District 1 Meeting
Sunday, June 12, 2011
Lost and Found, Boulder City 10:15 am

Jake started the meeting at 10:15 am with the Serenity Prayer and reading of the GSR preamble.
There were approximately 15 people in attendance.

The May minutes were approved.

Alan V. gave treasurer’s report. He reported that we had a good month for group contributions. The ending balance is $2,920.02. The 7th tradition basket was passed.

Curtis B. gave a workshop report. The next District 1 workshop will be held Saturday, July 16 at the Triangle Club Big Room from 2pm-4pm. The address is 4600 S. Nellis Blvd., Las
Vegas, Nevada 89121. The topic is the family afterwards.

We are planning the next workshop for the beginning of November. Please bring topics to the next district meeting.

Kariene R. gave the picnic report. She is currently looking for volunteer to help with the picnic. She is going to work with Irene to make flyer and is planning to meet with Alan to inventory the supplies left over from last year. The picnic will be held October 1 in Boulder City from 10 am—4 pm. Craig has agreed to let us use his ice chests. Our speaker will be Byron F., the current Area 42 delegate. Greg V. is going to do a stand-up act.

Michelle B. gave a registrar report. She has the registrar computer and it is up and running with the F.N.V. We are now receiving new group registration forms from our delegate so we will be able to welcome them to district 1.

Alan V. will confirm our time for the Las Vegas Round Up marathon meeting. It will be held on November 25 at 11 pm. Curtis will be the chair and Erin will be the co-chair.