Minutes District 1 Nov 13th, T.I.E. Club @ SAGSC mtg

Charlie opened with the Serenity Prayer and no one had the GSR Preamble.

Introductions all around, (15 attendees) and minutes for Sept. approved.

No treasurers’ report. Available upon request. 7th tradition passed.

7th Tradition passed.

Old Business:  Curtis gave Workshop report. Site for workshop is the Triangle 19th.  Flyer posted on Dist one website. Will be 2-4 Sat 19th. Patti M, Don S, and Frank K. 

New GSR packets tabled till next Dist meeting.


Upcoming Events:

District One to host Thurs Nite 11pm mtg @ Round up @ Riviera Hotel

Nov. 19th  2-4pm Workshop @ Triangle Club

Dec 11th  10:15 am Lost and Found Dist. Meeting

PRAASA March 2-4th Bellevue, WA

New Business:  Kim suggested gift card to James who brought Helium to picnic for balloons.     Tabled to next meeting

Discussion on how to report to groups as GSR about what happened at district meetings

Close meeting with the Responsibility Pledge

Websites of Interest: Central Office . . . www.lvcentraloffice.org


District One…. www.districtone-nv.org        Area 42…….. www.nvarea42.org

Addresses of Interest:   Group donations made out to District One and mailed to:

District One: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009

Respectfully Submitted By:  Charlie H., Secretary District One