District One Meeting, January 9th, 2011
TIE Club, 3:08 pm

Emily began the District Meeting with a moment of silence and then the Serenity Prayer. GSR Preamble copy not found and therefore skipped. 19 GSR’s in attendance.

Personal introductions were made by each GSR.

DCM Business:
• One minor change to December Minutes – Tonpah dates should be March 25th through March 27th, then motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the minutes.
• New GSR’s should fill out a Group Change Form
• When groups send in donations to SAGSAC they should make sure they put their group number or at least District 1 so the Southern Area knows where the money is from

Treasurer’s Report:
• Alan gave his first Treasurer’s report. (Refer to attachment). Alan is working on making the format look the same as Jake’s, it should be done by next meeting.
• December was a slow month for donations.
• Repaid the DCM for $399.60 for PRASSA
• The 7th tradition basket was passed.

Old Business:
• Irene is new webmaster but absent – Suggesting District 1 to own website (instead of using Libby’s) Domain is paid until July. Has three recommendations for District but her best recommendation is justhost.com at $59.40/yr and is easy to use. Decision tabled until next month when Irene is there to present information and answer questions. (Written recommendation attached)
• Workshop Chairperson missing, discussed possible topics and Emily suggested three workshops for this year, suggested all workshops should have the Grapevine and Archives literature, Topic suggestions by GSR’s:
Traditions Why AA Still Works
Sponsorship – General and Service
Mental Sobriety
Emotional Sobriety
Bridging the Gap

Websites of Interest:
District One….https://www.districtone-nv.org
Area 42…….. http://www.nevadaarea42.org/

Address of Interest:
Group donations made out to District One and mailed to:
District One
PO Box 90486
Henderson, NV 89009

Next District Meeting:
Sunday February 13 – Lost and Found Club: 10:00am in Boulder City.

Respectfully Submitted by: Libby Garry, District Archivist