Emily opened with the Serenity Prayer

GSR introductions

Last month’s minutes were approved.

Allen the treasure was not present but sent letter and will have breakdown of monies at next meeting. Balance to date is 3,205.87

Old Business:

Workshop report given by Curtis
Workshop 11/19/11 at Triangle Club was a success. Don from Dist. 13 at Triangle and Mike from District 9 would like to participate in doing next workshop in January together. Sponsorship was a suggestion for the January workshop.

Emily announced that District 5B is hosting a Chili cook-off 1/21/12 from 1pm to 3pm in Reformation Lutheran Church on 6th and St. Louis. Would like all Districts to submit their Chili and bring a side dish of crackers or corn bread.

Flyers are available to print from District One web site District01.org or Districtone-nv.org . There will also be a $5.00 donation.

Also another item of old business was Renewal of Secretary of State. Motion approved to let it lapse as it is not required for our bank account.

Webservent report was given by Irene.

In May hosting fee will be due and August the domain fee is also due. Motion to reimburse Irene was approved. Item of New Business was requested to have 2nd Domain Site for $15.00. This was approved and the web address will be District01.org this
is a much easier address to remember.

We will have positions open for both Alt. Picnic chair and Alt. Webservent. Please take back to groups and if there is interest they can come to the January 8, 2012 business meeting at TIE Club at 1:15.

Gift card for donated Helium tank was tabled tell Kim is in attendance.

Upcoming Events see Agenda
New Business
Emily is registered and is booking for PRASSA in Bellevue. WA Registration and information can be found at prassa.org Airfare is a little over $200.00 round trip and Hotels are around $100.00 a night. District has funds of $50.00 to assist groups that would like to send their GSR.

April District meeting falls on Easter April 8th and tentatively will be moved to April 15th.

Group Inventory was started at this time and will continue with each District meeting to follow.

We closed with the Responsibility Prayer.