Minutes District 1 August 14th Lost & Found, Henderson

Emily opened with the Serenity Prayer and read the GSR Preamble.

Introductions all around and minutes for July approved.

Emily gave treasurers’ report for Alan. Available upon request.

Discussion of Pacific Forum.

Picnic report; August 20th and Sep 17th meetings for District 1 picnic will be at Kariene’s house. Call 501-5019 for directions. Flyers will be in the Silver Streak and on Dist 1 site.

Old Business:  Curtis gave Workshop report. Site for workshop is tentative: Club 51 or possibly at the Triangle Club. Topics of “Sober Celebration” “Getting through the Holidays” on November 12th or 19th.  Flyer to be posted on site. Tabled till Tonopah. 

GSR packets given out to new GSRs.


Upcoming Events:

Aug 19th       Regional Forum Woodland Hills California

Sep 9th-11th      Fall Assembly Tonopah District Meeting held Sat. Pizza, Somewhere in the Main Room

Oct. 1st  District One Picnic Boulder City

Nov. 13th  1:15 pm  SAGSC Meeting at TIE club with Dist. Meeting to follow

Dec 11th  10:15 am    Lost and Found Dist. Meeting

New Business: 8:30 GVG was picked for AA member survey. Jake will pick up for Byron.

Discussion of email. Emails can be forwarded to personal addresses. Irene sent instructions.

Charlie brought up hotline is sending callers to meetings that don’t exist. (In Boulder City and club 51 specifically over the weekend and the Searchlight Wed Meeting at 8pm was not in schedule) These can be remedied by going
www.lvcentraloffice.org then click “submit meeting changes” on left menu. Takes 72 hours to hit website and
will be in next printing of schedule. 

Robert brought up short time available to respond to votes when called for at Tonopah assembly. Discussion followed. Emily mentioned that the GSRs, as trusted servants are able to vote if the group does not exercise their input.

Robin brought up texting in the meetings. Discussion followed. Articles about this subject are available from BOX 459 in recent months. Go to www.aa.org

Close meeting with the Responsibility Pledge

Websites of Interest:

District One…. www.districtone-nv.org        Area 42…….. www.nvarea42.org

Addresses of Interest:   Group donations made out to District One and mailed to:

District One: PO Box 90486, Henderson, NV 89009

Respectfully Submitted By:  Charlie H., Secretary District One