble

Introductions all around.  17 people in attendance. Pizza arrived and much chewing ensued.

Minutes for August were approved.

Treasurer’s report approved. Lisa has numbers Available upon request. Noted to let groups know that their cancelled check is their receipt.

Workshop Report;  Curtis absent. It has been raised that there could be a different workshop chair for each workshop. Next scheduled workshop is “AA Liturature Works” with Libby to do the Grapevine portion, Ben to do th “AA Comes of Age” portion and Ted G to do the “Living Sober” portion. Possible for 1st weekend in November with Libby volunteering to do the flyers.

Picnic Report: Given by Kim. All good need co-chair.

Discussion about different positions available for service such as Intergroup rep and Grapevine etc. Those present encouraged to let groups know to participate at District level.

7th tradition passed

October 6, 2012                           District 1 Picnic at Broadbent Park

November 11, 2012 – 1:15pm      SAGSC @ TIE Club Dist. Mtg. to follow

December 9, 2012 –                     Dist. Mtg. @Lost & Found (Elections)

Closed with Responsibility Pledge

Websites of Interest:

District One….http://www.district01.org

Area 42…….. http://www.nevadaarea42.org

Address of Interest:

Group donations made out to District One and mailed to:

District One: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009