District One Meeting –
2/12/12 Boulder City Lost and Found Club – 10:15 am

Meeting started at 10:15 with introductions around the
table. Ted G. is the new G.S.R for the Friday Night Stepping Out group at the
Community Church, Friday at 7:00pm. Welcome Ted!

Alan gave his
treasure’s report. There is no hard copy of the report for this month because
Alan’s computer has a mind of its own and decided to crash this week. The total
we have is $3,836.29. There is $2,334.92 in the checking account and  $1,501.37 in the savings account. Alan gave
Curtis a check for $32 to pay for the flyers from the last district workshop.
Emily needs to be reimbursed $222.93 for PRAASA funding. Our prudent reserve
for the district is $1,500. There was a discussion about sending money off to
the entities we choose. This was tabled until our meeting in April so we can
see how much money we have left after the area assembly. There was a
contribution sent in by a Casey R. with no group name or group service number.
If you know who this is, please let them know and please remind your groups to
put the group service number and group name on all contributions.

Curtis gave his workshop report. He just found out the date
and time for the next workshop this morning. It will be in the Big Room at the
Triangle Club at 4600 South Nellis Blvd. on March 17th from 2pm-4pm.There
was a discussion about having the workshop on sponsorship, having two speakers.  The first to talk about the benefits of
having a sponsor, and the next to talk about the benefits of being a sponsor.
We need to find our speakers so Curtis can get the flyers made up for this
event. Emily made a suggestion that we also talk about the benefits of being
and having a service sponsor. Erin volunteered to be a speaker about having a
sponsor. Kim and Ted volunteered to speak on either subject.

There was no picnic report, but we have had two new service
positions filled. Matt is our new alternate picnic chair. Robin is our new
alternate web servant.

The roundtables to discuss this year’s agenda items is going
to be held February 25th at the T.I.E Club at 329 North 11th
Street at 1:30pm. Emily will be getting some of the agenda items to make
summaries and presentations. She might need some volunteers for this but she is
not sure yet. If you are planning on being at the area 42 spring assembly in
Tonopah this year from March30 through April 1st , please make your
reservations now. The rooms are filling up and the Ramada is already fully
booked. There was a motion made and passed that this year at the area assembly
we will not be having our usual District One meeting Saturday at lunch time.
Instead, we will be having pizza and fellowship. Emily will have the check book
in Tonopah for G.S.R. funding. Please remember if you are not funded or not
fully funded by your group, there is money available for you from District One,
Southern area 42, and Area 42.

There was a discussion on why there was a basket passed to
collect money for the “dinner” when individual tickets were sold? Emily will be
contacting Byron our current Area 42 delegate to find out about this.

District one is currently in the middle of a district inventory.
We continued on this starting with question number two. Do our groups know what
the district is and what it does? We discussed having our next workshop with a
title of AA as a whole and focus on the upside down triangle that is the
service structure of alcoholics anonymous. We also discussed making
announcements at our groups about the Service Festival that is being held
Sunday February 19th at the T.I.E. Club, 329 North 11th
Street at 1:00pm. We moved on to question three. Are the District One officers
fulfilling their purpose? How can they be more effective? Discussion was about
making sure if you are a district officer you should try to be at every
District One meeting. You should know all of the responsibilities of your
position. You should be informed and you should know what is going on in
district one as a whole.

Alan, who is also the current Bridging the Gap chair, made an
announcement. Currently, Bridging the Gap is under the umbrella of H&I.
Bridging the Gap is going to make a proposal that they become a free standing
committee. In Alan’s research there are 93 areas with Bridging the gap. He was
able to check out 39 of these areas and in 27 of these are free standing
committees. If this proposal goes through, instead of being funded through
H&I, Bridging the Gap will be funded 50% through the area and 50% through
intergroup. H&I is fully funded by the pink cans from the group and that
was their decision. They believe they will get more money this way.

Websites of Interest:

District One….https://www.districtone-nv.org

Area 42…….. http://www.nevadaarea42.org

Address of Interest:

Group donations made out to District One and mailed to:

District One: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009