District one meeting 8/12/12 10:15 am Boulder city Lost and found.
Emily opened the meeting with the serenity prayer and G.S.R. preamble. 8 people in attendance. The July minutes were approved. No treasurer in attendance and no treasurers report. 7th tradition basket was passed. Workshop discussion. Tony went to a workshop with 3 speakers and they spoke about particular literature. We liked the idea and want to get a workshop put together for the 2nd or 3rd week in November. We need suggestions on 3 speakers and what books for them to speak on. If you are planning on standing for an area position it is time to get your resume ready. Elections for all of the district one positions will be held December 9th. Please get the word out to your groups we will have 7 to 10 service positions in District one.
September 7-9 2012 Fall election assembly
October 6 District one picnic in Boulder city
November 11 1:15 SAGSC T.I.E club
December 9 10:15 District one election Lost and found Boulder City