Welcome to the Alcoholics Anonymous Archives Website for District One of Southern Nevada.
This website is dedicated to the collection of the history relating to District One.

As with all history we must find a starting point.
Since there are no archives to start with, this website will start with the present and work backwards.
The intention is that the website will be the depository for group histories, events, District info, even Area info.  The website should evolve as documents and information is gathered.  Let’s start with the what, who and where.


According to the General Service Manual “A district is a geographical unit containing the right number of groups – right in terms of the committee member’s ability to keep in frequent touch with them, to learn their problems, and to find ways to contribute to their growth and well-being.” (page S28)


District One is composed of the District Committee Member (DCM), the Alternate District Committee Member (ADCM), the treasurer, the secretary, and the General Service Representatives (GSR’s).
The DCM, ADCM, treasurer and secretary are elected by the GSR’s every two years.  The GSR’s represent their home groups and are elected by the group to communicate via the District to all levels of service work in Alcoholics Anonymous.


District One is located southeast of Las Vegas and includes Henderson,  Boulder City, Laughlin and Searchlight.

District One meets monthly at various locations. Twice a year the meetings  are at the Area Meeting in Tonopah, where all the districts meet to discuss the business of AA in all of Nevada. Four times a year the District meets at the TIE Club for the Southern Area meeting, where only  the districts from the  southern half of Nevada get together to do the work of AA.  Lastly, the District meets four (4) times a year at the Lost & Found club in Boulder City.
These are only District One committe members meeting to discuss AA in the groups.

If you have anything you want to donate or suggestions, please contact me.

I can be reached at  distri17@districtone-nv.org

Last modified: 2/24/11